Crazy New 2018 Laws and Bills in Blue States

The New Year is well under way and that means we have a new opportunity to point at the leadership of blue states and laugh at them for their ineptitude. For some strange reason, President Donald Trump still hasn’t been impeached due to Russian collusion that never happened, taxes are being cut, the economy is booming, pay raises are happening, and immigration laws are being enforced like never before.

To cope with the tsunami of conservatism that is Making America Great Again, blue states are simply going to try to legislate their way into a happy place — and that means they are proposing or enacting some of the nuttiest laws you will see this year.

Here are some the craziest new laws that are either being considered or which will go into effect in blue states in 2018.

New York: Gun owners in New York, beware! If your pistol permit was issued prior to Jan. 15, 2013, you need to re-register right now. New Yorkers who fail to recertify their pistol ownership will see their permits suddenly expire, which will instantly make them all “criminals” for possessing firearms.

Illinois: Aside from California and New York, Illinois has one of the highest concentrations of illegal aliens within its borders and this has turned the state hard blue. So much so that Illinois is following in California’s footsteps when it comes to pandering to illegals. A new law that goes into effect this year will automatically register everyone to vote when they get a driver’s license.

That sounds convenient until you realize that Illinois already allows illegal aliens to get a driver’s license. Also on the books for Barack Obama’s home state, judges will be able to assign custody of pets in divorce cases (treating pets as children, whereas previously, pets were treated as nonhuman property… which they are). Plus, circuses are now prohibited from using elephants in Illinois.

New Hampshire: Homeschooling parents in New Hampshire are rightly upset about HB 1263, a discriminatory bill being pushed by the teachers’ unions. If the bill becomes a law, homeschool students would have to score above the 40th percentile on state tests. Failing to do so means that the child’s teachers (the parents) would be fired and the student would be placed in public school.

What’s the problem with that, you ask? Public school students score lower than the 40th percentile (way lower on math), and yet no one ever suggests that public school teachers should be fired or that their students should be taken away from them.

Oregon: The state of Oregon finally made it legal for residents to pump their own gas. While the law itself is not such a bad thing, the reaction to the change is truly nutty. Many liberals are protesting at the outrage of having to pump their own gas. From now on, their only option will be to move to New Jersey if they want a gas station attendant to wait on them hand and foot.

California: What would we do without Nancy Pelosi’s home state? The state has legalized the recreational use of pot and it appears that the California state legislature might already be taking advantage of it, when you look at some of the new laws being proposed. Senate Bill 54 will make California a “sanctuary state,” prioritizing foreign criminals over the lives and livelihood of native Californians.

If a landlord rents a one-bedroom apartment to a nice young man only to discover that the apartment is suddenly home to 15 Guatemalans who don’t speak a word of English, don’t worry! The Guatemalans will be protected by Assembly Bill 291, which bans landlords from reporting illegal alien tenants to ICE.

Assembly Bill 450 bans employers from cooperating with ICE if the Border Patrol shows up looking for an illegal alien who stole a job from an American.

Those are some loony laws and bill proposals, but here is the icing on the crazy cake. California is considering a bill that would throw waiters and waitresses in jail if they give you an unsolicited plastic drinking straw with your meal. This one is being pushed by the Democrat Party’s weird weather cult and it even has PSAs running on television featuring fake scientist Neil DeGrasse Tyson being slapped by an octopus. See, the global warming cultists are convinced that 500 million drinking straws end up in the ocean every year (math and logic are not a part of their religion), so they are weighing a bill to fine waiters and waitresses $1,000 and throw them in jail for six months over a single drinking straw. That’ll teach ’em!

Keep the crazy laws coming, blue states, because back in regular America we can always use a good laugh. The really good news is that the year is still young and the liberals have another 11 months to try work out their psychological issues over Donald Trump’s 2016 victory.

~ American Liberty Report

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