6 Shocking Statistics that Shatter the Open Borders Narrative

The prevailing narrative from the talking heads on TV, economists from the most liberal universities on the planet and all good-thinkers everywhere is that unlimited immigration across a wide-open border is a net positive for any society. Therefore, anyone who even thinks that building a “big, beautiful wall” on our southern border would be good for America must be a lunatic or a racist.

This outrageous liberal narrative has conservatives mad as hell. We know that open border policies carry massive social costs that America needs to talk about. Some of the facts you’re about to learn are so controversial that media outlets won’t report them and government agencies refuse to publicize them while the Obama administration was running things.

Here are 6 shocking statistics that shatter the open borders narrative.

1. Sanctuary cities are now some of the filthiest places on earth.

The local virtue-signaling governments of sanctuary cities will do just about anything to prevent illegal aliens from having an encounter with police (because that could lead to a deportation order). That includes making it legal to defecate on the sidewalk.

After changing the law in 2011 to allow illegals to relieve themselves wherever the feeling strikes them, San Francisco now smells like your great-great-grandfather’s “little outhouse on the prairie.” This allowed Superior Courts in San Francisco to throw out 66,000 outstanding warrants, most of them for illegals.

The sanctuary city of Denver, Colorado also legalized public pooping after President Trump was sworn in, so now you need to roll your windows up when you drive through the Mile-High City as well.

2. Open borders mean less medical care for American citizens.

States with high numbers of illegal aliens are losing dozens of hospitals due to unpaid bills for delivering anchor babies. What right-wing lunatic made that statistic up? Rush Limbaugh? Actually, this “hate-filled” fact comes from the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons.

California saw 84 of its hospitals bankrupted between 1993 and 2005 due to unpaid emergency care bills racked up by illegal aliens. California is expected to lose another 40 hospitals due to unpaid illegal alien medical bills by the year 2020, according to the Los Angeles Times. Exactly how do open borders benefit Americans if the price includes losing dozens of hospitals?

3. Open borders bring mass illiteracy and massive education costs.

The last time the Department of Education bothered to conduct a nationwide literacy estimate (2003), it found that 33-percent of people over the age of 16 in Los Angeles County could not read. No wonder the feds haven’t conducted another survey since then!

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) issued the largest study on the costs of illegal immigration to the US taxpayers in history earlier this year and the education statistics are truly ugly. States are stuck paying an additional $44.4 billion every year to educate the children of illegal immigrants.

Federal taxes account for another $1.7 billion for educating illegals, bringing the grand total to $46.1 billion. We could pay for a big section of the wall with that amount of cash!

4. Open borders keep the slave trade alive into the 21st century.

According to statistics compiled by Ark of Hope for Children, a group that rescues children who have been sold into sex slavery, as many as 17,500 child slaves are smuggled into the US every year. Their average age is 11 to 14. Our open southern border allows this to happen. The next time someone wants to lecture you about how good open borders are for the economy, be sure to hit them with that statistic.

5. President Trump was right: Some of them are rapists.

A group called North Carolinians for Immigration Reform (NCFIRE) tracks one thing, and one thing only, on its website: Illegal aliens arrested for sex crimes against children in North Carolina. The state averaged 17 illegal alien arrests for child rape every single month in the past year. Statistically, that works out to an estimated 10,200 child molestations committed by illegals across all 50 states.

If 10,000 annual child rapes are not enough to convince your Senators and Representative to build a wall, what do you suppose their cut-off number would be? 20,000? 50,000?

6. Open borders cost millions of American jobs.

President Trump campaigned on a promise of more transparency to the immigration system, and just this week he began to deliver. It turns out that the federal government issued two million work permits to illegal aliens in Fiscal Year 2017. That’s two million jobs that American citizens and legal immigrants could have used, but the broken immigration system and our wide-open southern border are still working against us.

The good news is, you’re not crazy! Open borders really are bad for America. Just don’t expect to see these facts and figures on the nightly news anytime soon.

~ American Liberty Report