At Least Three Governments Are Now Investigating the Clinton Foundation

If one were able to suffer through an entire mainstream media newscast, they might come under the false impression that Donald Trump’s presidency will be over any second now. But since the mainstream media now functions as a 180-degree funhouse mirror, which relays facts upside-down and backwards from reality, what it really means is that the noose is tightening further on Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Sure enough, at least three national governments are now actively investigating the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation for illegal actions and pay-to-play schemes which were operated while Hillary was Secretary of State.

The Department of Justice opened a new inquiry into the Clinton pay-to-play scam in January 2018. The media proclamation at this was that President Trump had motivated the investigation and that his “meddling” with the DOJ was undue influence on a department that is supposed to be non-partisan and above playing politics. There are so many things wrong with that statement that it will take a moment to unpack all of it.

House Republicans have been calling for an independent Special Counsel and a full-blown DOJ investigation of the Clintons since 2016 — almost two years now. That effort was largely spearheaded by Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and the latest letter sent to Attorney General Jeff Sessions had 51 signatures on it.

The signatories on the letter were primarily Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee, which has been looking at how sizeable foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation may have influenced foreign policy under then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. President Trump only tweeted about the new DOJ investigation after it had begun. Perhaps the media wants us to believe President Trump has a time machine.

As for the non-partisan independence of the Justice Department, that is a ludicrous claim. Was Attorney General Eric Holder independent and non-partisan when he withheld 30,000 pages of “Fast & Furious” subpoenaed documents from Congress?

Was it a non-partisan act when the Obama administration sold guns to a Mexican drug cartel with the goal of getting Americans killed, in order to undermine the Second Amendment, and the DOJ covered it up?

Was it a non-partisan act when Attorney General Loretta Lynch admitted under oath that she had the DOJ using organized crime statutes to investigate American companies that disagree with the cult of global warming?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has obviously tightened up leaks at the Justice Department, because we know very little about this new Clinton Foundation probe. We do know that FBI agents in Little Rock, Arkansas, where Slick Willie’s presidential library is located, are leading the investigation.

We also know at least one person has been interviewed in Little Rock. That’s it. No other information has come out at this point. (Compare that to the leaky ship being run by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the Hillary Clinton fan-club masquerading as Mueller’s team.)

Saudi Arabia donated more than $10 million to the Clinton Foundation and then Secretary Clinton approved a sale of $29 billion worth of advanced fighter jets to the Saudis. Algeria, Kuwait, the UAE, Oman and Qatar all donated heavily to the Clinton Foundation and received arms deals afterward. The weaponry sold to those nations was often used to brutally crack down on rival political parties.

Lockheed Martin was awarded 17 lucrative arms contracts that were approved by Secretary Clinton and then the company donated to the Clinton Foundation. James Comey, who would later be appointed FBI Director by Barack Obama, was the lead attorney for Lockheed Martin during this time.

Uranium One donated more than $2.5 million to the Clinton Foundation, even as the Clinton-run State Department approved the sale of Uranium One to the Russians. It just so happens that the Clintons failed to disclose those donations and they were only discovered months later.

Are these facts not worthy of an investigation? This stinks to high heaven!

America is not the only nation conducting criminal inquiries into the Clintons’ donations. A major investigation of the Clintons started in France several months ago.

In 2009, the Clintons launched the New Clinton Health Access Initiative (New CHAI). Bill Clinton signed that application and failed to disclose on the paperwork that he is a convicted felon who was forced to surrender his law licenses to the state of Arkansas.

Next, the Clintons failed to get authorization from the US and French governments to raise funds in France, ostensibly to combat HIV/AIDS. In fact, the Clintons never received authorization to act as an international charity (and raise funds from foreign sources) at all.

French authorities are looking into what has been described as a “reverse Robin Hood” scam by the Clinton Foundation. French air travelers allegedly paid expanded fees, which went to the Clintons’ New CHAI initiative, but then the money never made its way to the HIV/AIDS sufferers who were supposed to benefit from all of Bill and Hillary’s “charity.”

The World Health Organization spoke favorably of the New CHAI scam, promising that the funds would be delivered in an honest and timely fashion. French investigators now want to know where that money went. Bonne chance!

The Clinton’s actions in Sweden almost merit a follow up article, so we’ll try to summarize. Slick Willie set up a branch of the Clinton Foundation in Sweden to take in donations there. Sweden wanted to keep its trade channels open with Iran during the period from 2010-2012. The Clinton Foundation received $26 million in donations, which primarily poured in via the Swedish government lottery office.

After the money started flowing to the Clinton Foundation, Secretary of State Clinton declined to blacklist any Swedish companies that were exporting to Iran in violation of US sanctions. Prior to the donations, Swedish companies were being blacklisted by the State Department.

If that is not a pay-to-play scam, what is it? Does anyone have an explanation as to why a major foreign policy shift would take place after millions of dollars changes hands?

Eric Trump recently compared the charitable contributions of his own foundation to the contributions of the Clintons. Whereas the Eric Trump Foundation spent 90 percent of its charitable contributions on actual charitable causes, the Clinton Foundation spends just 6 percent. Where did all of that money go, Bill and Hillary? They’re not answering, but hopefully the governments of America, France and Sweden will tell us in the coming months.

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