Hillary’s Dirty Deed: Trying to Set Trump Up to be Fall Guy

The Democrat Party’s fake Russian narrative continues to collapse and yet there is no end in sight to the investigations attempting to prove that somehow, some way, somewhere, someone in President Trump’s inner circle must have colluded with a Russian to do… well… something! Now the head of President Trump’s personal security team has been dragged in front of the House Intelligence Committee to answer questions, but the Democrats still can’t find an answer to any question that will support their fever-dream-inspired narrative.

Let’s cut to the chase: Obama illegally wiretapped Trump Tower, Obama’s UN Advisor Samantha Power illegally unmasked Trump campaign officials in intelligence reports, and Hillary Clinton paid opposition research company Fusion GPS $12 million to make up the “Trump-Russian dossier” out of thin air (and illegally failed to note the expense on her Federal Election Commission paperwork).

Keith Schiller served as Donald Trump’s bodyguard and head of security for 16 years. Schiller is a Navy veteran and former NYPD detective. He was called to testify behind closed doors to the House Intelligence Committee in early November. The hearing was classified, so one of the Democrats in the meeting immediately and illegally leaked Schiller’s testimony to the press in hopes that it would hurt President Trump. (Hint: Another Democrat failure.)

Eager to prove that Donald Trump suffers from the same sickness as all of Hillary Clinton’s Hollywood donors, one of the committee Democrats asked Schiller if Mr. Trump met with Russian prostitutes during a 2013 trip to Moscow for the Miss Universe Pageant. Schiller confirmed that some Russian bigwig offered to send five prostitutes up to The Donald’s hotel room that night.

Schiller’s response could easily become the go-to comeback for every time that a Democrat projects their own scummy hypocrisy onto a Republican: “We don’t do that type of stuff.” Schiller also referred to the Trump-Russian dossier as “bull—-,” which is the response that most people have when they hear the details of it.

As the narrative continues to collapse, it is becoming more and more clear that former FBI Director James Comey and his partisan “I’m With Her” agents were using the Fusion GPS dossier from the Clinton campaign to launch a full-scale investigation into Donald Trump. Aside from the parts of the dossier that sound like Harvey Weinstein might have wrote them, the rest of the dossier sounds like “bull—-” too.

Take the dossier’s allegations against Carter Page, for example. Page was named to then-candidate Donald Trump’s foreign policy advisory board in 2016. Page took a three-day trip to Russia in July 2016 and gave the commencement address at the New Economic School in Moscow. The dossier claims that Page privately met with the CEO of Russian oil company Rosneft and was offered billions of dollars in bribe money to get Donald Trump to lift sanctions against Russian oil companies. Billions? Really?

The Clintons couldn’t even land bribes that high from foreign governments when then-Secretary of State Crooked Hillary had the clout to actually offer favors in return for cash. Does it make any sense at all that an oil company would offer a little-known advisor BILLIONS of dollars in hopes that a then-powerless candidate would A) win the election and B) then lift sanctions so that one of his little-known aides could collect those billions?

Oh, and there’s one more problem with the allegations against Carter Page: He never met with the CEO of Rosneft on his trip to Russia. So the meeting and the bribe offer never took place, but that didn’t stop James Comey and his crack team from charging full-steam ahead!

Fusion GPS’s foreign spy, Michael Steele, filed NINE dossier reports with the Clinton campaign and the FBI between July 30 and October 20, 2016 — right up until the election. The FBI has now refused to hand over documents to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees related to its investigation of the Russian dossier allegations.

The specific questions that we all want to know the answers to are this: Did the FBI give American taxpayer money to Fusion GPS to continue the fake Russian investigation? Plus, was the fake Russian dossier — paid for by the Clinton campaign — used as the basis for the FISA warrants that the FBI used to wiretap Trump Tower?

Look no further than Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya for another example of how this entire operation was a con from the start. She’s the lawyer who claimed to have dirt on Hillary Clinton to score a meeting with Donald Trump, Jr. and then showed up with no dirt. Fox News has now reported that Fusion GPS met with Veselnitskaya both immediately before and after her meeting with Don, Jr. Fusion met with her within hours of the meeting, in fact.

Russiagate was a pack of lies from its very inception. Witness after witness has proven that the Democrats at Fusion GPS lied about them. No facts have lined up with the any of the claims in the Russian dossier. We’re not allowed to see any of the internal paperwork that contradicts the dossier, because the FBI which is still jam-packed full of Never Trumpers won’t hand the documents over to Congress.

What can be proven is that Hillary Clinton gave a big sack of money to Fusion GPS and then Fusion used that money to hire a foreign spy to write the fake dossier. Hillary Clinton used a middleman (Fusion GPS) to collude with a foreign spy in hopes of changing the outcome of an American election and then sanctimoniously lied about it for months.

We don’t do that type of stuff. The Clintons and the Democrats always have and always will. It’s time for Congress to shut the Russiagate investigation down once and for all so America can move on.