CNN’s Jim Acosta Humiliated by White House Advisor on Immigration Policy

Jim Acosta, CNN’s senior White House correspondent, has been notorious for interrupting President Trump and his press secretaries, and being humiliated for it live on national television. It was Jim Acosta that Trump was responding to when he said “Don’t be rude,” and when he told CNN “You are fake news,” followed by “I’m changing it to very fake news.”

These incidents gained Trump and the populist movement behind him enormous steam and showed that the leftist scolds who oppose him with or without a reason are monotone and humorless.

Jim Acosta has been humiliated once again by the Trump administration live on air by Trump’s senior policy advisor, Stephan Miller. The topic was immigration and immigration policy. Acosta was, as usual, desperate to expose the Trump Administration as callous and racist. But his inability to grasp the facts and his unwillingness to back off when he should have was like watching lemmings slowly walking off a cliff.

Acosta began by telling Stephan Miller, “What the President is proposing here sounds like it is not in keeping with American tradition when it comes to immigration.” He went on to quote the plaque on Ellis Island, before saying, “It doesn’t say anything about being able to speak English or being a computer programmer. Aren’t you trying to change what it means to be an immigrant if you’re telling them you have to speak English?”

Miller responded, “Right now it’s a requirement that to be naturalized, you have to speak English, so the notion that speaking English wouldn’t be a part of our immigration systems would be very ahistorical.”

Miller set the record, and Acosta, straight by asserting that legal immigrants are required to speak English in order to be naturalized and pointed out the fact that this policy is traditional- not radical, and not new. He went on to say, “I don’t want to get off into a whole thing about history here but, the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of American Liberty lighting the world. The poem that you’re referring to was added later, it was not a part of the original Statue of Liberty. But more fundamentally…”

At this point, Acosta interrupts Miller and says, “You’re saying that does not represent what the country has always thought of as immigration coming into this country…” At this point, Acosta was already starting to lose his resolve as evidenced by that nonsensical statement. But it gets better.

Acosta interrupted Miller repeatedly, and Miller responded by correcting him on the facts repeatedly.

Miller went on to cite one point in time after another with progressively larger numbers of immigrants being admitted into the United States and he asks Acosta, “At what point in history do the admission rates violate the standard posted at the Statue of Liberty?”

He corrected Acosta by pointing out the fact that the wall that the President wants to build will not affect green card policy, and he pointed out that Acosta’s statements indicate that he believes immigration is currently at an all-time low.

Miller pressed, “Do you people at CNN seriously not know the difference between green card policy and illegal immigration?”

Recent history shows that the people at CNN, in fact, do not know the difference. It has been the case for far too long that green card policy and illegal immigration have been conflated. It’s come to the point where it appears that CNN believes good immigration policy means tolerating illegal immigrants.

For too long, the left has pushed illegal immigration as the norm when it comes to people entering this country. They never discuss legal immigration and seem to think that people who break the law to get here are desirable.

The rhetoric of organizations like CNN is designed to encourage Americans to abandon their sovereign right to national borders and our duty to protect the integrity of their communities from defiant foreign invaders. Stephan Miller has begun to set the record straight, to re-frame the terms of the discussion for the correct perspective- and he, hilariously, did it at the expense of CNN’s most abrasive representative.

But the discussion really took a turn for the worst when Acosta suggested that Trump’s immigration policy might only admit immigrants from England and Australia- and revealed that he believes that the English, Australians, (and presumably Canadians) are the only non-Americans on Earth who speak English.

This was a new low for America’s supposedly most trusted news network, and considering the amount of fake news that’s come out of that organization over the last year- that’s really saying something.

Watch the full exchange between CNN’s Jim Acosta and Senior White House advisor Stephan Miller below.

~ American Liberty Report