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What in the World Happened to That Las Vegas Shooter Investigation?

It has been almost four months since the mass shooting from the Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas took place and the American people know as little about the incident today as we did when it first happened. In fact, we still have more questions than answers at this point. We can make educated guesses about some things, but the reality is that the American people have not even seen proof that Stephen Paddock himself pulled the trigger. We only know at this point that he was dead in the hotel room when police arrived and he seems to have been the ...Continue reading

A Hard Look at the Democratic Party

More than a year later, many people are still shocked to think that Donald Trump won the last election. It was a genuine surprise for many on both ends of the political spectrum, and the fallout has revealed deep fissures in both parties. Today, we’re going to focus on the Democrats. The burning wasteland of their political landscape is largely split into three groups. While there are a few commonalities among the sub groups, like hating President Trump, the true beliefs and goals of each is largely incompatible with the others. Let’s learn about modern liberals and see what it ...Continue reading

What Is Happening in Saudi Arabia?

While the left is distracted by futile attempts for more gun control, the world continues to be an eventful place. Flying under the radar of many, Saudi Arabia is making waves. A young prince has shaken things up in ways the country has never seen before, and the consequences are difficult to predict. Culling the Elite The big news happened when the recently promoted crown prince arrested a number of prominent figures in the country. The tally included 11 princes and a number of elite business owners, at least one of whom is a current billionaire. For those who haven’t ...Continue reading

Time to Regulate Big Tech

What do conservative blogger Curtis Yarvin, radio host Alex Jones and bestselling political philosophy author Theodore Beale (aka Vox Day) have in common? If any one of them visits the Google campus in Silicon Valley, even as a guest of a current employee, a silent alarm will be triggered and they will be escorted off the premises by security. This is according to a lawsuit filed by former Google employee James Damore, who says he was fired for the sins of being a white male conservative who questioned Google's progressive orthodoxy. Coupled with the undercover sting conducted by Project Veritas ...Continue reading

Israel’s Wall is a Total Deterrent to Illegal Aliens

For all of the talk about how a border wall will not work, will be too expensive, is impossible to build and is somehow racist, why won't Congress look at some real-world examples of other countries that have put up walls to block out invaders? Our only ally in the Middle East has a perfect example of a border wall and we can compare the effectiveness of that structure to the claims of the Democrat and RINO Republican wall critics. Luckily for us, Israel just released some numbers! Israel has had an illegal immigration problem stemming from its wide-open border ...Continue reading