Follow the Money: Obama and Terrorism

You already know that Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize is the most inappropriate award ever given. There’s no question that he abused his power to stir conflicts across the globe. He directly harmed America and her allies, and he never showed a shred of remorse in the process.

What you probably don’t know is the true extent of his crimes. Between leaked emails and the few transparent parts of national spending, we can now directly trace Obama Administration spending, and the evidence is damning.

This discussion begins with Obama’s most obvious and egregious example of directly funding terrorism. Despite Iran’s refusal to participate in nuclear non-proliferation agreements, their consistent involvement in destabilizing Middle Eastern sovereignty and their blatant contributions to terrorist activity, Obama went through great lengths to give them exorbitant sums of money.

As part of the Iran nuclear deal, he authorized the State Department to pay a full $1.7 billion in cash to the Iranian government. This money was supposed to buy security and an alliance. Instead, it gave Iran international protection to continue to develop their nuclear and ballistic weapons.

So, what did Iran do with the near $2 billion handed to them by Obama? They immediately invested it into their war efforts. The money was directly traced to military action in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, and there is reasonable evidence it goes even further.

Iran has also directly sponsored thousands of terrorists in their efforts to continue to destabilize the region. There is no question that Obama knowingly gave a huge sum of money to terrorist sympathizers and supporters just so he could claim a political victory. Unfortunately, this was not his worst action.


Obama never shied away from his anti-Semitic views. He openly supported HAMAS claims in Jerusalem, and he spurned the world to give massive donations to Palestinian efforts. Most of the money was funneled through UNRWA (the United Nations’ program devoted specifically to Palestinian relief), and in a single year, the organization pulls more than a billion dollars in contributions.

Keep in mind, there are fewer than 5 million Palestinian refugees in the world, so that seems like a huge amount of aid for a group that is already given protection and relief by Israel.

The bigger problem here is that UNRWA delegates many of their relief efforts through the Palestinian Authority (PA). On paper, this is a nonprofit group devoted to giving care directly to suffering Palestinians.

In reality, they channel funds to terrorists. In 2016 alone, they managed to give more than $350 million to convicted terrorists. Every such terrorist has a sentence of 20 years or more, suggesting that they are among the worst offenders. Of that $350 million, at least $20 million can be traced directly to American contributions that were committed by Obama.


Now, we come to the worst of it. The mainstream media has gone to great lengths to explain to you why it’s wrong to say that Obama created ISIS. From a technical standpoint, that’s true. The organization was founded in 1999, long before Obama was elected President.

What is fair is to blame Obama for their rapid rise in power. Leaked emails and memos have shown that the State Department was fully aware that Saudi Arabia and Qatar were funneling money to ISIS as early as 2014.

Those same leaks showed that the Obama Administration had actually used those Middle Eastern allies to funnel American money to ISIS fighters. The original plan was to arm and train ISIS to destabilize Assad’s rule in Syria. We all know how that worked out.

Additionally, Obama’s hasty withdrawal from Iraq was partially used as a cover to get weapons to ISIS fighters (and other terrorist groups in the region). Some accounts even suggest that American special forces helped train ISIS fighters in the first place!

Comparing Trump

The good news is that President Trump has taken direct, effective action to counter the evil of Obama’s reign. Where he fostered and funded terrorists across the globe, Trump has moved to cut those funds and even defeat terrorism in direct combat.

His softest response so far has been with Iran, but he has limited American money going into the country, and he has made it clear that sweeping sanctions are only a pen stroke away if they step even another toe out of line. In response, Iran has been very careful not to extend their military efforts beyond conflicts that have already been sanctioned by the international community. It isn’t perfect, but it’s immeasurably better than simply handing them billions of dollars.

Trump’s best work has been in regards to Palestine and Israel. The political implications of moving the embassy to Jerusalem alone would be enough to make HAMAS rethink their terror-based strategy, but Trump has also stripped them of over $100 million in direct American aid. Until the relief programs are significantly reformed, Trump’s administration will not channel American money to terrorist support groups.

In regards to ISIS, Trump did better than cutting funds. He committed our military to the fight, and the battle is largely won. ISIS is in tatters. Al Qaeda is in full retreat. Middle East terrorism in general is reeling, and for the first time in decades, there’s a chance for lasting victory. Trump learned from the stupidity of his predecessor, and he is no longer arming and training “rebel” terrorist groups. He’s supporting sovereign entities in the region, and the results speak for themselves.

It’s no wonder our nation took such a dramatic turn and elected a political outsider. The cesspool of Washington found its ultimate champion with Obama. They deliberately funded terrorists in the name of half-cocked schemes to achieve greater power. None of it worked, but they still somehow managed to keep it all quiet. It took the rebellious actions of hackers and WikiLeaks to begin to uncover the truth.

The blood on Obama’s hands can never be atoned. Innocents across the world and too many Americans have died for his machinations. We must never forget this great evil. The hope of Obama actually facing justice for his crimes is a pipe dream, so we can only try and move forward. The only acceptable direction for our country to go from here is to eliminate career politicians and drive the corrupt away at the polls.

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