How Much Sexual Misconduct Did the Obama Administration Hide?

You’ve seen the left rocked by sexual misconduct over the last year. Hollywood is in shambles. Senators are out of the job, and mainstream news outlets are scrambling to replace outed deviants.

Perhaps you won’t be surprised to learn that the problem runs much deeper. Obama’s deep swamp of an administration worked hard for years to cover the issue. Well, the truth is out, and the Obama Administration has now been caught covering up for countless sexual assaults over the span of close to a decade.

Last May, the Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, published a report that demonstrated rampant sexual misconduct within the Department of Justice. His report outlined data from 2012 to 2016, and it included “systemic” issues with sexual misconduct and lack of follow through. The problem infected offices from the Civil Division, FBI, Attorney’s Office, ATF, U.S. Marshalls and more.

Over the course of the report, Horowitz demonstrated that sexual misconduct grew steadily over a five-year span, and the problems reached from low-level employees to high-ranking officials. The two biggest themes in the report were the sheer magnitude of misconduct issues and the complete negligence in handling the issues.

We’ll talk about numbers more in a minute, but the lack of reporting and reprimanding that happened is more than off putting. Large numbers of employees at every level were literally caught in acts of sexual harassment, misconduct and often times sexual crimes.

Yet, there were virtually no case reports made for any instance. Reprimands, at most, simply involved shuffling people around offices to keep accusers and perpetrators from seeing each other as often. A number of outright criminals were allowed to remain at work within the DOJ while their crimes were ignored. If that were the whole of it, we could be outraged, but it gets much worse.

Rewarding Criminals

While the DOJ worked hard to gloss over sexual misconduct and sex crimes within their offices, there were more than a few cases of these criminals being rewarded. Three particular cases stand out among the Inspector General’s report. Three separate attorneys were caught red-handed. One admitted to stalking a female working within his office. He broke into personnel files and used her information to create an online scam to try and trick her. A second attorney sexually assaulted two separate women. The third was caught illegally peeping on a breastfeeding woman at his office. The peeping included illegal surveillance. All three of these attorneys received zero disciplinary actions. Their crimes were not reported. And, all three received performance awards after they were caught in their crimes.

While these might be some of the most egregious examples, they are only a small fraction. Other ignored sexual misconduct includes actions from FBI special agents in charge, wardens, a chief deputy US Marshal, senior Justice Department officials and a Deputy Assistant Attorney General. If you’re wondering how the rampant problem was kept quiet for so long, the level of corruption should now be obvious. Of course, even the DOJ couldn’t hush a problem this big on their own.

A Lack of Numbers

You might notice that there are no official tallies here. We don’t know how many cases were reported, ignored or hushed. To be fair, getting a hard number on something like this is usually difficult, but you can’t even find basic estimates. Aside from the few dozen cases that have been published (with names removed), we don’t really have a clue how many sexual misconduct cases were deliberately ignored by the Obama Administration. What we do know is that mainstream media isn’t keeping count. In fact, they are actively avoiding tying his name to the issue at all.

You can imagine what the response would have been if this report was on Trump’s DOJ. Instead, the most vicious reporters and investigators in the world are whistling a tune while they awkwardly look away from the issue. They’ve been embarrassed enough by sexual misconduct over the last six months. The last thing they can afford is to admit that the widespread problem is just another extension of the corruption that plagued Obama’s time in office.

A Leftist Problem

This brings us to the crux of the issue. Sexual misconduct is everywhere in America. We’ve all known it for years, but it is finally under the harsh lamp of scrutiny. Considering human nature, it isn’t surprising to find instances of people in power abusing their position to get away with sexual deviancy.

But, when you look at all of the information recently available, you can find an unmistakable trend. A few Republicans and prominent conservatives have been swept up in the storm, but the problem is largely a leftist issue. Look at any of the long lists of prominent Americans mired by sexual misconduct allegations, and you’ll see a long list of the biggest names in liberalism.

This isn’t a conspiracy by the left to sexually undermine America. Instead, it’s a case of people getting caught up in their own bad ideas. The left has worked for decades to undermine traditional morality, and they have centered those arguments on sexual behavior. It should come as no surprise that their efforts have convinced many of their members that sex crimes are ok.

The same minds in Hollywood that produced countless TV shows and movies that desensitized us to sexual deviancy are now known sexual criminals. The politicians who forced gay marriage and transgenderism on us turn out to be rapists, harassers and generally unfit for office. The media outlets that tried to control our view on politics and morality are filled with men (and a few women) who have abused their position to force people into compromising and often criminal sexual encounters.

We know the root source of the problem. It isn’t bad eggs in an otherwise respectable political movement. Liberalism itself is the core, and as long as it exists, it will continue to corrupt America and hurt Americans.

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