American Abandons CNN

It’s official. CNN is dying.

Nielsen Media Research just released their information for the month of April. It included data on all kinds of TV programming, but the most notable data included related to news programming. According to the group, Fox News is the most popular news channel in the U.S.

In fact, Fox’s best segment, Sean Hannity, is the number one television show in the country. It beat the NBA playoffs for overall ratings. This alone paints an interesting picture about what Americans are preferring in their news, but the numbers for CNN are a much bigger deal.

CNN’s highest rated show is Anderson Cooper 360. It ranked 24th on the overall list of news programs. That seems pretty bad for the channel that has claimed to be America’s news channel for several decades.

It’s also even worse than it sounds. Let’s put 24th in perspective. Anderson Cooper 360 ranked below every single Fox News segment except one: Fox and Friends First. This fills the 4 a.m. EDT slot. That’s right. The only show in all of Fox News programming that rated worse than CNN’s best airs at four in the morning on the east coast.

Now, let’s be fair. CNN is in a lot of trouble, but the ratings did not suggest that liberal news is dying altogether. MSNBC actually competes pretty well with Fox News. While Fox was the clear champion, MSNBC has 4 of the 10 highest-rated news shows. Their top show, The Rachel Maddow Show, was the third most watched program in April, after the NBA playoffs. This leads us to an important question: why is CNN the channel that is failing?

The Bias Problem

In a single word, CNN’s problem is bias. That might seem unfair. Fox News obviously leans right. They admit their bias. And we all know that MSNBC is predicated on pure liberal bias. Why isn’t it a problem for them? Well, it’s because they both admit that they are catering to a partisan crowd. It’s almost fair to call MSNBC the “Fox News for liberals.” While both channels clearly pander to their audiences, their authenticity in what they are doing gives them a level of credit that CNN can’t maintain.

Simply put, CNN is clearly biased for the left. The difference is that they claim otherwise. They still herald themselves as the only neutral news source, and America can see right through their nonsense. No conservative can stand CNN programming for more than a few minutes. As for liberals, they prefer to get left-leaning news from shows that don’t hide what they’re doing. It’s more gratifying to see MSNBC casters openly admit their liberal leanings.

Putting it in Perspective

A recent broadcast perfectly highlights what CNN is doing wrong. For the umpteenth time, they had David Hogg and his crew on one of their shows. During the broadcast, that went live to a national audience, CNN anchors sat silent as the Parkland Gun-Takers spouted ridiculous lies to try and support their cause. They claimed that the NRA is a Russian proxy organization and that Trump cut mental health spending for schools. The first is laughable. The second is the exact opposite of the truth. The recent omnibus package had huge spending increases for mental health — especially programs for schools.

You might think Hogg and crew were aware of this, since their peer, Kyle Kashuv, helped write the bill and rallied bipartisan support for it. CNN essentially sanctioned this nonsense, and even fully indoctrinated liberals can see through the nonsense.

There’s another way to look at this. CNN is obviously too liberal for conservatives. It’s been left of central for years, and we all moved away. In the Trump Era, as the liberals keep moving their ranks farther left, CNN is no longer liberal enough for that crowd. They tried to thread a needle and failed. If you want to appeal to the moderates and centrists, you have to actually be moderate and centrist.

Instead, CNN is a quasi-progressive news channel that doesn’t lean hard enough into the broken ideologies of the extreme left whilst still alienating anyone right of center. They’re catering to a tiny niche crowd, and it’s killing the network.

None of this is helped by the fact that America is starting to lean right as a whole again. Trumps ever-growing list of wins has won the hearts and minds of many Americans. He’s now polling better with Black Americans than Obama did at the end of his career. He exceeded a 50-percent approval rating even in liberal polls. Our country is waking up and recognizing the left for the degenerate ideology that it is.

The only extremists crazy enough to retain their loyalty will not tolerate a news station that even pretends to be fair and balanced. And, pretending is as close as CNN comes to impartial broadcasting.

~ American Liberty Report

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