Has Trump Been Compromised by the Deep State?

When Donald Trump started filling his cabinet with Goldman Sachs alumni and Wall Street denizens whom few felt could reasonably be trusted, many Trump supporters began to wonder if he really does intend to drain the swamp.

When the Trump administration failed to push RyanCare through, we began asking whether Trump wanted a health care bill that wasn’t written by Globalist, Paul Ryan and his team.

Since the inauguration, we have all wondered whether or not the president has any real control over who he is surrounded with. We’ve seen so many leaks and few consequences. Recently, Trump launched 52 cruise missiles at an airfield owned by Bashar Assad- a move that does not scream “America First.”

Now, Trump’s tax plan has gone back to the drawing board.

Before Trump was elected we wondered whether he would be allowed to fulfill his campaign promises, or would he be compromised by deep state actors interested in keeping the system working exclusively for the elite.

Today, all the issues mentioned above may give us renewed cause to ask the question of whether or not Donald Trump has been threatened, or otherwise compromised by the deep state.

First a bit of context. It bears remembering that Trump had only been in office a few weeks by the time the issues listed in the top paragraph had come to the fore. There has been an acceleration of time effect that’s come through the unprecedented amount of information we all have access to now.

But while the events of recent history do seem to be moving faster than usual, Donald Trump is still only a human being with human limitations constrained by the same frailties as the rest of us. Even so, he has done more for American working families in a few weeks than the last three presidents accomplished in the last 25 years. That is no small accomplishment.

Obviously, Trump is a businessman of the highest caliber, an extraordinary negotiator, a humanitarian, and after watching him operate over the last year and a half he appears to have an abiding concern and affection for hard working, responsible people.

But when it comes to the breadth, reach, and unscrupulousness of the deep state, he appears to be fairly naïve. To understand the corruption we’re talking about, you only have to look at John F. Kennedy. He refused the Operation Northwoods plan to stage the context for a war with Cuba. He opposed the Federal Reserve and wanted a gold standard monetary system and he spoke out against secret societies.

Donald Trump does not appear to have a knowledge of the deep state that comes anywhere near that which Kennedy had. This has resulted in his being slow to respond to their demands and their treacheries.

There’s really no question that he is being hindered by partisan agents working within the intelligence agencies, compromised politicians like John McCain, and the CIA’s Mockingbird component of the mainstream media. But has he been threatened? Unfortunately, we can only guess. But we can look at Trump’s actions and try to see if there is a strategy behind them.

The Goldman Sachs employees have been explained away by Trump’s perception that he needs people knowledgeable in business and finance who can understand his ideas.

The failure of Ryancare could simply indicate that Trump is not a magician who can get Congress to do whatever he wants, or it could mean that he really didn’t want it to go through- that he has something better in store, ie- Trumpcare.

As far as his stalled tax plan goes, Trump’s announcement that he sent his team back to the drawing board to redo the plan is really a good sign since it demonstrates his resolve to get it right and deliver the best tax reform that America has seen in decades, possibly ever.

Finally, we come to the attack on Assad’s airfield. To begin, the airport was evacuated before the missiles were launched—there was no loss of life, only equipment. Trump targeted Syria’s military aircrafts and one airfield, reportedly destroying about 20% of the country’s air force tools.  On top of that, he has promised that this will not be the start of a military campaign.

It would seem that the missile strike accomplishes a number of things without doing real harm to Assad- who is fighting ISIS- and winning. The strike represents a bone thrown to globalist hawks who have been begging for Trump to do something violent.

But perhaps best of all, it shows the deep state that he understands the difference between a false flag and a real terrorist attack and that he can do his own kind of false flag- the kind that shuts up the war pigs without hurting anyone.

~ American Liberty Report