CNN Proves Yet Again They Are Fake News

Recently, we did a recount of the top ten most blatant, most brazen examples of CNN broadcasting outright falsehoods, interviewing members of their own crews as they pretend to be members of a crowd, and fully staging mock-ups of bogus scenarios.

Well, the most trusted name in news broadcasting has once again been caught red-handed staging more fake news. This time, it comes in the wake of a terrorist attack. We’ve seen footage from a cell phone camera filming the staging area for a fake protest scene after the recent terrorist attacks in London.

In those attacks, 7 people were killed and 48 people were injured. ISIS later claimed responsibility for the violence. ISIS supporters openly celebrated the attacks and at around that same time, the CNN propaganda machine was caught setting up a phony protest pushing their “religion of peace” narrative.

In a brief piece of footage, we see a small stage erected in a London street taped off, guarded by police, surrounded by a stationary film crew and electrical equipment as they prepare to film a protest of the violence by Muslims.

It’s worth noting that the camera equipment and setup is not that of a mobile news crew. There are heavy studio lights, electrical generators, and studio cameras.

The protesters are trotted out calmly from behind the film crew staging area. They are not happened upon by a roving news crew- they are the crew. They form up and raise their signs dispassionately as the CNN “reporter” calmly looks on and reviews her talking points. She opens her bogus report saying, ‘Reporting live to you now from a beautiful scene…’ As she drones on, someone near to the camera can be heard laughing, joking, and saying “This is embarrassing.”

After CNN was caught and called out by members of the alternative and independent press, they responded by saying that the protesters were on the scene before the crews show up with all their heavy equipment and the team let the protesters come through to the filming area. In order for that to be the case, CNN’s huge crew with all its massive equipment would have had to come upon these grieving protesters who then calmly reposition themselves in the area where CNN set up its cameras.

This is clear nonsense. Large groups of spontaneous protesters do not set down their signs, sit down, and be quiet while drinking coffee and eating donuts as a news crew reformats the protest scene. It is obvious that the so called protesters are actors- and there are at least 20 of them.

In the video, we can see that the fake protesters are being stage managed, shown where to stand, where to face, and where to point their signs. They had to be helped to arrange themselves in such a way that all of them could be seen- so that all the turbans and heart shaped “ISIS will lose” signs could be filmed clearly. In the scene, you can clearly see a crewman wearing headphones directing the protesters, showing them where to stand and which direction to face.

The video was taken by a bystander, uploaded to Twitter and was then discovered by independent journalist and lawyer, Mike Cernovich before it went viral.

It is a direct violation of well-established journalistic ethics for journalists to have any involvement in the staging of news photographs. That is to say giving any direction to the subjects of a news report on how to present themselves is directly in violation of the standards that news reporters are expected to uphold.

Journalists are not meant to use stagecraft, or any of the techniques of filmmaking when they present their subjects. They are meant to turn the camera on, point it at the object of concern and report.

Of course, we know that CNN has been in the business of staging the news for a very long time and journalistic ethics have not been very near to their hearts in recent memory. But it is important not to let this kind of deception go on unchallenged- especially when it is being done to convince us that the people who want to kill us, destroy our culture, and obliterate everything that we hold dear are not our enemy.

Western nations are being conditioned to accept enemy combatants into their borders. We are being told that the enemy at the gate is a friend- and we are being told this by the most trusted name in broadcast news.

Check out the obviously faked “news” report by CNN below.

~ American Liberty Report