Donald Trump and the PC Vaccine

Donald Trump has been subjected to all the impotent fury of the Left for recognizing the threat of war that is coming from ISIS, from many of the Syrian refugees, and from Muslims already living in the United States. He’s been called every name in the book of liberal shaming and he seems to be immune to it. While many would whither under accusations of racism and bigotry- Trump seems absolutely impervious to their vacuous insults.

What makes this interesting is that it’s the tendency of people to retreat whenever the Left says, ‘You’re not nice,’ to abandon their positions and be essentially defeated.

We saw it in Matt Taylor who broke down in tears over accusations of sexism regarding a shirt with images of sexy women on it- and we saw celebrity after celebrity don feminist t-shirts out of fear of being called misogynists even though those shirts were made in sweatshops by underpaid women. Donald Trump doesn’t apologize, and whatever you think of the policies he supports, he seems to have the antidote to PC poison.

Now, you don’t see it much in mainstream news outlets, but there is a crisis of immigrant violence in Germany, Sweden, and Britain. So we can forgive the average American citizen with a full-time job and house chores to attend to every day for not realizing the reality of the threat that comes from radical Muslim immigrants. They’ve been preaching in the streets of England, claiming that Islam will overrun all of Europe and the entire western world eventually, that Sharia law will be imposed.

A person can hardly point out such things without a horde of blue-haired multiculturalists coming to shut down the offending Twitter account. So it’s extremely difficult to talk about, much less hear about if you’re not already tuned into a number of alternative media sources.

It should be noted, however, that we have had a number of incidents where clearly Islam-related attacks have been directed against police and citizens in the US. In these cases, officials have jumped to the stump to report that the attacks are not related to Islamic aggression. Never mind that the attackers themselves openly claim the exact opposite.

So when people hear Donald Trump talk about building walls and actually aiming ordinances directly at ISIS targets, rather than pulling punches the way the military has had to do under Obama’s command, they get a bit miffed. These are people who watch The Daily Show and maybe CNN or MSNBC and consider themselves well informed and call it a day.

These are the same people who refer to the Oregon protesters as “Yall’ Qaeda,” the same people who are mailing dildos and lubricant to the Federal building in Burns. They hold rallies with signs welcoming Syrian immigrants to the States while German and Swedish women are being swept up and raped in the streets- while the authorities look the other way for fear of being called racist.

We’ve arrived at a place in history where people are so paralyzed with fear at being called racist that they will turn their backs on real crime victims and refuse to do what is needed to stop the violence.

It is the sickening result of more than 40 years of academic multiculturalism and ‘knee-jerk morality-signifying’ that doesn’t do anyone a single bit of good other than those employed as diversity officers on college campuses, professional Internet harassment harpies, and the politicians who fear them.

That is where Donald Trump steps in. He has been called everything from Islamaphobe to misogynist- and here’s the magical part- he is absolutely unphased by it. People have created block bots to automatically un-friend people on Facebook and unfollow people on Twitter who support the real estate magnate. None of this has slowed Trump one iota.

Where other candidates would scamper for cover, backpedal furiously, and apologize for being born- Donald Trump has held his ground. Even more interestingly, he’s held onto his following. NPR has called him a ‘front runner’ and huffed at his unabated popularity. On the 26th of December, the Inquisitr published this headline: “Trump’s Popularity Continues to Build as First Primaries Approach, Nomination Is in Sight”

One is reminded of the response of Protein World to radical feminist attacks on their ‘Are You Beach Body Ready’ campaign in which they replied to venomous Twitter abuse by simply telling them to grow up and get off the couch. Contrast this with Matt Taylor’s tearful apology for his sexy shirt- which only seemed to attract more abuse from PC drones. Looking at the contrast between these two, and then considering the success Trump is enjoying, it’s clear that like Protein World- he has been vaccinated against the PC virus.

It’s an antidote more of us ought to be taking, as the Islamic threat mounts at the borders of just about every western nation. It’s time to stop apologizing for wanting to defend our families from invasion and drop the self-loathing that has opened the gates to a bloody-minded enemy with the apocalypse on its mind.

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