How Crooked Hillary Ripped off State Democrat Party Chapters to the tune of $84 Million

Democrats should be furious at one of the cheating tactics that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC under Debbie Wasserman-Schultz engaged in last year. It turns out that they may have ripped off as many as 40 state Democrat Party chapters, costing the Democrats an unknown number of underfunded state-level seats. A pro-Trump political action committee (PAC) is now suing the Clinton campaign and the DNC for using state-level Democrat Party chapters to skirt campaign finance laws, to the tune of $84 million.

The year after a presidential election is always a fascinating time for some after-the-fact analysis of how the Democrats cheated last time. This presents conservatives an opportunity to throw up new roadblocks, rules and regulations to try to prevent the Democrats from cheating the same way in the next election.

For example, Barack Obama took in nearly $1 billion in online contributions in 2012, shattering all previous online campaign records. It wasn’t until the following year that something truly fishy emerged. Under FEC rules, if a person donates $200 or more to a candidate or PAC, then the candidate or PAC must make every effort to collect the name and employer of the donor.

The problem was that Obama took in a massive number of contributions totaling $199, just under the required reporting number. Who did the money come from? Were these illegal foreign donations from communist China or Saudi Arabia? Or from Russia? We’ll never know because the Obama campaign made every effort to not collect any donor information, which must be filed with the Federal Election Commission and made available for public scrutiny and transparency.

A billion dollars could buy a lot of political favors from an administration, even if it does come in $199 increments.

That was 2012, so how did the Democrats cheat in 2016? Lacking Obama’s creativity, Crooked Hillary simply figured out a way to skirt campaign finance limits, according to The Committee to Defend the President PAC. Individuals can only donate a total of $2,700 per year to a specific campaign (or $5,400 over two years, and so on).

So it appears that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Hillary Clinton had their big Hollywood donors contribute money to the Hillary Victory Fund (HVF) PAC. According to court filings, the scheme then involved HVF donating the money to state-level Democrat Party chapters, which then turned around and laundered the money directly back to the Hillary Clinton campaign. That way heavy donors like Calvin Klein and Seth MacFarlane were able to double or triple their campaign contributions to Hillary Clinton, with nothing showing up on her Federal Election Commission paperwork which could get them fined by the federal government, or even thrown in jail if the violations were large enough.

What Hillary and Debbie did was technically almost legal. State-level parties could have taken the money from the Hillary Victory Fund PAC and then earmarked it for the Clinton campaign. But the state-level parties would have needed to have control of the funds for that to happen. The Committee to Defend the President says the same dollar amounts that went into the state-level accounts then went directly to the Clinton campaign on the same day, as if the state chapters never even had control of the money. That is illegal.

Here’s another potential law that they broke. Political action committees are not allowed to coordinate any activities with candidates or their campaigns. Even a PAC that bears the candidate’s name, such as the Hillary Victory Fund, is not allowed to coordinate any election-related activities with the campaign. That’s a big no-no under election fundraising rules.

So how was the Hillary Victory Fund able to donate money to as many as 40 state-level Democrat Party chapters, only to have that same dollar amount immediately transferred to the Clinton campaign? Someone had to have coordinated that between HVF and the Clinton campaign. Isn’t it strange that none of the state chapters wanted to earmark those funds for any of their state-level candidates, who were no doubt struggling against their Republican opponents? The obvious link between the state-level parties and the Clinton campaign was the DNC, which was being run by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz at the time.

Unfortunately, none of this means that crooked Hillary or Debbie Wasserman-Schultz will be going to jail anytime soon — at least not for this violation. It does, however, provide yet another insight into the mindset of Hillary Clinton. Her actions were those of a person with such a sense of entitlement that she would allow 40 state chapters of her own party to falter and drown, just so she gobble up more money for her own campaign. What a nasty woman! America truly dodged a bullet when Donald Trump won the election.

~ American Liberty Report

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