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Is A Second Civil War about to Start? Carl Bernstein Thinks So

In 1972, a young reporter for The Washington Post named Carl Bernstein teamed up with Bob Woodward and conducted much of the original investigation involving Richard Nixon during the Watergate scandal. It was an investigation which led to an impeachment hearing over which president Nixon resigned. As we have previously reported, President Nixon’s presidency had a great deal in common with the Trump presidency- insofar as the media has been desperate to undermine Trump and report negatively on anything and everything they can even remotely grasp onto. The Nixon administration was swollen with accomplishments which today, would place the man ...Continue reading

A Hard Look: The State of the Democratic Party

It’s been said before, but it bears repeating. If the left had been one-tenth as observant and critical of Obama as they are Trump, their party probably wouldn’t have lost so badly in 2016. Instead of learning from those mistakes, they have fully committed to panic. They spew vitriol on everything proposed by the right, and they have absolutely no plan to move forward. Despite the popular narrative, the Democrats are in the worst political shape of their long history. Let’s take a look at the full scope of the problems they face and see how unlikely it is that ...Continue reading

One More Added to a Long List of Mysterious Deaths in Clinton Politics

The specter of dead bodies left in the wake of the Clinton’s political activities has returned with the suspicious death of Klaus Eberwein. Multiple sources identify Eberwein as a Haitian government official who was set to testify against alleged Clinton Foundation corruption and malpractice in Haiti. Like too many others before him, however, the Haitian was found shot to death in Miami. Left leaning fact checking sites like Snopes have been quick to discount reports that Eberwein was murdered, accepting instead the police report that states he committed suicide. The fifty-year-old reportedly told acquaintances he feared for his life because ...Continue reading

Amid the Mud-Slinging, VP Pence Remains Strategically Above the Fray

Vice President Mike Pence may be an ordinary conservative politician in many regards, but within the context of the Trump administration, he is extraordinary. For one thing, he appears to be President Trump’s polar opposite in some respects. Pence’s rhetorical style is measured, calming and does not alarm those on the left who- in the absence of a vice president of their own party can at least rest in their familiarity with the idea of a politician like Pence. In the mind of a left-leaning liberal, Pence is like the evil that you know. Unlike Trump, they understand his stances- ...Continue reading

The Real Problems behind the Charlie Gard Story

Charlie Gard only has days left to live. Many groups are working tirelessly to overcome the legal and political hurdles to save the child’s life, but as things stand his life will be terminated before the end of July. People around the world are quick to judge the court that ruled in favor of his death, but most fail to understand the greater implications of the situation. Charlie Gard’s tragic situation is not an anomaly born of a single poor decision. It is the inescapable outcome of the systematic treatment of healthcare in the UK. The Background If you aren’t ...Continue reading