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Maryland Schools May Teach Boys are Presumed Guilty in Rape Cases

Teenager students boy and girl walking towards camera and smiling

Over the last two decades, radical feminism has gained an increasingly potent position within the rule of law in America. It’s an issue that’s seen fathers being stripped of their right to see their children by family courts. It’s been a major factor in the disproportionate use of pharmaceutical drugs to chemically restrain young boys … Continue reading “Maryland Schools May Teach Boys are Presumed Guilty in Rape Cases”

Congressional Democrats Plan to Remove Trump Using the 25th Amendment

Patriotic Symbols of the United States of America

Ever since President Donald Trump took the oath of office as the nation’s commander-in-chief, Democrats have been scrambling to see if there’s any possible way they could remove him from power. Even before Trump took office, there was talk of impeaching him, but that’s likely an impossibility as long as Republicans control both houses of … Continue reading “Congressional Democrats Plan to Remove Trump Using the 25th Amendment”

10 Alarming Facts about America’s Infrastructure

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No matter whether politically speaking you lean to the left or lean to the right, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 15 to 20 years, you know that America’s infrastructure is in a pretty sorry state. From crumbling highways to unsafe bridges to transportation networks that are way behind the times, … Continue reading “10 Alarming Facts about America’s Infrastructure”

Who Could Run Against Trump in 2020?

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Although it may seem premature, given all the fuss surrounding the new administration of President Donald Trump, Washington insiders are already talking about who could face off against Trump in the 2020 presidential election. While some names are potentially serious contenders, others are only being bandied about because they’ve garnered media attention in the last … Continue reading “Who Could Run Against Trump in 2020?”

Who Is Stephen Miller?

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During the presidential tenure of Barack Obama, one name stood out for a period among Obama’s advisors: that of Ben Rhodes, whose lengthy official title was Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communication and Speechwriting. In reality, Rhodes was more of a glorified writer of presidential addresses than a policy … Continue reading “Who Is Stephen Miller?”

Sabotage in the White House

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To understand what’s going on in the Trump administration, it is necessary to understand two things. One, Trump’s transition team is not there to be the Trump administration, they are there to set the groundwork for the next four years. This is standard practice in business, and it’s reasonable to assume that Trump expects people … Continue reading “Sabotage in the White House”

Another Look at “Tolerance” From the Left

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The Democrats are the party of tolerance, right? They are supposed to be the group of Americans who stand fast in support of minorities against the greed, hate, misogyny and despicable racism that fuel the conservatives of our country. At least, that’s what they claim. We’ve debunked many of these points of view from a … Continue reading “Another Look at “Tolerance” From the Left”

Europe to Pay Migrants to Leave

October 6,2015; Hegyeshalom in Hungary. Group of refugees leaving Hungary. They came to Hegyeshalom by train and then they leaving Hungary and go to Austria and then to Germany. Many of them escapes from home because of civil war.

As the increasing problem of immigrants grips both the United States and Europe, European nations have begun taking a novel, two-pronged approach to the issue that the U.S. is not likely to consider for several reasons, practicality and cost being among them. The first approach, proposed by Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, is to actually pay … Continue reading “Europe to Pay Migrants to Leave”

Inside the Robert DeNiro-Donald Trump Hate Fest

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The actor Robert DeNiro is famous for his leading roles, including such famous movies as Taxi Driver, The Godfather Part II, The Deer Hunter, Raging Bull, The Untouchables, Cape Fear, GoodFellas, Casino and many, many others. But of late, DeNiro has become famous for something else: a nearly nonstop stream of verbal abuse directed at … Continue reading “Inside the Robert DeNiro-Donald Trump Hate Fest”

The University of Central Florida Held a Leftist ‘Fight Club’ Workshop

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Although most activists on the Left believe they’re the liberal “good guys” fighting “evil, fascist forces” for nothing other than love, peace and understanding, that hasn’t stopped some of their numbers in recent years from adopting the measures of physical violence they typically decry with their whiny protesting. On college campuses, multiple flashpoints have been … Continue reading “The University of Central Florida Held a Leftist ‘Fight Club’ Workshop”