Crooked Hillary’s Top 12 Election Scapegoats

It’s been nearly a full year now since the American voters chose President Donald Trump instead of Granny Nannystate and we’re still not tired of winning! One of the most gratifying things to watch for the past 12 months has been the extremely long list of scapegoats that Hillary Clinton blamed for her election loss.

The Clintons have never been known for their keen sense of self-awareness, but Hillary is now blaming random nouns for her election loss instead of taking a long look in the mirror. In celebration of all of the winning, here is a look back at 12 of the people, places and things that Crooked Hillary has used as scapegoats for her own election loss.

12. Russia. The fake Russian narrative was one of the first things that Hillary blamed for her loss, but it certainly wasn’t the last. Don’t worry, Hillary. We’re certain that the six congressional committees, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the entire Deep State intelligence apparatus and every liberal mainstream media outlet will uncover that “Trump-Russia collusion” proof any day now. Hillary has claimed that every single news story that was critical of her was actually a sneaky Russian propaganda trick on the voters.

11. Sexism/Misogyny. Hillary claimed that turnout by women voters was prevented by husbands, fathers, boyfriends and male bosses who used patriarchal pressure to prevent them from voting for “the girl.” You’re going to have to trust us on this one, Hillary, but when the men and women of America look at you, the two words that come to mind are not “the girl.”

10. Bernie Sanders. Sorry, Bernie. It’s all your fault! Your relentless and unfair attacks on Mrs. Clinton (her words, not ours) were what encouraged Donald Trump to start calling her “Crooked Hillary.” It’s bad enough that Hillary and then-DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz rigged the Democrat primaries against Bernie and cheated the Democrats out of their actual nominee.

9. Barack Obama. According to Hillary, she would have won by a landslide if only that irresponsible slacker Barack Obama had taken to the airwaves and announced that Donald Trump was colluding with Russia to attack American democracy. That fantasy probably would not have worked out quite the way that Hillary is envisioning it. We’re just guessing that if Obama announced that he had American intelligence agencies illegally SPYING on a presidential candidate from the opposition party since March of 2015 in a Watergate-on-Steroids fashion, the election might have ended up a lot more lopsided in favor to Donald Trump.

8. James Comey. Hillary blames the former FBI Director for her loss because Comey announced to the world that she had been “extremely careless” with classified information. Never mind that Comey exonerated her in a crime she admits she committed — storing classified information on an off-the-books server kept in her basement.

7. Citizens United. For those who don’t remember, this was a Supreme Court decision which ruled that Super PACs could finally play by the same campaign finance rules as all of the Democrat-supporting public-sector labor unions. (Democrats just hatea level playing field, which is why they despise us and other conservative news sites so much.) Clinton blamed Citizens United on all of the “unaccountable money” that supposedly flowed into Donald Trump’s campaign. Clinton and her PACs raised $1.2 billion the in 2016 election season, compared to the $646 million that Donald Trump raised from conservative donors.

6. WikiLeaks. Hillary refers to the website as the “Russian WikiLeaks,” but whatever. She might actually be onto something with this scapegoat. After all, if WikiLeaks had not released the Podesta emails and the internal DNC emails, we might never have known about how Hillary and Wasserman-Schultz rigged the primaries against Bernie.

Plus, the leaked DNC emails contained some incredibly racist comments about Democrat volunteers and donors. By the way, Hillary, how can you be so certain that the “Russians” hacked those emails and gave them to WikiLeaks when the DNC refused to allow the FBI to examine the server? Which reminds us, how is the Seth Rich murder investigation coming along?

5. The Debate Questions. You see, the debate moderators were incredibly hostile to Hillary Clinton and they were all friendly to Donald Trump, which gave Trump an unfair advantage. Ugh. How dumb does she really think we all are? Donna Brazile GAVE her the CNN debate questions beforehand! Just as a quick reminder, one moderator falsely accused Donald Trump of sexual assault in a debate, while Hillary Clinton was asked if she prefers diamonds or pearls.

4. The Media. Hillary is such a sore loser that she blames her own cheerleading squad! She claims that the media gave Donald Trump tons of “free airtime” and covered her email crimes too unfairly. If it was up to the mainstream media, we probably never would have heard much about the email server — it was the dogged pursuit of truth by conservative outlets which forced the alphabet networks to finally cover it.

3. Low-information Voters.You silly uneducated voters! Who are you going to believe, the honest and authoritative Clinton campaign which says SHE’S PERFECTLY FINE, IT WAS JUST ALLERGIES, or your lying eyes which are telling you that you just saw the Democrats’ candidate collapse at the 9/11 memorial?

2. Jill Stein. Go ahead, admit it. You forgot who Jill Stein is, didn’t you? That’s okay, we had forgotten who Jill Stein was, too, until Hillary blamed the 2016 Green Party candidate for her loss.

1. The DNC. Yes, in Hillary’s eyes, the very same DNC that colluded with her campaign to rig the primaries against Bernie Sanders was at fault for her loss. That’s an awful lot of scapegoats, Hillary!

The truth is, Hillary, you might have won if you had followed your husband’s advice and campaigned in Michigan. But you didn’t. Instead, you ran a truly awful campaign with terrible positions on the issues, which the American voters rejected.

So now, all of us low-information Deplorables get to wake up every day in a nation where Hillary Clinton is not president. And we’re still not tired of winning!