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What Lies Immediately Ahead for President Trump?

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Last Friday, Donald Trump becomes the 45th president of the Unites States. The question now is, what are his immediate and long-range goals? What does he have complete control over and what will he have to depend on a Republican majority House and Senate? Our next President has left little to the imagination when it … Continue reading “What Lies Immediately Ahead for President Trump?”

Trump vs Obama: Inauguration

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Once again, news outlets are full of noise against Donald Trump. Leading up to his inauguration today, the narrative centered around the “noble” efforts of Democrats to boycott and even outright protest Trump’s official ascension to power. This next step towards assaulting the president as a person and politician is a clear sign of how … Continue reading “Trump vs Obama: Inauguration”

The Media Twists the Truth in a Horrible Chicago Torture Story

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A heinous crime has been committed in Chicago as a gang of four young African-American youths — two male and two female — kidnapped and tortured a mentally handicapped white teenager from the streets one of America’s most dangerous cities roughly a week ago. Making the incident worse than the racial aspects of the case … Continue reading “The Media Twists the Truth in a Horrible Chicago Torture Story”

Obama by the Numbers: Is America Better Off Now than When Obama took Office?

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Compared with the situation eight years ago before President Obama took office, America is much worse off now in any number of ways. Here is a brief enumeration of several of them: The Economy For many people, the economic numbers for the U.S. tell most of the story of the Obama administration: the national debt … Continue reading “Obama by the Numbers: Is America Better Off Now than When Obama took Office?”

The Obama-Trump Transition Did Not Proceed Smoothly

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As the presidential term of Barack Obama counts down to its last two days, the outgoing president has decided to make life somewhat difficult for incoming President Trump, despite a post-election promise to make the transition process “smooth and efficient.” Just two days after Trump won the recent presidential election, the Republican candidate met with … Continue reading “The Obama-Trump Transition Did Not Proceed Smoothly”

What the Alt-Right Movement Taught Donald Trump

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The Alt-Right, what is it, who is it, and where did it come from? Unfortunately, for a lot of commentators who get a whole lot of air time wringing their hands about the Alt-Right and what it is- this is actually a pretty easy question to answer- if that is, you ask someone who’s been … Continue reading “What the Alt-Right Movement Taught Donald Trump”

Green Energy Scams in the UK

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For progressives and liberals, “green energy” is a rallying cry that until now has been mostly unstoppable public relations-wise in the battle against the causes of so-called “climate change.” However, along the way of adopting green energy policies, a vast array of crooks, con artists and liars has come out of the woodwork to scam … Continue reading “Green Energy Scams in the UK”

Obama’s Legacy in Syria Will Haunt Him


Of all the tragedies of Barack Obama’s administration, perhaps none is as heartbreaking as Syria. This five-year-old conflict has been perpetuated by the United States at a tremendous cost in human lives, mostly Syrian, but also Kurdish, Turkish and Iraqi. Over 400,000 civilians have died in the struggle between the Syrian government and the “rebel … Continue reading “Obama’s Legacy in Syria Will Haunt Him”

Top 10 Scandals of the Obama Presidency

NEWPORT, WALES, UK - Sep 4, 2014: NATO summit. US President Barack Obama at the NATO summit in Newport (Wales, UK)

As President Obama prepares to leave office, many liberals and progressives are still convinced that somehow the current president is something of a saint — after all, he was awarded a Nobel Prize, wasn’t he (before he bombed a hospital)? Didn’t Obama bring Hope and Change to the country? Change — yes. But for the … Continue reading “Top 10 Scandals of the Obama Presidency”

Trump’s Move against North Korea

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North Korea is a state that has dogged successive presidential administrations of the U.S. from George H.W. Bush onward as the Asian country’s weapons program has become somewhat supercharged with the advent of nuclear technology originally allowed into the country for power purposes. The postures and positions of Presidents Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and … Continue reading “Trump’s Move against North Korea”