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Who Are Robert Creamer and Scott Foval?


In recent weeks, a bombshell has exploded in the presidential race in the form of two undercover videos shot with a hidden camera, exposing dirty tricks of consultants working for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. The videos, released by a group calling itself the Veritas Project, are the work of a man named James O'Keefe, who has earned himself a reputation as the conservative answer to progressive filmmaker Michael Moore. The videos feature two men, Scott Foval and Robert Creamer, both of whom ran organizations — The Foval Group and Democracy Partners, respectively — affiliated with the Democratic National ...Continue reading

Trump: “I will Drain the Swamp Congress has Become.”


Congress’ approval rating hit all-time lows in 2014. That was the year of Obama’s reelection, and at the time there was a great deal of scrutiny on the president’s political opponents- the most active of whom were congressmen and congresswomen. Since then, there has been a steady decline in the intensity of the coverage that stories coming out of the Congress has received. However, this governmental body has maintained work habits that are no more interested in the good of the American public since the 24-hour news cycle took its myopic eye off of them. There have been just as ...Continue reading

A New Standard Sighting at Hillary Rallies: Hecklers


In recent weeks and months, the political campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has seen its share of hecklers and interrupters from rally crowds increase, as populist anger stews and frustration with the lying liberal candidate mounts. It hasn't helped Clinton that "Alt Right" website such as Infowars and other outlets are now selling t-shirts with pictures of Bill Clinton and the word "Rape" on them, which a number of hecklers have chosen to wear while protesting at Clinton rallies. Such displays communicate an additional message that their voices may not, especially if they can't be heard or they're ...Continue reading

How the FBI Lost its Credibility


The decision in June by FBI Director James Comey not to recommend an indictment of Hillary Clinton for the use of her private email server was a big blow for conservatives, who know that the former Secretary of State has most assuredly committed crimes involving national security. Not only is Clinton guilty in this case, but Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch (who was appointed by President Obama) should also share prosecution for colluding with the Democratic presidential candidate. In recent months, it's come out that Comey has extensive connections to the Clinton Foundation through his role as a director ...Continue reading

Hillary’s True Feelings toward Faith Revealed


While Hillary Clinton made news a few days ago by calling millions of Americans who support Donald Trump a “basket of deplorables”, a recent Wikileaks dump of thousands of emails shows exactly who she and her staff considerable a part of the deplorable group. The questions is, with less than a month till the election, is there enough time to get these facts out to the voting public? In these communications between Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta and other campaign staffers, Podesta openly mocks Catholics, Southerners and a host of other groups for their religious beliefs. Anyone who has taken ...Continue reading