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A Brief Consideration of Flag Burning


In a tweet sent last week, President-Elect Donald Trump suggested a possible controversial policy for the nation: that it should be illegal to burn the American flag and that violators should face jail time or even a loss of their citizenship for doing so. While Trump's suggestion may have enraged liberals and made conservatives proud, the country has been down this road previously. Flag burning has been argued about in the U.S. Supreme Court and unfortunately has been realized many times, both within U.S. borders and outside them. But for Trump's policy notion to become a reality, it would actually ...Continue reading

Who Is Trump’s New Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin?


President-Elect Donald Trump has been busy making many appointments to his presidential cabinet. Recently, he chose a prominent businessperson to be his Treasury Secretary — entrepreneur, former investment banker and Hollywood film producer Steven Mnuchin. To be sure, Mnuchin is more of a "blue-chip" selection for Trump's cabinet than some of the real estate mogul's other picks. Mnuchin grew up in a banking family, went to an Ivy League school (Yale) and worked for one of the investment houses that Trump often decried in his presidential campaign — Goldman Sachs. That said, Mnuchin is not your average banker; in fact, ...Continue reading

What is the Future of the Democratic Party?

USA elections Democratic donkey symbol in sketch style over blue stars background. Vector file layered for easy manipulation and custom coloring.

Now that Donald Trump will be our next president and Republicans control both the Senate and House, Democrats must be asking themselves what the future holds for their party. After rousing from their after-election-night stupor of disbelief, a decided minority of that party hold to the illusion they might be saved by a recount while others were already looking ahead to 2020. The Real Goal of a Recount Now that Hillary Clinton had a change of heart since belatedly conceding the election the day after Trump’s resounding win, the mainstream media has bought into the narrative that Jill Stein from ...Continue reading



Suspicions of child abuse in the private sector, however spurious, are pursued with a fervor and passion that sometimes destroys the lives of innocent people. Whatever the cost, most of us agree that those who prey on children should be pursued to the end of the Earth and treated with all the punishments permissible by law. Our love for our children is among our greatest strengths as a species- yet our desire to protect our precious and vulnerable children is under threat- or so it may seem to some. The revelations of WikiLeaks made Trump’s victory possible. When the American ...Continue reading

Trump’s Victory Could Be in Danger


Despite an almost certain win for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump the campaign of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is officially attempting to overturn the election results based on what it's calling fraud in three key swing states: Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. The total number of votes that Trump won by for all three of these states is roughly 103,500. Clinton's campaign is trying to accomplish this through the persuasion of third-party candidate Jill Stein of the Green Party to officially request recounts in these three states. If, somehow, fraud or uncounted ballots were found that could overturn the election results ...Continue reading