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Is Trump Saving Us From Obamacare?

Looking at the news, it’s easy to be distracted and miss things that are actually happening. While the distractors and puppets argue about who has and hasn’t called military families, changes are afoot with our federal government. Trump has made an official move to attack Obamacare without the aid of Congress. It’s a bold move, and some repercussions are easier to predict than others. Is it enough to save us from Obamacare? The Good Trump is slashing government spending on cost sharing reduction (CSR) payments. These are subsidies that primarily assist low-income Americans in purchasing health insurance. As mean as ...Continue reading

Debunking the Left’s Favorite Claims about Gun Control

We’ll be talking about gun control for a while. There is no question that guns hold devastating power. It’s their purpose, and that purpose will sometimes be fulfilled in the form of tragedy. Still, we can’t let the heightened emotions of these tragedies pull us away from rational thought. The left wants harsh gun control, and they love to spout untrue claims in their effort to get it. Let’s debunk their favorites. Guns Are Unregulated A lot of liberals seem to honestly believe that you can buy military-grade weapons whenever you want with no consequence. Let’s break this down. For ...Continue reading

What the Left Gets Wrong About Democratic Socialism

In Bernie Sanders’ run last year, we heard a lot about democratic socialism. To anyone who has even a basic understanding of 20th century history, this causes intense dread. Socialism is a scary word. Progressives, though, embraced the term and tried to tell us how democratic socialism isn’t the same as the socialism that failed across the globe for a hundred years. They’ll tell you that it is a harmless and friendly way to promote equality and the welfare of all. It’s working great throughout Europe, especially in Sweden, after all. What won’t surprise you is that everything they are ...Continue reading

Jeff Sessions Refuses to Prosecute Anyone

When President Trump nominated then-Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama to be Attorney General, Trump was hopeful that Sessions would be a no-nonsense AG, upholding the law on the many positions Sessions had discussed as Senator and taking swift and decisive action against those parties President Trump deemed to be enemies and criminals working against the state. Many Americans desired a return from the lawlessness and abuses that had been committed under the Obama administration and former Attorneys General Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder. Yet, since taking on his new job, Sessions has been very good at talking tough, but has ...Continue reading

How Trump Is Fixing the Iran Nuclear Deal

We know the Iran deal was terrible, but it all happened just long enough ago that it’s easy to forget the worst parts. Obama praised himself when he convinced Iran to stop enriching uranium. He restored billions of dollars to their economy and gave them a free hand on a number of operations that are just as threatening to global security as enriched uranium, but he is still the one with the Nobel Peace Prize. President Trump has not forgotten the dangers of this deal, and he is already taking direct action to correct it. The Game Plan Trump’s dealings ...Continue reading