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Shouldn’t Alabamans Choose Their Own Senator?

The Swamp in Washington, DC has sent a disturbing message to the people of Alabama: If you do not select the Senate candidate preferred by us, then we will nullify your votes and install our own puppet. Thomas Jefferson might have a different take on this situation. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has announced that if the Alabama election moves forward and former Judge Roy Moore is elected by the people of Alabama, the Senate will take immediate steps to expel Moore from that body. Roy Moore has been accused of sexual misconduct in the 1970s by four women. ...Continue reading

Latino Supporters Rally behind Trump

You’ve been told for years that the left is the group supporting minorities in the country. It’s assumed by mainstream media that all minority voters will always be Democrats. All the left has to do to secure any election is cut into the uneducated, low-class white vote. These are all lies and a sad attempt to discredit the notion of conservatism in America. Actively debunking these claims is important to help rational Americans band together and keep the left from destroying the home we so love. With that in mind, we’re going to take a hard look at Latino voters ...Continue reading

New York Times Op-Ed Asks “Can My Children Be Friends With White People?”

There’s no doubt that race tensions in the U.S. have reached a peak in recent years. Some of these tensions are based in real issues that Americans are dealing with: immigration, terrorism, and the ever-present issue of globalism. Other so-called tensions, however, are clear race-baiting: statues of celebrated Americans torn down on a whim and political ads pinning candidates against each other with atrocious accusations of race hate. For absurdity in this arena, there is no shortage of stories. Still, one recent op-ed published in the November 12th issue of the Sunday New York Times may take the cake. The piece, written by a law ...Continue reading

Trump Approval Drops to 46%: Here’s Why We’re Pleased

The numbers are in and 45 is down to 46. At least, that’s where Rasmussen Reports Daily Tracking Poll had Trump’s approval rating as of earlier this week. At the moment this sentence was written, he was down to 41% approval, with 57% disapproving of his performance. He’s never had a higher approval rating than he did at the start of the year at 56%. If Trump were an ordinary president, and if this were the mid-90s, he’d be in big trouble. In the past, when people relied on the television for their news, a good approval rating was anything ...Continue reading

President Trump’s Staff Makes Bold Promise on Timing of Tax Relief

Tax reform has been all over the news as of late. There have been lots of discussions and media stories regarding the proposed tax reform and the progress it has made. However, there are concerns over the timeline for a lot of people. Many people are wondering when it will be completed and when it will be officially put into motion. This tax reform will completely change the way that taxes are managed in our country and it will impact essentially every American. So when will it be completed? While there is still no official timeline, there are people looking ...Continue reading