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Amid the Mud-Slinging, VP Pence Remains Strategically Above the Fray

Vice President Mike Pence may be an ordinary conservative politician in many regards, but within the context of the Trump administration, he is extraordinary. For one thing, he appears to be President Trump’s polar opposite in some respects. Pence’s rhetorical style is measured, calming and does not alarm those on the left who- in the … Continue reading “Amid the Mud-Slinging, VP Pence Remains Strategically Above the Fray”

The Real Problems behind the Charlie Gard Story

Charlie Gard only has days left to live. Many groups are working tirelessly to overcome the legal and political hurdles to save the child’s life, but as things stand his life will be terminated before the end of July. People around the world are quick to judge the court that ruled in favor of his … Continue reading “The Real Problems behind the Charlie Gard Story”

Deadly Sarin Gas Misplaced at Army Proving Ground

The government, and the military especially, has a way of getting away with misplacing things. Just days before the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, Donald Rumsfeld failed to explain to a Congressional committee how the Pentagon managed to misplace several trillion dollars. That story was swept under the rug, as have many … Continue reading “Deadly Sarin Gas Misplaced at Army Proving Ground”

Another Good Jobs Report for Trump

A media firestorm is renewing its effort to discredit and obstruct Trump on every level. It continues to galvanize the entrenched opponents, but they are turning into a smaller and smaller minority. The might of the media is no longer enough to prevent Trump from doing his job successfully, and that can be seen statistically … Continue reading “Another Good Jobs Report for Trump”

The Democrat Russia Disinformation Campaign

If anyone thought the Democrats or the mainstream media is giving up on their obsession with President Trump and his alleged collusion with the Russian government they were obviously misguided. As one story fades away, proven to be a non-story due to lack of credible evidence another pops up in the form of the president’s … Continue reading “The Democrat Russia Disinformation Campaign”

Fed Panicking Over Job Surge

Every economist, financial analyst, and Wall Street trader is asking, “Why is the Fed desperate to raise rates?” The Fed has been expressing worries over the past month that it may have inflated yet another enormous market bubble which is destined to rupture- resulting in another recession. That’s what the Fed says anyway, but some … Continue reading “Fed Panicking Over Job Surge”

DNC Files Copied Locally, Not Hacked

According to new metadata analysis contained in a report published earlier this month, the files the DNC claims were hacked by Russians were actually downloaded locally by someone who would have had to have had physical access to the computer that contained them. The most likely circumstance is that the files were taken using a … Continue reading “DNC Files Copied Locally, Not Hacked”

As the Courts Go So Goes the Country – the Trump Effect

By all accounts President Trump hit the ground running when he officially was installed in office on January 20th of this year. He immediately repealed several of Obama’s worst policies through executive action (TPP, scaled back parts of Obamacare, Keystone and Dakota Pipelines, Sanctuary City funding, etc). It’s hard to pinpoint which one of Trump’s … Continue reading “As the Courts Go So Goes the Country – the Trump Effect”

Tom Coburn: The Most Fed Up Politician in Washington with a Real Plan to Fix It

Most conservatives are well aware that the United States is in a deep hole financially speaking. Our national debt is around $20 trillion, our annual budget deficit is $440 billion, and the government seems all too ready to continue spending money it doesn’t have for as far into the foreseeable future as anyone is able … Continue reading “Tom Coburn: The Most Fed Up Politician in Washington with a Real Plan to Fix It”

Why Dem’s are So Critical of Trump’s Landmark Speech in Poland

On July 6, President Trump gave a landmark speech in Warsaw, Poland — a speech that according to many observers such as Republican former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was the best one of his presidency so far. While Poland might seem an unlikely country in which Trump would deliver such an audacious oratory, … Continue reading “Why Dem’s are So Critical of Trump’s Landmark Speech in Poland”