DNC Files Copied Locally, Not Hacked

According to new metadata analysis contained in a report published earlier this month, the files the DNC claims were hacked by Russians were actually downloaded locally by someone who would have had to have had physical access to the computer that contained them. The most likely circumstance is that the files were taken using a USB drive by an authorized user on-site and transported away by hand- not via an international hacking effort.

This is the single most damning piece of evidence against the Russian hacking narrative- and that’s a tall order. So far, a number of events and non-events have damaged the veracity of the claims against Trump and his presidential campaign. To begin, the only evidence ever presented to the public was anonymous sources in the nation’s many intelligence agencies. There has never been a single intelligence agent or credible expert who has supported the Russian hacking story.

Second, news outlets like the New York Times have been writing about information stolen using electronic means from Trump’s people for months. Third, John McAfee, the creator of McAfee cyber-security, a well-known programmer has said that the supposed location of these attacks would have been so easy to spoof that the chance the real hacker would allow his location to be visible is practically zero.

Third, the Vault 7 WikiLeaks document showed that the CIA has the ability and the intention to make it appear as if Russians had been hacking into systems that they had not.

Further, it is well known that preceding the so-called “hacks,” high ranking DNC member, John Podesta lost his phone in a taxi cab and that his password was “Password.”

Finally, the one individual who was closest to the computer at issue is Seth Rich, the DNC staffer who was killed on the streets of Washington DC under very mysterious circumstances- and whose murder investigation has been called off by DC police.

During a televised interview, Julian Assange insisted that he could neither confirm nor deny whether Rich was the man who leaked the documents to WikiLeaks. He did appear to nod subtly when he was asked if Seth Rich was indeed the DNC leaker, and body language and voice analysis experts say that he did indicate in the affirmative, if unintentionally.

The document, authored by an anonymous hacker known as the Forensicator, indicated that the data stolen from the DNC was not accessed remotely, nevermind as remotely as Russia.

The original claim was made by a Big Data analysis firm under the employ of the DNC called Crowdstrike. This organization made the claim based on its own analysis, which both it and the DNC refused to turn over to investigators after crying fowl.

The data reveals that the hack had to have been done by either a USB or a technically similar device. This also means that all of the available data would not have been able to be accessed due to the limited storage capacity of the device. This means not all of the DNC files were released and the possibility that more could be discovered could go some way to explain the vociferous nature of the DNC’s insistence that Donald Trump and the Russians deserve the blame for the crime they allege.

The Forensicator said it is, in fact, possible that the hacks could have been done remotely, but that the chances were exceedingly small. Most importantly, as McAfee has been saying for months if the Russians have competent hackers- as they assuredly do- they would have placed spoofed identity markers on the hacks that would point away from themselves. After all, anonymity is a computer hacker’s greatest asset, and for a hacker to fail to cover his tracks makes him too poor a hacker to be working under the direction of a state as developed as Russia.

The idea of Russian hackers failing to cover their tracks is absurd on its face.

Finally, all of this, with the final confessions from CNN producers that the Russia hacking narrative is false coming via the Project Veritas videos- there is no reason to give the accusations any credence.

At this point, it is to be hoped that whoever is behind all these false accusations should be held criminally liable for misleading the entire nation in an attempt to undermine the result of an honestly won presidential election.

~ American Liberty Report