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The FBI & DOJ Have Gone Rogue to Protect Hillary

Republicans in the House cannot file Contempt of Congress charges against the Obama holdovers in the FBI and the Justice Department fast enough. FBI Director Christopher Wray and Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein refuse to hand over the documents related to the Clinton campaign's use of paid foreign operatives to sway the outcome of the 2016 election. The Clinton campaign paid Fusion GPS to draft the fake Trump Russian dossier and disseminate it to the media (and John McCain) in order to smear candidate Donald Trump. This is no longer in dispute, so where are the documents? Rosenstein and Wray ...Continue reading

Toy Guns Being Taken From Children? A Community in Buffalo, NY Wants Them Gone

If you think the craze over guns in America has reached a peak, think again. Real guns of any kind have been a long-standing issue for Democrats and progressives in the United States. But now, the same people are on the war path— for toy guns. In the vein of real gun buyback programs — in which the government pays civilians to hand over their firearms to the police in exchange for money — there is now a program in Buffalo, New York that aims to “buyback” toy guns from the area’s children. The program is called the Buffalo F.A.T.H.E.R.S, and Leonard Lane ...Continue reading

Trump Gives the Middle Finger to Obama and the UN

President Trump struck another blow against globalism by informing the United Nations that America would no longer be participating in the UN's Islamic refugee scam. UN Ambassador Nikki Haley informed the UN oligarchs, dictators and professional bureaucrats that the US is officially withdrawing from the "New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants" which Obama signed America up for when he had one foot out the door in 2016. Three cheers for the Donald! Still not tired of winning! If you've never heard of the New York Declaration, you're not alone and that is no accident. During his last two years ...Continue reading

Corruption in the DOJ Exposed

Hillary Clinton still hasn’t faced any charges. If that was the only fact we had at our disposal, it would be enough to know that there are major problems within the Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI. As fate would have it, we now have significantly more evidence, and it is both compelling and dangerous. Both the DOJ and FBI have been caught obstructing justice red handed. The details show that multiple groups within the departments worked to hide damning evidence from Congress, and worst of all, there is now unequivocal proof that the Russia probe has not been handled ...Continue reading

Trump’s Travel Pause Approved – What’s Next?

The Supreme Court has upheld President Trump's latest version of a temporary travel pause from six terrorism hotbed nations in a 7-2 decision. That will at least help slow the flood of inassimilable and belligerent Muslims into the United States for a few months while the Department of Homeland Security can establish some minimum baselines for vetting them before entry. Will Rogers famously said if you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging. Unfortunately, the US government has not fully learned that lesson yet. At this point, with President Trump's travel pause being enforced, ...Continue reading