FBI Proves Clinton Colluded with Putin in Uranium Deal

A champion in the fight against lying, pomp, and smugness, Sean Hannity delivered a blistering report that has laid bare the crimes of Hillary Clinton, exposed the Russian election tampering lie, and confirmed what Trump supporters have been saying for nearly a year now.

Hannity shared reports from a number of investigative journalists- not tied to CIA assets like CNN- which shed a damning light on the corruption of the former Democratic presidential candidate. It’s rapidly becoming the biggest and most explosive scandal in American history- not that you could tell by watching television news.

Circa News’ Sarah Carter and The Hill’s John Soloman told Hannity that a stack of recently released FBI documents prove that Russian nuclear industry officials gave millions of dollars in gratuities to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was the Secretary of State. The documents also prove that Clinton helped to approve the Uranium One deal which gave the Russian government control of 20% of the U.S.’s uranium stockpile.

Uranium is the key component in nuclear weapons.

To put this into perspective, it may be helpful to use an analogy. Imagine a platoon of soldiers operating in enemy territory. The platoon has, say, 1,000 pounds of ammunition. If the executive officer were to sell 200 pounds of that ammunition to the Viet Cong- who will use it against the men of that same platoon- in a deal brokered by the platoon’s executive officer; this level of betrayal is equal to what Hillary Clinton has done by working to approve Uranium One.

The seriousness of this crime cannot be exaggerated. Hillary Clinton, who most people understand has been in favor of every military action that has passed in front of her, who actively pushed for war with Russia, the woman who laughed about killing Qaddafi- who was the last barrier to the immigration crisis in Europe- has given the Russian government control over 20% of our weapons-grade base nuclear material.

To be frank, we are holding our heads in our hands as we learn more about this story because we are all but certain that the mainstream media will succeed in making the American people believe that this is just another ‘nothingburger’ when it is the biggest scandal of our time. And it gets worse.

The verified FBI documents also prove that the Russians have been bribing American officials in the uranium industry for years, that the Obama administration knew about it, and did nothing to stop it. In fact, Obama openly admitted to brokering the deal on CNN in 2014.

If the Russians were our friends, then this would not be a terrifying betrayal of the American people by an elected president. Donald Trump took great strides toward sparking new and positive relations with Russia during his campaign. Putin himself said he appreciates what candidate Trump said about the possibility of friendship. But Clinton has stoked the fires of hatred between our two nations while at the same time, literally handing nuclear ammunition to our enemies.

We humbly ask you to take a minute and allow that to sink in. Hillary Clinton was pushing for war while selling weapons of mass annihilation to the enemy. Not only that, but she did it for profit- enormous profit. It is verified. To quote Hannity, “If you want a real Russian collusion story, we’ve got it!”

Now, while the FBI investigates Trump campaign officials- finding only dirt on high-level Democrats, we are asking the question- will the FBI investigate the Clintons? Will they investigate Obama? Will they investigate the DNC?

We do not hold out much hope that they will. We know now that former FBI head James Comey effectively exonerated Hillary Clinton before the 2016 investigation into her mishandling of classified documents could even begin. No, it would seem that the FBI is probably far too compromised with Obama appointed holdovers to do anything about the massive betrayal of the American people by high-level Democrats.

What needs to happen is Trump needs to appoint a special prosecutor, empowered by his own administration, authorized by his position as a democratically elected president. Trump needs to take charge and take down the criminal element in Washington himself.

He may have to dismiss Jeff Sessions who has recused himself from the Russia investigation. He may need to draft a few executive orders and go on a firing spree. The country cannot wait any longer to finally be free from the Clinton crime family and its many powerful allies.

~ American Liberty Report