Caught Red Handed: Clinton Supporters Tried to Buy Trump Accusations

Caught Red Handed: Clinton Supporters Tried to Buy Trump Accusations

The liars on the left can’t go a whole week without getting into trouble. Eight years of getting away with murder under Obama taught them terrible lessons. Now that they are out of power and the public is wise to their act, they don’t know what to do. So, they get crazier every week. This week, they were caught trying to bribe women to falsely accuse President Trump of sexual misconduct.

Lisa Bloom is an attorney who works for prominent liberals and occasionally one of their super PACs. She also famous for being the lawyer who worked for Harvey Weinstein to try to pay off or discredit his accusers.

In a recent episode among those occasional cases, she openly asked for money to vet possible sexual harassment accusations against Donald Trump. Setting aside the obvious partisan problems for the moment, legal vetting does cost money, so this might not be a brazen breach of justice. Within the past few months, a Republican group raised $10,000 to pay legal and associative fees for sexual misconduct victims. It’s a normal part of the process.

The red flags for Ms. Bloom appear when you look at the amount of money requested. Various donors supplied $700,000 to cover the costs of just two accusers.

The legal fees for taking a case to court can get expensive, but they shouldn’t run hundreds of thousands of dollars. The cost of simply vetting an accuser? There is no justification.

Here’s where things get a lot worse. Bloom went back to the donors because she didn’t have enough money. One of the two accusers openly stated that she would need $2 million to go public. The donations fell short.

Now, if you’re paying attention, you’ll notice that the wording on all of this is just ambiguous enough that it isn’t an admission of a crime. Still, we know the real truth. The Democrats are trying to bribe women to falsely accuse President Trump. They’re being smart and looking for women where at least the possibility would exist, and that limits their available sources. But, when you can’t buy a false accusation for $700,000 it might be time to take a long hard look at your party.

David Brock

What you just read is already plenty of reason to be angry. Following the money adds fuel to the fire. Lisa Bloom produced zero accusers. Somehow she still justified keeping $200,000 dollars for her time. I might laugh at her successful scam against the Democrats, except the money she kept came from David Brock.

If you don’t remember Brock, here’s a recap. In the 90s, Brock worked hard to find dirt on Bill Clinton. His asinine approach undermined the real investigation when he bribed women to make false claims, and the impeachment almost failed because of Brock’s efforts.

After that, he inexplicably turned left and become one of the Clintons’ best friends. He has since dedicated his efforts to attacking any media outlet or story with even the slightest hints of conservatism behind it. You read that correctly; David Brock is one of the linchpins between the liberal media shift and fake news movement of the last 20 years.

He founded more than one liberal super PAC, and he is on the board for a few more. It is with this power that he raised Bloom’s $200,000. You can rest assured that she didn’t keep that money through some sort of miscommunication. She has been paid to find dirt, and Brock will expect her to deliver.

Political Fallout

A few years ago, Brock’s involvement would be a good thing for Trump. The lack of credibility that follows in his wake would dissuade this ridiculous sexual harassment idea and the left would move on to other crazy schemes. In the heart of the fake news age, we can assume that unthinking followers on the left will believe whatever fake claims Brock can buy.

While that represents frustration for us now, the justice system and federal government are in the midst of a spring cleaning, and it’s less likely now that fake accusations will really have any impact on Trump.

On the other hand, this and the countless other liberal schemes will have long-term fallout. We live in a digital age where every stupid claim is recorded forever, and the liberals still don’t understand how that is and will haunt them. All of their lies during the campaign are already presenting them as fools, and these ever more desperate acts may kill the party for good.

Collateral Damage

Unfortunately, the left’s self-destruction comes with innocent casualties. They need to prove that Trump is unfit for office because his outsider policies are working better than even the most devout Trump followers expected. All but the most rabid liberals are seeing the obvious results, and even they can’t deny the merits of results. That’s what has driven them to try and buy false accusations, and they’ll likely try even more desperate maneuvers soon enough. The problem isn’t how it impacts politics. It hurts the real victims of sexual assault and harassment.

As we’ve seen, sexual misconduct is an epidemic in our country. Countless women really have suffered, and only in the past few months have they started to feel enough support and confidence to really be honest about it. The last thing we need right now is for a political party to throw all of their weight into undermining the validity of sexual misconduct claims.

Purchased lies thrown at Trump will generate a natural reaction. If those women were lying, how many others were? This might not be destructive at all ends of the spectrum, but if we learn to doubt accusations against prominent Americans, then we will be in trouble.

This, of course, might be the hidden motivation behind Bloom’s efforts. I hesitate to credit liberals with thinking ahead, but they have surely noticed that the vast majority of sexual misconduct cases are against their own. This could be the late game Hail Mary they need to get another dozen Representatives and Senators off of the hot seat. If they can’t sow widespread doubt, they might fall even further behind in federal representation.

One thing we can trust is that the new regime promotes truth. It has served them well so far, and it will continue to do so.


Mark Patricks

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