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The Budget or the Wall: Which One Gets Done?

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The last time the government shutdown was October of 2013. During which Democrats proved masters at shifting the blame during budget negotiations by accusing Republicans of causing the shutdown. Images of senior citizens not receiving their Social Security checks and military personnel going without pay abounded during Obama’s last term. Now, President Trump’s signature campaign promise may be in peril due to his desire to get a budget passed this week. Both he and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have pressed the case for building a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border through a $1 billion funding request. Some in Washington hope ...Continue reading

Obama’s First Post Presidency Speech

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Former president Barack Obama, who has conspicuously refused to leave Washington DC after an election result which is widely regarded as a referendum on the policies of his party has given his first speech since leaving office this week. It was the introductory opening to a conversation with students at the University of Chicago but is being called a speech nonetheless. The young man who delivered the introduction spoke of Obama’s promises of hope and change- never mentioning the fact that hope and change never materialized. Obama entered the stage with his characteristic gregariousness, shouting “hey, hey,’ and shaking every ...Continue reading

Is Trump Getting Bad Advice?

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Donald Trump’s has faced fierce opposition from the right, the left, the media, and the corporate world since the minute he took over for President Obama. He has spoken to the people of middle America promising to respect their right to earn their livings through honest labor and he has delivered on his promises to them. It has been clear, however, that the attempts by his opponents will not be limited to debate and legitimate political maneuvering, but will include subterfuge, lies, espionage, deception and everything those things imply. So the question is, who within Trump’s cabinet are working for ...Continue reading

Will There Be a Government Shutdown This Year?

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Although the chances of a government shutdown happening may have seemed remote as recently as a month ago, the odds of one actually happening due to a Congressional showdown are rising fast. The global investment bank Goldman Sachs is now quoting the risk of a shutdown as being at least one in three, and some analysts believe it may be even higher than that. What's the reason for this potentially negative development? Mostly, one can point fingers squarely at the Democratic Party, and the obstinacy of lawmakers such as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. ...Continue reading

Will the U.S. Try to Arrest Julian Assange?

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Throughout 2016, whistleblower organization WikiLeaks heroically provided conservatives with much ammunition to use in the epic battle against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. First, there were leaks of emails between staffers at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that showed instances of "pay-for-play" and unethical connections with Hillary Clinton's campaign. Then came the damning emails from Clinton's campaign itself, such as those showing the difference between Clinton when she spoke in private to big banks and when when she gave televised speeches. For a while, it seemed as if WikiLeaks was reporting juicy headlines undermining the globalist agenda every other week. ...Continue reading