Everything We Know about the Declassified FISA Memo

President Trump was caught on a hot mic after last week’s thunderous and amazing State of the Union speech, declaring “100 percent” that he would publicly release the classified “FISA memo” compiled by Republicans on the House Select Committee on Intelligence. The president delivered on that promise Friday afternoon and the aftershocks are still reeling across Washington, D.C.

The memo, which is well worth reading in full, outlines how Deep State pro-Clinton operators within the Obama-led FBI and Department of Justice colluded to spy on candidate Donald Trump for political gain. Everything that patriotic Americans expected to be the truth, turns out to be the truth in this memo. The FBI and the DOJ used the salacious “Russian dossier,” compiled by a foreign agent, to apply for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant to spy on Donald Trump in hopes of tipping the scales in the 2016 election in favor of Hillary Clinton.

As revealed in the memo, former FBI Director James Comey signed the original FISA warrant application, using the fictitious Russian dossier as the FBI’s “evidence” that Carter Page, a low-level Trump campaign advisor, was somehow colluding with Russia. Comey and all of his associates involved with this conspiracy never informed the FISA court that its “evidence” was sourced not by actual intelligence agencies, but by muckraking Fusion GPS in the employ of Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

It’s important to note how FISA warrants actually function in order to understand the magnitude of the actions of Comey and his co-conspirators. Here’s a short example.

The FBI has to take its evidence to the FISA court and say, “We believe that Person A is talking to some bad hombres in a foreign country. The bad hombres are a serious national security threat to America, so we need to spy on all of Person A’s email and phone communications.” The secret FISA court then grants a warrant if it believes the evidence is good enough.

Here’s the most important point: Under FISA, the FBI does not simply spy on the phone calls of “Person A” when they talk to a bad hombre. The FBI is then allowed to listen in on the phone calls of Person A with everyone that Person A talks to, including American citizens who have never heard of or associated with the bad hombres. The FISA warrant then becomes a version of a children’s game of six degrees of separation. In addition to spying on all of the domestic phone calls of Person A, the FBI can spy on all of the communications of all of Person A’s associates and their associates as well.

So, once the FBI gained a FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page — a low-level campaign advisor — the stage was set. The FBI spied on Carter Page’s phone calls, followed by Page’s superior who spoke to Steve Bannon, who spoke to Donald Trump… and before you know it, the FBI was technically allowed to spy on EVERY SINGLE TRUMP CAMPAIGN AND FAMILY MEMBER!

As a reminder, the identity of Americans whose communications are scooped up in this manner are typically “masked” in intelligence reports. This explains why everyone from Obama’s UN Ambassador Susan Rice to White House advisor Valerie Jarrett were “unmasking” Americans in intelligence reports. They wanted to know exactly who Persons A, B, C, D, and so on were, so they could use that ammunition to try to prevent Donald Trump’s November 2016 landslide.

In addition to the Russian dossier, the FBI cited a Yahoo! News article as evidence that it desperately needed to spy on Carter Page. As revealed in the GOP memo, Christopher Steele (the British spy who made up the dossier) leaked information to Yahoo! News for the story. Steele, a paid Clinton operative, made up the Russian dossier and planted evidence in the complicit media which “proved” to the court that the FISA application was “valid!”

As a minimal layer of protection for the civil rights of Americans, FISA warrant applications must be renewed every 90 days in order to remain in effect. James Comey signed the initial request, according to the declassified Intelligence Committee memo.

As a reminder, James Comey is a multimillionaire who became independently wealthy while working as the lead attorney for Lockheed Martin. Comey helped negotiate weapons deals with the Hillary Clinton-run State Department on behalf of Lockheed Martin, as reported by Breitbart News, and then Lockheed Martin subsequently donated cash to the Clinton Foundation. Feel free to vomit directly on the shoes of the next person who tells you, “Well, James Comey is known for his integrity.” He’s a rich Clinton crony!

The paper trail does not end with James Comey, however. Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe signed one of the Russian dossier FISA application renewals. McCabe, you’ll remember, resigned one day after FBI Director Christopher Wray read the Intelligence Committee memo. McCabe hopes to skate by on the FBI payroll for another month so that he can retire with a full pension and benefits, courtesy of the American taxpayers. The taxpayers are wondering, “Why isn’t McCabe in handcuffs yet?”

Three more Deputy Attorneys General signed off on FISA renewals as well, with full knowledge that this was being done for political reasons to spy on Donald Trump and his family. They were: Sally Yates, who was fired by President Trump for her refusal to enforce American immigration laws; then-Acting Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente, who just became the FBI’s General Counsel on January 23rd, 2018; and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

At a bare minimum, every single one of those current and former FBI and DOJ officials should be charged with contempt of court, because they lied to the FISA judges on at least four separate occasions, using Hillary Clinton’s fictitious dirt to spy on a presidential candidate (and his family). Tar and feathers would be even better. They should all be stripped of their pensions and banned from ever working for the US federal government in any capacity, ever again. Treason charges for all of them are a real possibility, because the spying began in November 2016 and lasted for most of a year — AFTER Donald Trump became President of the United States.

Here is another item from the declassified memo that is especially telling: President Trump knew all of this information and he kept it secret for more than a year, out of respect for our nation’s intelligence laws. James Comey briefed President Trump about the FISA warrants against Carter Page, based on the Russian dossier, in January of 2017. President Trump knew that his enemies colluded against him and he remained silent until the House Intelligence Committee Republicans voted to release the information.

Unlike all of the co-conspirators aligned against, President Trump is the only one involved in this entire mess who demonstrated personal integrity and respect for the rule of law. As for the Deep Staters who tried to overthrow President Trump, there isn’t enough tar and feathers available to truly show our contempt for them.

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