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What Lies Immediately Ahead for President Trump?

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Last Friday, Donald Trump becomes the 45th president of the Unites States. The question now is, what are his immediate and long-range goals? What does he have complete control over and what will he have to depend on a Republican majority House and Senate? Our next President has left little to the imagination when it comes to his immediate plans. Before the election, Trump outlined his plans in his 100-day action plan to Make America Great Again. In what he termed his Contract with the American Voter, then candidate Trump identified three main areas he intended to focus on once elected. ...Continue reading

Trump vs Obama: Inauguration

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Once again, news outlets are full of noise against Donald Trump. Leading up to his inauguration today, the narrative centered around the “noble” efforts of Democrats to boycott and even outright protest Trump’s official ascension to power. This next step towards assaulting the president as a person and politician is a clear sign of how the media will approach the next four years. They will ignore anything and everything of importance in order to continue to try and sully Trump at every turn. While the media is an easy target for discussion, this particular outcry really tells us more about ...Continue reading

What the Alt-Right Movement Taught Donald Trump

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The Alt-Right, what is it, who is it, and where did it come from? Unfortunately, for a lot of commentators who get a whole lot of air time wringing their hands about the Alt-Right and what it is- this is actually a pretty easy question to answer- if that is, you ask someone who’s been involved with it since its beginning. Understanding the Alt-Right is important for anyone who believes that free speech is a mechanism critical to the health of our constitutional republic. During their formative period, the Alt-Right adopted a winning strategy to fight off the enemies of ...Continue reading

Green Energy Scams in the UK

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For progressives and liberals, "green energy" is a rallying cry that until now has been mostly unstoppable public relations-wise in the battle against the causes of so-called "climate change." However, along the way of adopting green energy policies, a vast array of crooks, con artists and liars has come out of the woodwork to scam governments on a local, state and federal level. Examination of what's been happening in Great Britain and Ireland recently should give Americans some pause since many of the same schemes may likely be attempted on some scale here in the United States. In the UK's ...Continue reading

Operation Northwoods

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The fight against the Third Reich in WW2 left the world vulnerable to the depredations of totalitarian communism. It is a grossly underrepresented fact that while the nightmare that was German Fascism killed more than 6 million persons of Jewish heritage, Communist regimes all over the world killed more than 300 million of their own people. This lead to a fear of Communism in the US that- while justified- was used to carry along the agendas of political actors and military projects that were not designed to serve the people, but rather to control and abuse them. Among the most ...Continue reading