Did Nikki Haley Win 2017?

If you haven’t heard much from Nikki Haley at this point, then you aren’t paying attention. As Trump’s appointed UN ambassador, she’s made waves throughout the year. She has a sharp wit and feisty attitude that have left many international representatives speechless. She carries the fire of the Trump presidency, but she add her own personal touch to every speech and decision charged to her position.

It’s a delight to watch her work. These are just a few of her greatest moments and accomplishments in her first year in the role.

Israeli Embassy

Haley ended the year strong when she faced the UN with unflinching resolution. As you no doubt recall, Trump broke with over 20 years of precedent by finally allowing the U.S. to move their Israeli embassy to Jerusalem. The actual process will take years, but the U.S. now officially recognizes Jerusalem, instead of Tel Aviv, as the capital of Israel.

The anti-Semitism of the majority of the world was once again revealed, and the UN held a vote to condemn the U.S. in this move. Nikki Haley was having none of it. She made it clear in the moments preceding the vote that the U.S. would not forgo its sovereignty in this issue and that we would remember who is with and against us.

Haley had been expecting and working towards this moment for her entire tenure as a UN representative up to this point. As far back as March she went on record stating that, “the days of Israel bashing are over.” As the UN prepared their vote, she left no room for doubt that condemnation could result in major funding cuts from the U.S. She backed this statement and we are now cutting our UN contributions by more than $200 million.

This was enough for Haley to walk away a winner in the exchange, but she put her personal, deliciously feisty touch on it all. She had a special banquet to recognize and celebrate the U.S.’s greatest allies. It was an exclusive event, as the only invitations were to UN ambassadors who either abstained from voting or sided with the U.S. Snubs included most of Europe’s representatives.


While Haley made us proud in regards to Israel, it was just the ending to an impressive year. The start of her tenure was shrouded in the bloody and terrible war in Syria. If you recall, Assad used chemical weapons against civilians earlier in 2017. Trump responded by destroying a significant portion of Syria’s air force. What you may not know is that it was Nikki Haley who rallied international support for the move. Russia and Syria were ultimately unable to respond to our military aggression because Haley stonewalled them in the U.S.

She took that success further by completely undermining Russia’s attempt to morally back Syria throughout the year. When she was first appointed, dozens of countries were at least tentatively supporting Syria in the civil war. Now, the only open supporters are Syria itself, Russia and Iran. Even Turkey has followed Haley’s lead and added additional pressure to Assad and his crimes against humanity.

North Korea

The progressives around the world want to paint Trump as the bad guy in the rising tension we’ve seen between North Korea and the United States. In the face of this ridiculousness, Haley has been hard at work to ensure UN members are all committing to sanctions against North Korea. Anyone with a shred of logic understands the global danger presented by Kim Jong-un and his insane administration. While China and a few other unscrupulous nations would use North Korea to their advantage, Haley has secured commitments that let us retaliate when sanctions are broken.

Political Future

While Trump deserves plenty of credit for his success in global policy, Haley has been the effective general making things happen. With successful tax cuts, Trump finally has the GOP working with him to improve America. The reformed Republican Party is ready to move ahead at full steam. This re-forged party will eventually need someone to succeed Trump, and many are already pointing to Nikki Haley. She can match his sharp tongue and wit ounce for ounce, and she has established herself as a fierce negotiator in international affairs.

There is plenty of time before we have to pick our next representative, but many are hopeful that Haley could make history as America’s first female president.

~ American Liberty Report

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