Corruption in the DOJ Exposed

Hillary Clinton still hasn’t faced any charges. If that was the only fact we had at our disposal, it would be enough to know that there are major problems within the Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI. As fate would have it, we now have significantly more evidence, and it is both compelling and dangerous.

Both the DOJ and FBI have been caught obstructing justice red handed. The details show that multiple groups within the departments worked to hide damning evidence from Congress, and worst of all, there is now unequivocal proof that the Russia probe has not been handled impartially.

The overwhelming bias at the root of that investigation is the center story of what we now know, and it just might force a major overhaul of our entire justice system.

What Happened

The entire situation is convoluted, but it boils down to the fact that Mueller’s investigation removed one of the lead investigators, Peter Strzok. He was actually pulled a few months ago, but the FBI and DOJ failed to notify anyone in a timely manner and explain why. That would only be a shady move if not for the repeated demands of the oversight committee to explain the situation. If that wasn’t enough, the FBI and DOJ have also flat out refused to provide swaths of data and evidence that was also requested by the oversight committee.

What we now know from third-party sources is that Strzok was caught in a scandal. A leaked conversation between his mistress and him showed flagrant bias against Trump and in favor of Hillary Clinton. The mistress in question is actually one of the FBI lawyers working for the Deputy Director, which makes the entire thing stink to high heaven.

The FBI tried to keep news of this obvious conflict of interest hidden, and that plus the combined lack of cooperation over the last few months has pushed Congress to a breaking point. Now, the committee is putting together Contempt of Congress charges.

What Happens Next

If Devin Nunes’ plans go forward, charges could target the Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe, as well Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Even the new FBI Director, Christopher Wray, could be under fire. The only major player who remains safe from contempt charges would be Jeff Sessions, as he completely recused himself from any Russian investigation long before any of these problems surfaced.

The FBI and DOJ are suddenly scrambling to comply with the oversight committee to avoid any legal penalties, but it might be too little too late. Even if contempt charges aren’t brought, the whole situation has cast a shadow over the entire Russian investigation. There’s no longer any question that this was a political witch hunt from the start. Any attempt by the FBI to bring charges against Trump or his crew would struggle to hold any ground. There is no current announcement to cancel the investigation, but it has lost its fangs.

More Dirt

This is all bad. Very bad. Yet, we’ve only scratched the surface. If Congress goes forward with contempt charges, it would be for the first time since 2012. That was when we learned about the Fast and Furious program where Obama’s cronies illegally sold firearms to Mexican criminals and aided in the murder of an Arizona Border Patrol agent. If you’re noticing a trend that all of this corruption keeps coming from the left, you aren’t alone.

As for Strzok himself, his taint doesn’t end in the Russia probe. He was also among the lead investigators that looked through Hillary’s email server. The question of how she avoided jail time is getting a clearer answer, but that still isn’t the worst of it.

Ultimately, Strzok himself could not have achieved all of this corruption alone. We don’t know everyone who has been involved, and we don’t know how deep the problems go, but we can rest assured that Strzok is not the sole problem. There is rampant corruption in the FBI and DOJ, and it is going to take some serious work to kill all of it.

Trump promised to drain the swamp. We’ve seen a number of corrupt Representatives and Senators fall. Now the very core of the DOJ and FBI are under long overdue scrutiny. It’s a twist of delicious irony that this corruption came to light from an unjust probe that tried to attack the validity of Trump’s Presidency.

With the tables turned, Congress now has the power to start unravelling the corruption, and with Trump’s leadership they just might be able to restore our federal justice agencies to working order.

~ American Liberty Report