5 Reasons Why American Women Should Not Vote for Hillary

Hillary Clinton’s reincarnation this political season as America’s cookie-baking grandmother who fights for women everywhere, in every walk of life, no doubt has pulled the wool over the eyes of plenty of women. The age-old nemesis of conservatives likely won’t trick many women from the right, but lest anyone forget the true woman behind the apron, here are a few reminders why any self-respecting American woman–conservative or liberal–shouldn’t vote for Hillary.

The champion of women doesn’t really champion women.

Hillary presents herself as a champion of women who believes any sexual assault victim should be believed unless proven wrong. Where was that righteous fervor, however, back in the 1970s when she defended two men who allegedly raped a minor? Hillary asserted the girl fabricated the rape and got the defendants’ charges reduced. Recordings released several decades later reveal that Hillary believed the men were guilty, and that she lied about the victim.

You don’t have to look far, either, to find women she silenced when they claimed Bill Clinton assaulted them or they that they had affairs with him. In any sexual scandal Bill instigated, Hillary was always there to ensure the women didn’t get much press time.

Trustworthiness isn’t one of her virtues.

Where do we start? Benghazi? Her emails? Her defense of any of Bill’s scandals? Hillary excels at brushing off any negative news that could harm her campaign with sweeping generalizations. “Oh I couldn’t have emails stored on a private email server? Silly me” or “Of course I had nothing to do with Benghazi. Any deaths were not my fault.”

Only one-third of American voters, Republican or Democrat alike, consider Hillary trustworthy. Even Donald Trump, who is equally despised by the left as Hillary is by the right, scores higher than she on the trustworthy scale.

She doesn’t understand the needs of working class women.

Hillary likes to present herself as decidedly middle class. She’s just your typical working mom, and now grandmother, who did what she had to do to make ends meet. I’ll bet other working-class women like her would love to rake in a measly $225,000 plus on a regular basis for speeches.

While she plays the “I’m just like you card” well, with that kind of money, she can’t understand the real needs of everyday women: choosing between buying the cheapest food available so there’s enough left over for new school clothes or shelling out the extra for organic produce and meat, scraping together enough money each month to be able to afford the ever-rising prices of health insurance (I thought she promised that universal healthcare would fix that?), or driving a beat-up car to work so the family can afford childcare.

She won’t break the status quo.

Today’s woman needs change: healthcare reform and a thriving economy. Hillary will only offer more of the same politics we’ve seen during President Obama’s 8 years in office. She promises to defend the Affordable Care Act, the bill that made an even worse nightmare out of health insurance, and her economic policies bear striking resemblance to those of the current President. She may promise change, but she is an establishment politician–more of the same-old Washington material.

Her beliefs have an annoying way of flip-flopping back and forth.

Remember John Kerry and his failed campaign method of flip-flopping his beliefs based on what the general public thought? Hillary seems to have decided to follow in his footsteps. From gay marriage to immigration to gun control, what Hillary believes today looks little like what she claims to have believed just a few years ago.


Hillary will do whatever is necessary to get what she wants. If that means beguiling American women into thinking she is capable of representing them well in the Oval Office, she will don her apron and pretend to care about their needs over a cup of tea. But the real Hillary is still the same woman who not so long ago mocked the cookie-baking, tea-drinking American mothers she is now trying so hard to win over. The question is, will they choose to believe the facade?

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