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The Underground Refugee Railroad

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Recently, prominent independent Christian journalist Josh Tolley, interviewed a woman who did not give her name but described some extraordinary things regarding refugees entering the United States with little to no vetting. We will call her Jane. Jane, according to her own account, is an ordinary citizen. She does not appear to be a politician or a political staffer- though she does mention her profession. She began, on her own initiative, attending UN Resettlement meetings. The meetings were sponsored by Missouri Social Services Office and managed under the auspices of the Department of Refugee Monitoring. According to Jane, these Middle ...Continue reading

The President Isn’t the Most Powerful Man in Washington Anymore

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If you asked political analysts who the most powerful man in Washington is at the moment, many of them would likely say it's not President Trump; in fact, like many earlier presidents, Trump is at the mercy of myriad other powerful men and interests, both within his government and outside it. Instead, given the political climate of the last six months, the ongoing investigations into claims of Russian interference in U.S. elections and behind-the-scenes maneuvering of ex-President Obama's "shadow government," the strongest candidate for the man with the greatest influence in Washington might well be James Comey, current director of ...Continue reading

The Inherent Hypocrisy in the March for Science

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The marches to protest Trump have certainly slowed and quieted, but there is another one schedule for April, and it might be pretty big. This is the March for Science -- a gathering of American scholars to promote the virtues of their profession and oppose the reigning administration. For starters, it’s a little sad that the self-proclaimed best minds in the country could find no better method than a march that promotes themselves. More importantly, this march, like most political maneuvers, is not what it may appear to be on the surface. Let’s break it down. Fear Mongering The primary ...Continue reading

Comey Denies Trump’s Wiretapping Claim despite Evidence

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FBI Director James Comey has appeared before the House Intelligence Committee where he testified that the FBI is in the middle of conducting a wide-ranging inquiry into Moscow’s efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election. The inquiry began in late July he said, and he asserted, that the FBI has found no evidence supporting the President’s claim that Obama authorized any “wiretapping” of Trump Tower. It’s a claim that has struck a sour note on the ears of officials and Americans in light of the fact that mainstream media (MSM) sources have been saying for months that much was being ...Continue reading

Is It Time for McCain to Go?

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Senator John McCain is to many minds a man long past his prime — a Senator who may have decided that in his current role he wields just as much, if not more power than the person in the position he once coveted — the presidency. As the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee — a leadership role he lusted after and finally achieved in 2015 — McCain is now in a position to have a full say on roughly $600 billion worth of defense and military appropriations and hold vast sway over what passes for American foreign policy ...Continue reading