Donald Trump: Political Outsider, Business Visionary…Economic Savior?

Donald Trump is a name known and feared by many. Other Republican candidates fear—and rightly so—an outsider who is not influenced by the lobbyists and political machinery and is ready to change the country for the better.

Democrats fear Trump because he represents an end to a culture of free rides—a promise to restore our country to greatness that is achieved through hard work and not government handouts.

However, one group has nothing to fear from Trump, and that is the American people. Why? Because Trump’s economic plans will save America from the river of debt and taxes Obama has been drowning all of us in.

One of Donald Trump’s largest strengths as a Republican Presidential candidate is his plan to boost the United States economy. Some critic’s think it does not need saving—for instance, notes the Federal Reserve’s willingness to raise the benchmark rate of interest for the first time in nearly ten years because of a strengthened economy.

However, Trump’s vision extends to the future: he told a rally of supporters that “We could be on a bubble and that bubble could crash and it’s not going to be a pretty picture.”

Many are eager to dismiss this harsh truth because, even after eight years, they cling to the blind “hope” offered by the Obama administration. But everyone can remember the complete economic devastation of the housing bubble collapsing, and if Trump is prepared for such a disaster, he will be able to better lead us during an economic tailspin than Obama ever could (Or Hillary and Bernie Sanders for that matter).

Trump’s plan to actually grow the economy manages to navigate between two conservative ideals quite well: growing jobs while reducing government spending.

Fox Business reports that Donald Trump’s tax plan for the next ten years would add an 11.5 percent growth to America’s economy. This is notably higher than the projected economic growth under Sanders—nine percent—and skyrockets above Clinton’s plan, which would only add one percent back to our economy.

At the same time, Fox Business reports that Trump’s proposals would reduce “government revenues by nearly $12 trillion over ten years,” more than any of the other presidential candidates.

Even as he reduces the bloat of excess spending that has grown during Obama’s administration, his plan “would grow jobs by 5.3 million over 10 years,” in direct opposition to democratic socialist poster boy Bernie Sanders, “whose tax plan would cut jobs by 5.9 million.”

The difference between Trump and Sanders seems like day and night: a vote for Trump is a vote to take money from the hands of bloated bureaucrats and put it into the hands of hard-working Americans.

A vote for Sanders is a vote to do what liberals always do: take more money and more jobs from those same hard-working Americans and give it to those who would rather live off of the government and make an honest living.

Speaking of hard-working Americans, Trump’s plans for the country mean that they would flourish, and not be burdened by an endless sea of taxes.

The Atlantic reports that Donald Trump’s proposals would mean that a family that makes less than $50,000 per year pay absolutely no taxes. This is an important message to share: cynical Democrats love to demonize Trump as someone who is only out to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

However, Trump’s plans would clearly help the poor by giving them more money each year to help them provide for their families. At the same time, reducing taxation on the wealthiest Americans and corporations saves money that will be directly reinvested into the American public via new jobs and social programs.

And such programs will be motivated by an individual’s desire to help his community—not, as has been the case under Obama, because the government forcibly took money from his hands and invested it in another failed project that wastes time, wastes money, and helps absolutely no one.

America needs a bold new vision for its future. The Democrats certainly have nothing to give us: Hillary Clinton has already exhibited the incompetence and dubious morality of her husband while Bernie Sanders is nothing but a whiter, more openly socialist Barack Obama.

Donald Trump could wrest control of our country from squabbling politicians and put it back in the hands of the people via job growth, tax relief, and large economic gains. Trump won’t just make America great again—he’ll make it great as it never has been before.



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