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Justice Department Responds to Trump’s Demand to Investigate the FBI Infiltration of his Campaign

What had been brewing for a number of weeks escalated this past weekend when President Trump demanded the Justice Department call for an inquiry into actions by the FBI in surveilling his campaign. Prompted by reports from the Washington Post of an FBI informant who infiltrated his campaign staff, the president called on the agency to investigate itself in a tweet: “I hereby demand, and will do so officially tomorrow, that the Department of Justice look into whether or not the FBI/DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump Campaign for Political Purposes - and if any such demands or requests were ...Continue reading

Mueller Must Be Stopped for Everyone’s Sake

After over a year of a so-called “independent” investigation, it is time for anyone who cares about the constitution and the rule of law to call for an end to Robert Mueller’s unbridled overreach and shut down his witch hunt. The reason the Department of Justice should put the brakes on Muller is not primarily because Donald J. Trump is in his crosshairs but because he has placed our entire system of government in jeopardy. “Stopping Mueller isn’t about one president or one party. It’s about all presidents and all parties. It’s about cleaning out and reforming the deep state ...Continue reading

Wow! Proof the Tax Cuts are Working: U.S. Set a Surplus Record

The last couple of weeks have been rife with big news. The world is on the brink of a major overhaul, and if Trump wins on even half of the issues, we might be entering an unprecedented era of peace and prosperity. With so much happening, it’s easy to miss what otherwise might be huge stories. One of those is in the tax reporting for April. As the biggest tax month of the year, April proved to be a solid win for Trump and the nation when it comes to taxes. We set an all-time surplus record. It’s more than ...Continue reading

Corrupt FBI Exposed For Fabricating Trump Allegations

President Trump has been saying it for a while and last week’s revelations leave no doubt - high ranking agents of the FBI fabricated the allegations that Special Counsel Mueller has built the majority of his investigation on. The Bureau concocted the narrative that the mainstream media and Democrats have relentlessly used to undermine the President goes back to before the Presidential election in September 2016. Now, the FBI’s narrative is coming apart at the seams rapidly. Last Wednesday, Representative Devin Nunes and the House Intel Committee Chairman won its battle with the Mueller investigation and the Department of Justice ...Continue reading

Trump to Ask Senate to Go Nuclear on Confirmations

President Trump is calling on Senate Republicans to speed up the considerable backlog of his nominees for executive posts and court seats who have not yet received confirmation hearings by changing that house’s rules. A recent tweet reflects the President’s rightful frustration with Democrats and some slow to act Republicans who have allowed his nominees to become mired in the process. “Hundreds of good people, including very important ambassadors and judges, are being blocked and/or slow walked by the Democrats in the Senate,” tweeted President Trump. He continued his outrage with, “The Democrats continue to obstruct the confirmation of hundreds ...Continue reading