George Will: Democracy’s New Worst Enemy

The newest spokesperson for denying America a free and fair election expresses utter disdain for the will of the people. George Will has become a popular voice in the shockingly public campaign against free elections made palatable by exaggerations of Donald Trump’s supposedly overly nationalistic policies.

Will has written a host of commentaries explaining why and how the popular vote should be revoked if Trump wins the White House- even on the Electoral vote.

In a time when the mainstream media holds a flat-lining 6% approval rating among the general public, it’s a mystery how the worst of the chattering class can remain viable in the news media market. One can only speculate that moneyed interests are paying out heavily to keep their shills in the black.

If you think we’re being overly judgmental, have a look at a recent quote from George Will.

“A convention’s sovereign duty is to choose a plausible nominee who has a reasonable chance to win, not to passively affirm the will of a mere plurality of voters recorded episodically in a protracted process.”

Popular with liberals, who are known for their totalitarian tendencies, George Will is like a republican flavored novelty to the editors of magazines like Salon and the Huffington Post. It’s clear that he’s been lifted up as a mouthpiece for agenda-driven ideologues who would happily subvert free speech and free and open elections given the chance.

Will, in his statements, considers the “sovereign duty” of a convention to constitute a higher authority than the right of the people to free, open, and real presidential elections. His statements make plain the attitude of his employers that the people may be allowed to make the right choice (read the Establishment’s choice) and if they don’t they should be redirected toward the Establishment choice.

It’s clear, the people who hold this pseudo-intellectual up as a legitimate thought leader in a democratic republic, do not believe that the American people are smart enough, or deserving of the right to choose who takes the White House.

In an interview last year, Will had the nerve to tell an audience that migrant Mexican workers make up more of the viable workforce than white Americans. One wonders if he would have the spleen to say that to the face of coal miners who have been put out of a job by environmental regulations imposed by the Obama administration.

One wonders still if he would admit that placing the interests of illegal immigrants before the needs of US born American citizens while facing a crowd of workers displaced and disenfranchised by the still lingering economic crisis of 2008 is intensely unAmerican. But it’s clear that Will has no interest, and possibly no clue, what the experience of the average American has been like over the last eight years.

In a recent interview on the current election cycle, he called Trump’s supporters a “minority of people who pay attention to politics,” reinforcing his contention that those who choose candidates that he does not approve of ought not to have their votes taken seriously. Well, excuse us for paying attention.

Will has been an active member of the chattering class for ages, but his recent meteoric rise into the spotlight is an obvious artifact of an Establishment controlled press as evidenced by his assertion that…

“Donald Trump’s popularity is evidence of something among the American people that we don’t yet understand and which is deeply disturbing.”

Well, George, we’re very sorry that you find it so distressing that the holders of governmental power should represent a majority of the people over whom they govern, but that is after all what we have all been promised by the Constitution.

George Will does provide you with one useful service, however. He has provided you with the possibility of the knowledge that a system composed of the current political Establishment and the mainstream news media is working to normalize the idea that elections can be taken out of the hands of the people, that doing do is legitimate and should be expected when the people choose incorrectly, and that your democracy- as you were promised it- is an anachronism.

But Donald Trump made a more useful analogy to describe the current state of the American election system in a recent rally in Indiana when he said;

“It’s like a boxing match- when you know the judges are corrupt- you have to win by a knockout so that there’s no room for interpretation, and everybody can clearly see that you’ve won.”

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