Even the Left Is Fed up With Mainstream Media

The Weinstein scandal has dominated a lot of news recently. In an amusing twist of irony, this coverage has led to a new wave of media distrust. In the past week, the left has actually abandoned their usual criticism of Fox News and right-wing media to attack their own favorite organizations. Even the most progressive minds in America are fed up with our outrageous mainstream media.

The Sexual Harassment Explosion

There’s no question that the left is reeling from the allegations erupting across Hollywood. They often look to celebrities for moral and political guidance (it’s ok to roll your eyes). The true scale at which elite members of Hollywood have been participating in sexual harassment and assault is devastating.

Since the bulk of the left is still unsure where to put the full weight of blame, they’ve turned on their media outlets. There is no question that mainstream media has helped protect the Weinsteins of Hollywood for decades.

Now, stories of how media moguls and previously loved celebrities have collaborated to keep the news from breaking over the years are coming to light left and right. The left doesn’t know where to turn, but they have certainly taken to social media to crucify most of their previously beloved outlets. CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, ABC News, Washington Post, New York Daily News and even Reuters have all been targeted by the fallout.

Who could have guessed that Hollywood would be the catalyst to get the bulk of progressives to agree with Trump and the right about news agencies? They might not be willing to put it in those terms yet, but that’s where this is all headed.

Kevin Spacey

This whole picture clarifies when you consider the specific example of Kevin Spacey. He has been accused of sexual assault against a minor. The entire event may be outside the statute of limitations, but Spacey’s response to the allegations were crafty. He maintains plausible deniability and tried to shift the discussion to his public announcement of homosexuality.

The mainstream media fell for it until they were completely lambasted by the left. While outlets tried to cater to the previous narratives of the bravery of another public figure coming out, the progressives were enraged that they didn’t keep the focus on the potential victims of sexual assault.

We’re going to pause for a moment. It’s fun to watch the left tear itself apart, but we need to keep an eye out for the inevitable destructive behaviors they are prone to exhibiting. In this case, it’s an abandonment of due process.

The left is completely dependent on their self-ascribed moral superiority, so the Weinstein outbreak has created a veritable lynch mob. The left is ready to crucify anyone who is simply accused of wrongdoing, and they aren’t going to wait for courtrooms and the legal process to do things the right way.

Now, it’s very likely that the scum of Hollywood is completely guilty, but we can’t abandon due process. If we do, then we empower the left to use false allegations to hinder their political opponents. Rest assured, a new slew of fictional sex crimes is going to be leveraged at Trump. We can anticipate this by reminding the left that due process is vital to justice, even as they eviscerate their own biggest support systems.

Fake News Playing Its Part

Despite the sudden “awakening” from the left, their media organizations are still pushing a lot of fake news. Here are a few of the most ridiculous recent stories. Mike Pence was falsely quoted as saying, “Allowing rape victims to have abortions will lead to women trying to get raped.” The quote never happened.

Fake news has also accused Trump of changing the NFL tax status (something he can’t personally do), firing 14 Muslim judges (he hasn’t fired any) and hanging and defending a Confederate flag in the White House (it never happened). We often dismiss the left as a hopeless cause, and yet every one of us still has friends or family who lean that way. We can use the examples of the media covering for Hollywood and pushing bogus stories to help dissolve that influence, and maybe they will be open to reasonable discourse. Eventually.

Until that time comes, we can at least smile our knowing smiles as we watch the corruptive influence of Hollywood collapse upon itself. It was always a matter of time before that cesspool was outed for the heinous entity that it is. They will no doubt find a way to rebound, but the next time we have to endure the celebrity political push, we can remind them of these events and undermine those claims of moral supremacy.

~ American Liberty Report