Hillary Can No Longer Sue You if You Call Her a Witch

Hillary Clinton appeared as a guest speaker at a witch’s coven in New York City on April 3, 2018 and was awarded a lifetime membership in the coven, known as “The Wing.” While this might sound like “fake news” details on Hillary’s night out with a room full of occult-practicing feminist witches appeared in several news publications and we checked it out.

This is not information coming from a Russian bot on Twitter or a questionable piece of journalism on an amateur site. Hillary Clinton attended a coven of witches right out in the open and it was covered by a “mainstream media” magazine in New York.

Rumors about Hillary Clinton’s occult practices have swirled around her for years, but the media has always stepped in to denounce those stories as half-baked conspiracy theories. It will be interesting to see how George Stephanopoulos and other former Clinton employees — now gainfully employed as “journalists” — will spin this story.

The leadership of The Wing introduced Hillary as “the newest member of our coven” at the event. WND.com notes that in anticipation of Hillary’s attendance at the coven, the group tried to scrub all references to itself as a coven from its website (Spoiler alert: They failed.)

The Wing fashions itself on its website as a sorority of feminist, pink-hat-wearing, trendy, ultra-liberal chicks. The social media channels of The Wing’s founders are not so subtle, however. The founders of the coven include two women named Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan.

Actress Lena Dunham, who had a mental breakdown after Donald Trump’s victory and had to go talk to therapy cactuses in the desert after Hillary Clinton lost, is a lifelong friend of Audrey Gelman. Gelman and Kassan claim very openly that The Wing is a coven, not a sorority, on their social media pages.

Gelman and Kassan are very open about their occult practices on their social sites. A post by The Wing’s director contains a drawing of witches dancing around Satan and calling on other witches to join them to cast a hexes against the NRA and a curse against Donald Trump.

The Wing’s online store features hats and T-shirts emblazoned with occult symbols such as inverted pentagrams. Witches can purchase a beanie cap from The Wing with an occult triangle on them surrounded by the words, “Incantations, Shouts & Chants.”

Tennis star Venus Williams, actress Jennifer Lawrence and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) have all given talks at various Wing covens. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) was the latest politician to stop by and talk with the witches on Friday, April 13th. (The witches certainly love to chat with the anti-gun crowd for some reason!)

The Clintons and the media have vehemently denied that Hillary is an occult practitioner for years, in spite of evidence to the contrary. Former Clinton insider and “fixer” Larry Nichols admitted last year that when Hillary Clinton was First Lady, she used to fly out to California once a month to take part in a ritual at a witch’s coven.

Nichols’ job was to keep stories like that and of Bill Clinton’s trips to the Bohemian Grove out of the news (not that the media would have reported those things anyway).

Veteran reporter Bob Woodward recounted a story in the Washington Post in which Hillary Clinton refused to talk about Jesus Christ and frequently held necromantic seances in the White House, in which she would try to talk to the dead.

In another example, when WikiLeaks released a batch of Clinton emails in 2015, one message sent to Hillary Clinton from her friend and attorney Cheryl Mills contained a note from a senior government official who talks about “sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch.”

Moloch was a Canaanite god in the Old Testament that early pagans would sacrifice their children to. (Hopefully the “chicken” was not a metaphor in this instance.)

Hints at the Democrat Party’s fascination with the occult in general and the Clintons’ specific dabbling in the black arts have been around for many years, for those who have been paying attention. The Democratic National Convention in 2012 showed the true face of the Democrats when the membership voted three separate times against adding a reference to God (the God of the Bible) to the party platform.

On the third vote, convention chairman and Los Angeles Mayor Anthony Villaraigosa overruled the crowd, claiming that a two-thirds voice vote agreed to add God back into the party platform. Video of the incident show it was unclear which side had won the vote, but the DNC overruled the members.

The rank-and-file membership of the Democrat Party has no problem with showing its contempt for Christianity, but the leadership apparently understands that if its hatred of God, Christians, the United States and the American system of jurisprudence based on biblical principles were to be aired publicly, it would cost too many votes.

Thus, Hillary Clinton attends a witch’s coven on the weekend and pretends to be a Methodist during the week. Bill Clinton attends a voodoo ceremony in Haiti in 1995 and then invokes God on the campaign. Barack Obama openly and passionately references his Muslim faith and then George Stephanopoulos helpfully steps in and encourages him to pretend that he meant to say his “Christian” faith. And so, the charade continues and the media continues to gaslight the American voters about the occult practitioners among the globalist elites.

Why should we care about this, you might ask? If Hillary Clinton wants to attend a witch’s coven, worship Satan and cast hexes against The Deplorables, that’s a private matter and not something she should be judged for, right?

Wrong. No matter how much our increasingly secular society wants to deny it, a person’s inner faith sheds light on how they will govern if placed in a position of power. Hillary Clinton is uncomfortable talking about Christianity but appears overjoyed when she attends a coven of witches that casts spells against Donald Trump and the NRA.

Don’t you think the American people would have liked to know that fact before the election in 2016?

We’ve said it before and we will keep reminding people of this fact: America truly dodged a bullet when we elected Donald J. Trump as our president!

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