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Kellyanne Conway Doubles Down on Medicaid Claims

It’s been noted by policy experts, like Dick Morris, that ObamaCare is essentially Medicaid- given to those living below the poverty line and forced on those living above the poverty line. Now, Kellyanne Conway is saying the same thing, not for the first time, and the liberal media is behaving as if she has drowned a basket of kittens. Conway told Fox & Friends, “Medicaid is intended for the needy, the elderly, and the sick.” She was later forced to defend her comments when she was accused of lying when she said that people who receive Medicaid benefits now would ...Continue reading

Bernie Sanders Wife under Investigation for Bank Fraud

Jane Sanders, the wife of Senator Bernie Sanders- the socialist candidate in 2016’s presidential race has been called a champion of the little man while advocating for massive wealth redistribution, at the same time owning multiple vacation homes, and driving a conspicuously lavish sports car- is under investigation for bank fraud. Jane Sanders is the subject of an ongoing FBI investigation into numerous allegations of committing fraud against a bank during her tenure as the president of Burlington College. The FBI is conducting interviews of all relevant witnesses who were in contact with Jane Sanders between the years 2004 and ...Continue reading

Republicans Continue to Win: What Does it all Mean?

In spite of a concerted effort by Democrats to outspend their way to regain a seat in Congress, Karen Handle of Georgia was a clear winner in the Atlanta area special election. Democrats touted the race between Jon Ossoff and Handle as sure proof that Donald Trump is already a failed president. But when the dust settled, Republicans had won yet another special election and the Democrats were 0 and 4. Handel's victory over political upstart Jon Ossoff was immediately cast by the GOP as a devastating blow for Democrats. Vox saw things differently with it’s headline. - The overall ...Continue reading

Should Trump have Retaliated against N. Korea for Student’s Death?

Donald Trump has been talking about North Korea for a long time. In February of 2016, he told Charlie Rose and a panel of talking heads on CBS that China is in complete control of North Korea and that he would force them to reign in the rogue communist state using economic sanctions. Even among strong nationalistic supporters of the President who want American interests to come first recognize that North Korea may be a threat that will have to be dealt with. Even many of those who do not believe that North Korea might pose a military threat to ...Continue reading

Federal Judge Loosens Restrictions on Trump’s Travel Ban

In 2011, former President Barack Obama set up a travel ban that restricted travel of people from the same seven countries targeted by Trump’s “Muslim Ban.” But there are at least two important differences between Trump’s ban and Obama’s. For one thing, Obama’s travel ban wasn’t popularly known as a ban on Muslims and for another thing, it was clear that Obama never really intended to enforce his travel ban as refugees from those middle eastern regions poured in almost unabated after he signed the initiative. Trump had this to say about the two executive orders, "My policy is similar ...Continue reading