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IG Report Shows Obama had Direct Access to Hillary’s Illegal Email Server

Though the fake news mainstream media has conveniently downplayed it, the Horowitz IG reports leaves no doubt that former president Barack Obama had direct access to Hillary’s Illegal Email Server. The report also shows that the former president used a pseudonym for his username when he sent what have been determined to be unclassified emails. Even before the IG’s report became available, strong hints abounded that Obama knew more than he was admitting. In a September 2, 2016 text from FBI attorney Lisa Page to her lover, FBI agent Peter Strzok, she said: “potus wants to know everything we are ...Continue reading

The Media is Lying about Trump Separating Illegal Immigrant Families

For the past few days, the mainstream media has been on a crusade of feigned moral outrage against President Trump and his supposed policy of separating illegal immigrants who are caught crossing the border from their children. Over the course of this crusade, there has been no shortage of half-truths and outright lies that the media has put forth in their never-ending attempt to paint Trump as a racist monster. It's important, though, to sift through some of these lies to gain a better understanding of what is really taking place at the border and President Trump's true role in ...Continue reading

GOP Bill Will Make Obama’s DACA Criminals Your New Neighbors

The House GOP is determined to commit electoral suicide in 2018 by granting legitimacy to an Obama immigration policy that was clearly unconstitutional from the get-go: The Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Obama declared this major change to immigration law as an election-year incentive for Hispanic voters in 2012. Even as the GOP is prepared to cave in to its big-money donors, by granting amnesty to 770,000 DACA recipients and their relatives, we are learning new damning facts about Obama’s illegal program. Obama was every bit as slippery when defending DACA as he was with… well, everything else ...Continue reading

What Fake News Won’t Tell You about the Scathing IG Report on the FBI

The Inspector General’s bombshell report about the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email scandal has the liberal-aligned fake news media scurrying to mislead the American people about how a group of Obama-era cronies tried to sway an election. Among the many things biased media outlets are conveniently glossing over is that fact that during IG Michael Horowitz’ investigation, five months worth of emails between FBI lawyer Lisa Page and FBI Agent Peter Strzok went missing. Page and Strzok — who was married — carried on a torrid workplace affair and worked in conjunction to downplay the potentially criminal activity of ...Continue reading

Real Science Keeps Tipping Over Darwin’s Apple Cart

The modern scientific field is not faring well against God. A recent study in the journal Human Evolution made a discovery that has startled the scientists conducting it – namely, that all current species on earth showed up at approximately the same time, roughly 100,000 to 200,000 years ago. Since the chaos religion of evolution requires massive amounts of time – billions of years – to maintain its non-disprovable doctrines, this is a problem for the glorified butterfly collectors writing all the biology textbooks. Researchers at the University of Basel and The Rockefeller University studied the mitochondrial DNA of approximately ...Continue reading