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A Prominent Democratic Donor Seems to Have Something to Hide

On the 1200 block of West Hollywood's North Laurel Avenue lies the home of 62-year-old Democratic donor Ed Buck, a multimillionaire who made his fortune in the insurance industry before turning to philanthropy and funding leftist causes. One of those causes was the impeachment of Republican former Arizona Governor Evan Meacham in 1988. Buck founded the Mecham Recall Committee in Arizona to try to remove the governor from office, an effort that was eventually successful. When Meacham found out that Buck — a one-time male model — was gay, the governor had his aides give out bumper stickers that read, ...Continue reading

The True Dangers of Safe Spaces

Of the countless bad ideas born from the left, safe spaces are perhaps the most insidiously destructive. It’s easy to dismiss the notion as silly and frustrating, but the problems run deeper than that. Safe spaces are a powerful step towards authoritarian rule, and they teach impressionable minds how to completely avoid constructive criticism and ideological opposition. Safe spaces lead to oppressive, illegal and often violent reactions from those they deceive, and they undermine the foundation of a strong, healthy America. James Damore and Google By now you have likely heard of the leaked memo that circulated around Google and ...Continue reading

The Key to Progressivism: Ignoring Basic Math

Progressives and math just don’t get along. Maybe this is what happens when you pursue liberal arts and social justice degrees at the exclusion of learning hard science, engineering and other practical skills. Nevertheless, these social justice warriors never seem to run out of steam, and they continue to make baseless demands in order to feel better. In a few short moments, I’ll show you the obvious and mathematically simple errors that completely discredit their most popular platforms. Housing Let’s start with a light topic. Progressives love telling everyone how the baby boomers destroyed the housing market. They often explain ...Continue reading

Merck CEO Resigns, Blames Racism: Trump Responds

The CEO of Merck, Kenneth Fraizer, tendered his resignation from President Trump’s American Manufacturing Council this week in response to Trump’s response to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend. Fraizer said, "I am resigning from the American Manufacturing Council. Our strength stems from diversity and the contributions of by men and women of different races, faiths, sexual orientations and political beliefs. Our leaders must honor our values by clearly rejecting expressions of hatred and group supremacy, which runs counter to the idea that all people are equal. As a matter of personal conscience, I must take a stand against ...Continue reading

Ukraine Suspected of Providing N. Korea with Nuclear Materials

In 2014, the US State Department lent support to Ukraine in order to remove their pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych. The stated intention was to turn the Ukraine into a nation that would be NATO friendly, existing along the western border of Russia. But now according to reports echoed by the New York Times, the transformation of the Ukraine into a US-friendly hard point in Eastern Europe has resulted in the country becoming the secret source of North Korea’s ballistic nuclear weapons program. According to the report, North Korea has been making illegal purchases of rocket engines from a factory in ...Continue reading