Hillary Implicated in Dirty Dossier News Story

The Trump dossier was a big deal in the middle of the election last year. The left thought it was the knockout punch that would kill Trump’s run. That is, until fact checkers did their job. While much of the dossier was debunked last year, new developments have shown that it was deliberately faked. A left-leaning agency paid a British spy to create a fictional report in an attempt to sway voters. It didn’t work, and now the perpetrators are facing the legal consequences of their dealings.

What’s in it?

Let’s do a quick recap for those who never read the dossier. It is 35 pages of unmitigated libel against Trump. The accusations range from absurdly crude to nefarious, and the basic goal is to imply that Russian affiliates hold sway over Trump through some undefined combination of blackmail and bribery. The truly crafty nature of the dossier is that it has a few nuggets of truth hidden in the muck. For instance, Trump did in fact conduct real estate business in Russia. It was mostly in the 80s, and he has adamantly declined any offers since he decided to run for president, but the technical truth of the fact that he did business in Russia makes it easy to assume the document is factual. That and Trump’s name are about the only accurate reports in the whole thing. Despite that, major news outlets reported the dossier as fact, and the left even used it to justify illegal spying against Trump and his campaign.

How We Know It’s Fake

For starters, any claim in the document that could be fact checked has proven false. Reports of prostitutes and illegal secret meetings between Trump and Russian agents have been completely debunked. Many other claims are too vague to be scrutinized, so for that we have to track the nature of the report. It was compiled by a former British spy named Christopher Steele. His experience might lend credence to his research until you learn the rest of the story. He was hired by a legal firm to find dirt on Trump. The firm that hired him is the same that worked directly on Hillary Clinton’s campaign and was paid by the DNC. Hacked exchanges showed that the financial backers were not interested in verifiable proof of wrongdoing. They just wanted dirt on Trump that the public might believe.

That all sounds bad, but it gets worse. After the dossier was used to legally justify wiretapping and an illegal investigation into Trump and his campaign, the document was proven false. Attempting to absolve themselves of responsibility, Congress has now called hearings to investigate the dossier itself. The founders of the firm that paid for the document were recently questioned. In that hearing, they pulled a full Martin Shkreli and pleaded the fifth in response to every question asked by Congress. There was uproar that Russia might have meddled in the election, but now we have unmitigated proof of British involvement, and it was invited by and paid for by the DNC. How are we tolerating this?

Learning Lessons

The left’s resolve would be impressive if it wasn’t so misguided. How wrong have they been about the election now? They guaranteed us that foreign corruption of our election was impossible. Then they screamed that the Russians clearly interfered. They said that Trump was an idiot for claiming to be wiretapped by Obama.

All of these have proven to be completely wrong. There was foreign meddling, and it favored the left. Obama was caught red-handed committing the same crimes as Nixon and everyone just let the issue drop. It’s hard to conceive of a political body that has been more completely wrong on more topics.

And yet, they are completely undeterred. They still believe that they have public opinion in their pocket and that Americans will continue to tolerate their injustice and frankly, dangerous stupidity.

Once again, they are wrong. We won’t tolerate it. We will continue to elect Donald Trumps until the Democratic Party completely collapses. In the information age, their ability to hide the truth and manipulate the masses is waning. The truth always emerges in the end, and every time it does, the Democrats draw a little closer to their final days.

~ American Liberty Report

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