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Israel’s Wall is a Total Deterrent to Illegal Aliens

For all of the talk about how a border wall will not work, will be too expensive, is impossible to build and is somehow racist, why won't Congress look at some real-world examples of other countries that have put up walls to block out invaders? Our only ally in the Middle East has a perfect example of a border wall and we can compare the effectiveness of that structure to the claims of the Democrat and RINO Republican wall critics. Luckily for us, Israel just released some numbers! Israel has had an illegal immigration problem stemming from its wide-open border ...Continue reading

Liberal States Show Us the Wrong Way to Legalize Pot

Eight liberal states and the District of Columbia have now shown us the completely incorrect way to legalize recreational marijuana. California, Maine and Massachusetts are the latest states the join the rush to thwart clearly written and duly passed federal statutes regarding pot. Even if you believe that marijuana should be legal for recreational use, Attorney General Jeff Sessions should be applauded for upholding the rule of law, which is bigger than the average pothead's aspirations for a bag of chips. None of these states have actually "legalized" marijuana, by the way. They have simply stated, through their legislatures, that they will ...Continue reading

UK Healthcare System Has Catastrophic Failure

The Bernie crowd hasn’t slowed their demands for socialized medicine. Claiming they fight for compassion, they ridiculed the tax breaks because it gave people more choices in how they approached their own healthcare and insurance. They claim to know more about your health and well-being than you do, and they are perfectly willing to force you to do things their way. And yet, every time we look at real-world examples, we see that socialized medicine is disastrous. This winter, we have to look no further than our friends across the pond to see a catastrophic breakdown of the UK’s medical ...Continue reading

The Crime Stats on Illegal Aliens Liberals Don’t Want You to See

Another promise that President Trump has kept to the American voters was the pledge to finally reveal true statistics on illegal alien crime rates in the US. If you have ever attempted to research the issue of illegal alien crime, you'll understand why this is a big deal. Perception shapes policy, and for years the American people have been lied to about illegal alien crime stats. The globalists have wanted us to believe that illegal aliens are all quiet, safe and potential Rhodes' scholars-in-waiting. Both the media and the government have lied to us about illegal alien crime statistics repeatedly ...Continue reading

President Trump Is Not the One with a Mental Illness

The mainstream media has found its new sweetheart, a yellow journalist named Michael Wolff with a history of publishing fabricated quotes. Wolff has written a new book titled "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House." The media is granting Wolff his 15 minutes of fame and driving his book sales up because Wolff paints a picture of President Donald J. Trump as a man who is rapidly declining due to dementia or Alzheimer's. In the interests of full disclosure, we haven't read Wolff's book and don't intend to. There's enough fake news out there which we can watch without ...Continue reading