Hillary and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Poor Crooked Hillary! She’s just not having a good day (or week, or month, or year). The carefully constructed house of cards built by Crooked Hillary, Slick Willie, the Clinton Foundation and their army of media hacks is tumbling down right before our very eyes. Mrs. Bill Clinton is trying to stage a book tour right now so she can explain to us all why it is everyone else’s fault that America rejected her authoritarian rulership on November 8, 2016.

But all that Americans seem to want to talk about these days is how nice it would be to see Crooked Hillary in a one-piece prison pantsuit as Sheriff Joe Arpaio watches over her with a shotgun to ensure that she breaks the big rocks down into little-bitty rocks. It’s called justice, Hillary, and it’s coming for you!

Your head might be spinning trying to keep up with all of the Clinton revelations that have come to light just in the last few days. So here’s a recap of Hillary’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day(s).

Let’s start with the 100-percent fake “Russian dossier” that was fabricated out of thin air by a left-leaning opposition research firm called Fusion One and distributed to every media outlet in the country to try to sway the election. The problem for Crooked Hillary was that all of the media flunkies that were practically wearing “I’m With Her” buttons on air can remember what happened to Dan Rather’s career. When a sweaty stranger hands a reporter an unverifiable too-good-to-be-true, scandalous document just days before the election, it might not be a good idea to start spouting it on air. (We don’t miss you, Dan!)

That’s why none of us ever heard about the “Russian” dossier, written by a former British spy, until the sore losers at Buzzfeed published it right before President Trump’s glorious inauguration. Keep in mind the fact that this “Russian” dossier was the initial spark that led to a Special Counsel investigation of the President of the United States. When reporters started asking Hillary Clinton a simple question – “Hey, did you pay for that Russian dossier thing?” – they were treated to a sanctimonious lie from Crooked Hillary or her attorney Marc Elias.

Well, it turns out she did pay for it. With a price tag of $9 million, she practically paid Super-Bowl-commercial rates for the fabricated document to try to trick conservatives into staying home on election day. The Clinton campaign along with the Democratic National Committee under former chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz paid Fusion GPS to write the fake Russian document, and they transferred the money to Fusion One through Clinton’s attorney Elias. So the entire dossier has now blown up in her face and the Special Counsel investigation of President Trump is looking even less credible with every day that passes.

Then there is the little problem for Crooked Hillary regarding the sale of 20-percent of America’s uranium production, through a company called Uranium One, to a Russian energy company while she was serving as Secretary of State. Clinton was one of the people who had to sign off on the deal and as it turns out, Russian energy bigwigs routed $145 million to the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation in the months prior to the deal being approved in 2011. The Russians also paid Bill Clinton another half-million dollars to deliver one speech to them.

Crooked Hillary says this is all just another right-wing conspiracy theory and that there was nothing untoward about the whole thing. There’s just one problem with that explanation, Hillary: There’s a witness!

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman has been trying to interview a confidential FBI informant who has all the details on Crooked Hillary’s deal with the Kremlin. Unfortunately, some Obama holdovers in the Justice Department have placed the witness under a gag order and won’t let him speak to Congress, even in a classified hearing. By the way, this is why it was such a bad idea for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from the entire Russiagate boondoggle, because now he cannot step in and put a stop to this obvious foul play in his own department. Sen. Grassley is even calling for a separate Special Counsel to be appointed by the Justice Department to investigate the sale of Uranium One.

That sure sounds like a lot of “Russian collusion,” Hillary! Based on the way the Russian dossier story turned out, we wouldn’t be surprised at this point if the checks that Russians gave to the Clinton Foundation had the word “bribes” written in the Memo space. Maybe Crooked Hillary should have called her new book, “50 Shades of Corruption.”

~ American Liberty Report

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