Are Immigrants Turning Against the Democratic Party?

It’s amazing how distracted Americans get. The left has been so up in arms about gun control that they largely missed noticing that the deadline for DACA extensions has come and gone. On Capitol Hill, negotiations are continuing. Trump and the GOP haven’t forgotten about the now stranded recipients of Obama’s poorly formulated relief plan. Those who need DACA’s protection haven’t forgotten either. The result is a major shift in popular opinion. Immigrants are no longer the staunch Democrats we’ve all been told they should be.

The Legal Immigrant

Republicans noticed even a few years ago that legal immigrants were not the identity-politics loving leftists that the mainstream media portrayed them to be. In fact, they were critical in electing Trump — especially in Florida. The increasingly progressive stance of Democrats on immigration has ultimately betrayed the interests of everyone who has come here legally. In many news segments, you can see that no one is more scorned by the Democrats than those who crossed the right way.

Immigrants appeared en masse at Trump rallies, and across border cities, it is the legal residents who have clamored most strongly for the wall and supported Trump’s more aggressive stance with ICE. In the last election, as many as 80 percent of voters who voted for Obama switched sides and supported Trump. There’s no getting around it.

Giving amnesty or citizenship to rule breakers is a slap in the face to everyone who went through the challenging process of legal immigration to this country. Moreover, anyone who can do math can see that the burden of illegal immigration is what forces us to limit legal migration so severely.


The stance of legal immigrants is only surprising to those who live in an echo chamber in leftist utopia land. What is more surprising is how many DACA recipients have come forward to condemn the left. The media tried to condemn Trump for ending the illegal executive order that is named DACA, but he charged Congress with fixing the problem through legal legislation. In fact, Trump is the first president in modern history to publicly charge Congress to create a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Many have promised as much in campaigns, but none walked the walk. Trump has impressed this sect, and it is painfully clear that Democrats are the ones stonewalling legislation.

More Bad News

Even as identity politics is failing the left in droves, new information really pushed them into a corner. Another leaked Democratic memo has revealed some rather unpleasant language. Democratic leaders have been caught in print clarifying their position on illegal immigration. They don’t care at all about producing legislation. They just want to maintain the minority vote so they can keep their cushy desk jobs in Washington. Even the way they phrase the problem is telling, and DACA recipients across the country have seen their true colors. It’s no wonder Democrats are content to settle for lip service and no action.

What Comes Next

The original deadline has already passed. Millions of DACA recipients are now in legal limbo. The pressure on them is being reflected in Congress, and eventually Democrats will have to cave. This week, the offer is to extend DACA for three years in exchange for three years of wall funding. One way or another, Trump is going to move forward with the wall. The question is how resolutely Democrats will alienate their giant, illegal voting base before that happens.

That brings us to the final and most important talking point. There is no doubt that plenty of DACA recipients, other immigrants and Americans in general will fall for the tricks of the left. Mainstream media will still blame everything on the right, and people will be fooled.

But…Fewer and fewer are deceived every day. Millions of immigrants have seen the Republicans offer them fair treatment, only to be betrayed by the left. When the next major vote happens, Democrats might find a chunk of those illegal votes missing. It will be interesting to see how many elections they can win without them.

We still hope that Trump and the GOP can take action to stop illegal voting, and we certainly won’t encourage illegal immigrants to break the law. But, if they abandon the left and simply abstain from voting (like they’re supposed to), it will be enough to break much of the left’s hold on several regions in the country. That alone could empower the good guys to make a slew of changes that really will make America great again.

~ American Liberty Report

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