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Federal Judge Loosens Restrictions on Trump’s Travel Ban

In 2011, former President Barack Obama set up a travel ban that restricted travel of people from the same seven countries targeted by Trump’s “Muslim Ban.” But there are at least two important differences between Trump’s ban and Obama’s. For one thing, Obama’s travel ban wasn’t popularly known as a ban on Muslims and for another thing, it was clear that Obama never really intended to enforce his travel ban as refugees from those middle eastern regions poured in almost unabated after he signed the initiative. Trump had this to say about the two executive orders, "My policy is similar ...Continue reading

Seattle’s Gun Tax Completely Backfired

Seattle. The epicenter of progressivism never fails to astound the world with bad ideas. They lead the charge in almost every social program, and the results vary from null to devastating. Perhaps their biggest blunder in recent years has stayed surprisingly under most radars. They passed a creative gun control law that had lofty aims of stemming a recent tide of violence in the city. The results were not up to expectations, and after reading the details, they may have inadvertently converted a whole new wave of 2nd Amendment supporters. The Law The new tax was passed in 2015 and ...Continue reading

Real Climate Science You Don’t Hear About

You hear about new climate science every day. You’re also savvy enough to wonder how much bias goes into that reporting. To give you an idea, here’s a short review of four studies published this year that have received no media attention even though their findings are significant. The Cause of Arctic Warming Arctic sea ice is at the forefront of alarmism. They point to an acceleration in melting ice and increasing air temperature in the region as a case for catastrophic global warming. Most importantly, they correlate the acceleration of this melt with increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere ...Continue reading

Ivanka Trump: “There’s a New Level of Viciousness”

There’s no denying that Donald Trump’s Daughter, Ivanka Trump is a formidable woman despite being raised in the lap of luxury. She is the proprietor of a successful fashion line and a veteran in numerous high-level business and finance ventures. Perhaps her most distinguishing accomplishment is the fact that the 45th president trusts her to advise him and write policy (she’s drafting a child care credit for families as we speak). But however tough Ivanka Trump may be, she admits that she has never before seen, and never expected the level of viciousness that she is seeing directed at her ...Continue reading

The Shooting of Representative Steve Scalise and the “Kinder” Liberal Response

While one wants to believe public shows of unity in the wake of the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise (Rep - LA) are genuine, the reaction of many so-called progressives makes that difficult. James T. Hodgkinson, an avid Bernie Sanders supporter (and former campaign volunteer), targeted participants in an Alexandria, Virginia softball game for one reason and one reason only - he wanted to kill as many Republicans as possible. It is sometimes said that conservatives think liberals are wrong but liberals think conservatives are evil. Some liberals, for example, are prone to say that Republicans back certain economic policies ...Continue reading