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Do We Really Have to Debunk Universal Healthcare Again?

One would hope we could move away from failed healthcare overhauls and finally do something productive with our government. That seems to be a pipe dream. Bernie Sanders has championed yet another single-payer healthcare bill and put it before Congress. It has virtually no chance of passing, but it will once again rile the left and keep them from forgetting one of the worst ideas they seem to love. What’s New? This particular proposal has its own subtleties. The basic idea is to expand and reform Medicare to cover everyone residing in the U.S. (yes, this includes illegal immigrants). The ...Continue reading

How Trump Is Curing Extreme Sensitivity in the US

Trump is more than just a polarizing figure. He’s a complete departure from traditional politics. We’ve already seen that benefit America in terms of economic returns, and hopefully the movement can gain steam as he forces Congress to do anything at all. Still, his most impressive feats are being largely overlooked. Many analysts mentioned the importance of his rhetoric and style during the campaign, but there is little talk now about how Trump is curing some of America’s deepest problems through innovative and effective leadership. One of those problems is sensitivity and free spaces. Trump has taken a metaphorical machete ...Continue reading

Conservative Berkeley Students Battle for Free Speech

In 1963 and 1964 the Berkeley Free Speech movement defined a generation of morally courageous students who reminded us that freedom of speech is a foundational American value. The protest was sparked when the college began enforcing a ban on political activity on campus and it had close ties to the Civil Rights Movement, which was making important strides at that point in history. Those students understood the importance of freedom of speech. They understood that without protections for non-violent speech there would be nothing to prevent political discourse from devolving into violent conflict. But today something radical has happened ...Continue reading

The Unsustainability of the Left’s Moral High Ground Tactic

If you feel like the left keeps getting crazier, you aren’t alone. In fact, your feelings are right on the money. It’s hard to pin down exactly when they committed to trying to usurp the moral high ground, but it has pushed them into a fascinating corner. The entire Democratic Party is now stuck in a self-destructive cycle that cannot possibly win them future elections. They’ve proven resilient in the past, so they may recognize their error and recover, but the current tactics are in every way unsustainable. Antifa Let’s address this from the start. Antifa exists on the premise ...Continue reading

ESPN Suspends Linda Cohen, Lets Jemele Hill Slide

If you're a conservative who's also a sports fan, you're probably well aware that ESPN, the 24-hour cable sports channel, has been accused of much liberal bias over the years, that's led to the network shedding more than 10 percent of its 100-million-person subscriber base since 2010. If you've ever watched ESPN, you likely may have scratched your head and wondered what all the blatantly political commentary and asides have to do with sports. Analysts have attributed ESPN's political leanings to everything from its management's predilections to the slant of ESPN (and ABC/Capital Cities) owner Walt Disney Corp., a heavyweight ...Continue reading