An Open Letter to President Trump, From His Supporters

Dear Mr. President,

Many of us were skeptical of your candidacy early in your campaign. But over time, we saw the way you interacted with voters, with real hard-working Americans, and we were impressed by the fact that you really seemed to admire and appreciate them. We watched you closely. We saw you turn away from the camera to talk to a coal miner when you could have easily made a valuable photo op out of it. You had many of us on board because of your powerful rallies, and your earnest interactions with voters.

We have only one question, Mr. President. Why is Hillary Clinton not in prison? You see, a great part of why we admire you so much is you represent the chance that the two-tiered system of law will be abolished. The system of law that lets the wealthy escape punishment should they be found to have contracted ‘affluenza,’ the system of law that fines huge corporations while imprisoning private citizens for the same crimes- it is a dark cloud hanging over the head of every American born citizen.

We like you on a personal level, not that that should matter. We admire your ability to ruffle the feathers of people who only want to hear management speak- however deceptive. We love it when you point out the lies of the media right on camera, in front of millions. We absolutely love it. However, the longer Hillary Clinton is free, apparently, with no fear of facing criminal charges- it all turns a bit sour.

Mr. President, the evidence against her is utterly voluminous. It is manifold, massive- it is stratospherically rich, far-reaching, and strong. There’s the pay for play. She took millions of dollars from the Saudis while acting as Secretary of State. There’s the illegal bathroom email server through which she lost more state secrets than anyone has been able to account for.

What about Bill Clinton, that vile and rapacious sexual offender who has settled on enough sexual assault and sexual battery suits to bankrupt the state of Arkansas? What about the victim testimony that Hillary stalked and threatened the women that Bill assaulted personally?

How could you possibly ask for more? But there is more!

What about the many scandals of the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, and the Clinton Health Access Initiative? There’s all of that lost aid money that was supposed to go to Haiti, the watered down AIDS drugs, the lost Haitian children. What about the many reckless and criminal failures to report instances concerning those charities which to this day are like open coffins reeking and drawing flies in the nation’s capital?

Mr. Trump, we understand that you are facing an enormous amount of opposition from people who are desperate to paint you as a villain. We understand that the opposition party and the media are willing to say anything and do anything in order to frustrate your progress. We also understand that the average person who watches television news is completely misinformed about you, your record, and your character. We also know that you are surrounded with Obama administration holdovers and democratic infiltrators who are leaking information and inventing dramatic lies to stymie your efforts. That’s why we have been so patient.

But we cannot understand how Hillary Clinton can move about freely. We can’t understand how she can be allowed to glower over the nation, blaming everyone except herself for her loss all while there is this mountain of evidence of her many horrendous crimes.

We also know that you’re probably the hardest working president ever to have held office; that you get up at 4:00 am every morning and stay up as late as someone in his 20s. That’s a big part of how you have been able to restore millions of jobs in just a few months and remove countless useless regulations that were making it impossible for people to do business in this country. Frankly, you work so hard that we’re a bit worried about your health.

Mr. President, there hasn’t been a commander in chief like you since Andrew Jackson who took on the Federal Reserve and faced massive hostility from the press. But you need to answer this question. Why is Hillary Clinton still free?

Do you know that more than 50 people associated with the Clintons have died under mysterious circumstances? Is that not worth investigating?

Mr. Trump, you have so much support from millions of Americans who are not fooled by the cheap lies of CNN. We are watching you critically, with understanding in our hearts. But sir, you need to address these questions.


The People of this Great Nation