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Liberal Media Hiding President Trump’s Biggest Successes from American People

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At the beginning of the month, CNN refused to air an ad from Trump supporters that touted his accomplishments since entering office. While the mainstream media’s (MSM) never ending mantra about supposed Russian influence continues its purposeful silence about the President’s positive moves is what’s most troubling. The ad says that “America has rarely seen such success”, offers a long list of Trump’s actions in the first 100 days of his presidency, and concludes with “You wouldn’t know it from watching the news. America is winning, and President Trump is making America great again.” The faces of Andrea Mitchell (NBC), ...Continue reading

5 Things Comey Did that Left the President with No Choice but to Fire Him

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The Director of the FBI was fired. Since this has only happened twice in the nation’s history, it is a newsworthy event. Unfortunately, being newsworthy has attracted the media storm, and there is no surer or faster way to obfuscate a simple situation. The media has confused and distracted from every possible angle making it difficult to understand exactly why Comey was fired. In an attempt to get to a little truth, we’re going to take a hard look at Comey’s career as FBI Director and weight Trump’s decision. You’ll find that Comey was actually far worse than your expectations, ...Continue reading

Class Action Lawsuit Exposes Hypocrisy from the DNC

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The Democratic Party has long been heralded as the worker’s party. For many decades they have pushed for “fair” labor protection laws that were supposed to elevate unorganized or entry-level workers. Many of these policies have had obvious flaws and failures, but today we’re going to look at something different. We’re going to see a grotesque example of the party violating their own laws and practicing intense hypocrisy in regards to how they treat their own campaign labor. The Facade While the demands of the left aren’t new, it’s important to review the issue. The first marches for a $15 ...Continue reading

Trump: “Terrorists do not worship God, they worship death”

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Not once during Barack Obama’s eight years in office did he or any member of his administration once condemn, or even name radical Islamic terrorism- but last week President Donald J. Trump did- and he did it directly to the heads of state, kings, princes, and kingpins of Saudi Arabia. There was a great deal of discomfort in the room as he made it clear that he expects their full cooperation in future efforts to combat Islamic terrorism, and while he did not directly blame the Saudi state for funding and harboring terrorist organizations, he put the case against terrorism ...Continue reading

The Seth Rich Murder: A Suspicious Death or Fake News?

Murder scene with two forensic analysts and a police lieutenant investigating a crime on a businessman in a basementMurder scene with two forensic analysts and a police lieutenant investigating a crime on a businessman in a basement

In July of 2016, Seth Rich, a staffer for the DNC was killed by gunshot near his home in Washington DC. Just 27 years old, Rich was hired by the DNC to work on a computer program meant to help voters to cast their votes remotely. Police who came on the scene found Rich lying in the street at 4:00 am. Despite the fact that the incident was reported as a robbery, none of Rich’s personal possessions were taken. He still had his wallet, money, credit cards, an expensive necklace, and mobile phone on his person after the unknown attackers ...Continue reading