Bernie Sanders Colluded with a Foreign Government to Win the Election

And the Russia probe played on. Liberals are increasingly frustrated that they can’t find anything substantial to pin on President Trump. Many of them still can’t believe that half of Americans actually wanted Trump as President. After all, what kind of crazy person would want a successful business person and Washington outsider to fix the economy and combat corruption?

At this point, the liberals have done President Trump and the GOP a favor. They clung to the Steele dossier, so we were able to completely debunk it. There’s no question left: Trump never colluded with Russia. Russia did try to meddle in the election, but they did so on their own. Facebook, Google and other advertising groups have provided plenty of proof that Russia’s goal was not to pick a candidate, but to sow general discord. And it worked.

In the meantime, the FEC has uncovered a real plot of foreign collusion. They found that one of the major candidates from the election deliberately conspired with a foreign government for campaign assistance. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t Donald Trump.

Conviction of Collusion

The FEC has found definitive proof of international interference in the 2016 election cycle. It didn’t come from Russia. It actually came from Australia. The Australian Labor Party wanted to send volunteers to assist the campaign of their favorite U.S. candidate. This is sketchy, but not necessarily illegal.

When the Labor Party used tax dollars to pay for flights and daily stipends for those volunteers, it crossed that line and became fully illegal. Just to make this clear, Australian tax dollars were used to try and promote a candidate in the U.S. election. Even if they only spent one dollar, that’s still foreign meddling. But, it isn’t collusion unless the candidate knew about it and acquiesced.

In case you didn’t guess, the candidate in question was Bernie Sanders. His campaign was fully aware of the Labor Party’s “volunteers,” and they welcomed that help. They knew that the “volunteers” were receiving payment from the Labor Party. Now, we have definitive collusion.

Here’s the crazy part. When the FEC investigated the situation, the Sanders campaign fully admitted that they knew what was happening. Their response was that they didn’t view it as wrong. Well, the FEC has a job to do, so they gave Bernie’s campaign a choice: they could pay a fine or go to court. They chose to pay the fine.

Here’s where justice falls apart. The campaign was fined $14,500. The investigation discovered that the Labor Party invested at least $24,000 per volunteer. The total number of volunteers has not been disclosed, but it is likely that the Australian government paid somewhere in the vicinity of hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal support to Bernie Sanders. There is no question on whether or not this actually happened. And yet, this is probably the first you’ve heard about it.

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie

How many times have you heard progressives herald Bernie as the only honest politician? He’s painted as the sole good guy in Washington and the champion of the people. Yet, he has now been proven to have colluded with foreign powers to try and become President. He did the very thing liberals are now proving Trump didn’t do, and no one has anything to say about it.

This, of course, is in addition to his numerous scandals. His wife is still being investigated by the FBI for defrauding a college. There is still large intrigue surrounding his spending spree on cars and homes last year. He’s been caught in multiple cases of dishonesty and manipulation, and his overall reputation is in shambles.

And still, the progressive cling to him. It seems every day brings more bad news for Bernie. The total of his scandals since the election outnumber Trump and Clinton combined. How, then, can progressives accuse Trump supporters of blind fanaticism while they continue to support someone who has promoted fascist ideals, socialist policies and rampantly discriminatory practices?

The answer is both obvious and frustrating. They want free stuff. That’s it. Bernie is the least afraid to promise to steal money from successful Americans and give it away to buy votes. Those who stand to sell their votes are excited by the promise of money. The consequence of the transaction means nothing to them. They would vote for Bernie while he served a term in prison. They would praise him while he committed mass genocide. To these people, money is all that matters. The irony that they condemn the wealthy is completely lost on them.

~ American Liberty Report

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