Are Liberals Finally Admitting Defeat on Minimum Wage?

The fight for higher minimum wages hit a fever pitch within the last two years, and it is terrifying. The lowest income workers have been fighting tooth and nail for their own destruction, and Democrats in office who certainly know better have fully encouraged this insanity.

Somehow, in the midst of all the riots and thinly veiled whining, a small shift has happened at the core of the left. While they continue to shout their support for a stupidly high minimum wage, their actions have told a different story.

Are these a few coincidences, or has the left actually noticed that a $15 minimum wage would spell certain doom for their political future in America?


The University of Washington’s study on the impacts of Seattle’s minimum wage hike are pretty well known at this point. The city commissioned the study, and the notoriously liberal college was happy to supply evidence that the wage hike was the beginning of utopia.

The big shocker is that such a left-leaning institution would actually bow to science and analysis and report the truth that the wage hike was damaging, especially to minimum wage workers.

Of course, the left across the country fought back and even had Berkley publish their own shenanigan of a study, but that wasn’t the end of the issue. A large number of left-center Americans have actually paid attention, and the result has been a major loss of steam for the fight for $15.


One of the most visible changes has been among liberal restaurant owners. It’s not too surprising that this would be one of the major groups to oppose aggressive wage hikes, but the owners leading the charge are largely immigrant, left-leaning operators. Even they have to admit that the wage hikes will force them to cut hours, raise prices and in many cases, close.

It’s so extreme that even the Democrat propaganda machine known as Huffington Post has displayed an article admitting the dangers of pushing for too big a hike too fast. Before you die of shock, you should know that the article doesn’t fully bow to the dangers of minimum wage rhetoric, but that it does admit any potential danger is still a revelation.

Maine Wages

What is even more surprising is that direct actions have been taken by Democrat politicians to fight against big minimum wage increases. In Maine, the state approved a raise for tip-based employees. Those same employees took it upon themselves to lobby for the law’s repeal, and they won.

A blue state (probably begrudgingly) rolled back the hike and restored minimum wage to its previous level. The lobbying waiters and workers showed empirically how the raise had ultimately hurt their bottom line, and since the law was reverted their true incomes have rebounded. At this point, the number of instances where liberals have folded to reason is beyond shocking, but the biggest upset in this fight was in Baltimore.


Baltimore’s mayor, Catherine Pugh, was elected largely on her promises to raise minimum wage within the city. She had the legislation drafted and was ready to fulfill that promise when, according to her, she did “a little research.” That research inspired her to veto the bill that then died. Apparently, even a short Google search was enough to convince a staunch progressive that a $15 minimum wage would be harmful to her city.

Even she could see that the fallout from signing the bill would harm her political career far worse than disappointing her voters on one of her biggest promises. Now, this didn’t stop Mayor Pugh from pandering to her progressive base and declare that the fight wasn’t dead. She also didn’t bother to cite her research, but those of us with common sense don’t really need another long list of proofs and examples that confirm what we knew all along.

Let’s take stock. This is not an attempt to elicit complacency. At the risk of agreeing with a crazy progressive, the fight for $15 is in fact not dead.

It is immensely encouraging to see that even staunch liberals have limits to the amount of truth and obvious logic they are willing to ignore, but there is still a strong base lobbying for huge minimum wage hikes. The Democrats in Congress pandered to that crowd just this summer by introducing a wage hike they knew would fail.

Maybe what we’re really seeing is that Trump’s bombardment on the left has softened them a little, and somehow a few rational thoughts have snuck past their defenses. Maybe that’s a thought for another time.

~ American Liberty Report