How the FBI Tried to Suppress the Russian Dossier (After They Got Caught)

The FBI and the Department of Justice have nearly reached the point where its inner circle of Clintonite/Obamanite co-conspirators will do anything to suppress the truth. President Trump should hire a food taster, just in case. The release of the so-called FISA memo from House Intelligence Committee Republicans has shown us that the Deep State is not only real, but it is in fact willing to commit treason against America in order to keep itself in power.

Here is a quick recap. Some of the highest-ranking officials in the Obama administration took a fictional dossier, compiled by a British spy and paid for by the Clinton campaign. Using that fake dossier, they lied to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to obtain a wide-ranging warrant to spy on candidate, and later, President Donald Trump and everyone who communicated with him via phone and email.

They did this FOUR TIMES over a span that began in 2016 and which lasted well into the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency. (How else does one explain President Trump’s private inaugural phone calls with world leaders leaking to the media?)

Let us dispel the myth that the FISA warrant was obtained to spy on Carter Page, a low-ranking Trump campaign adviser. As Judge Andrew Napolitano has explained at length several times, a FISA warrant casts an extremely wide net. With a FISA warrant in place, intelligence agencies are allowed to scoop up all communications of all secondary and tertiary persons — friends of friends — who communicate within the network of Page’s associates.

To explain this in the simplest terms possible, if Carter Page sent an email to Steve Bannon asking him about the weather and then Bannon later emailed Donald Trump about the next day’s campaign schedule, intelligence agencies then have the secret FISA court’s unwritten permission to spy on ALL of Donald Trump’s phone calls and emails. That, ladies and gentlemen, is why the FBI chose a low-hanging fruit such as Carter Page to spy on. The increasingly smarmy James Comey can then claim plausible deniability and shrug his shoulders, telling America that the FBI was only spying on Carter Page.

The real target was Donald Trump and his family members. The purpose of the spying was originally to keep Donald Trump out of office, and later, to oust him from the White House by impeachment. Who would have guessed that the Trump family is so wholesome and law-abiding that the entire intelligence apparatus of the US federal government would not be able to uncover any wrongdoing, or even something that would be embarrassing if made public?

Here’s another fun question: If the Obamas and Clintons were subjected to the same level of illegal spying, how many crimes do you suppose would have been uncovered?

Speaking of Barack Obama, we’ve now learned he knew about this entire caper from the beginning! According to a new batch of text messages between FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok and his mistress, Lisa Page, Obama was supposed to be kept “in the loop” during every stage of this treasonous Deep State operation to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States.

Richard Nixon did not know that the Watergate Hotel was going to be broken into ahead of time. Nixon did not sign off on the operation — he found out about it the same time that the rest of America did, yet he had the decency to resign over the scandal. Barack Obama has no such decency or dignity, so the cover-up continues.

The other difference between then and now is that today, there is no Woodward and Bernstein trying to uncover the truth of what happened. Today the media collectively sheds a tear, hand over heart, while proclaiming, “Tell me no more of this FISA memo! For I care too deeply for the national security apparatus of my homeland! Woe is me! No more!”

Let’s not forget, Barack Obama used a fake email address to communicate with Hillary Clinton on her illegal bathroom server while she was Secretary of State. The emails between then-President Obama and then-Secretary Clinton would most certainly have been classified materials. This is ultimately why James Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton; indicting her for illegally handling classified information would have implicated Obama.

All of which now brings us to the newest round of revelations: Senators Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) sent a recommendation to the Justice Department more than a month ago, calling for criminal charges against Hillary Clinton’s hired British spy, Christopher Steele — the author of the fake Russian dossier.

Grassley and Graham have uncovered something that amounts to a possible crime and they want the public to know that information. Whether the Justice Department will follow through and charge Steele with anything remains to be seen.

One thing we do know from Grassley and Graham is that Christopher Steele obtained at least part of the information that he used in the Russian dossier from Hillary Clinton’s associates at the State Department.

Unfortunately for Grassley and Graham, they have run into a brick wall. The House has processes in place by which it can declassify information without the FBI’s permission. We just saw that in action with the release of the FISA memo. In the Senate, however, the FBI must be asked for permission before information can be released. The original referral from Grassley and Graham was addressed to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who we now know signed off on one of the four illegal FISA warrant applications against Carter Page.

The request was also addressed to the FBI General Counsel, Dana Boente. Those who have been paying attention know that Boente also signed one of the illegal FISA warrant requests.

The latest release of information ended up looking like, “[Redacted] [redacted] [redacted] in the [redacted] [redacted] Trump Russia [redacted].” Government transparency at its finest!

The Obama-Clinton holdovers at the FBI, the Department of Justice, and the State Department have all circled the wagons to try to keep themselves out of jail. We were assured that national security would be hopelessly compromised if the GOP memo was released.

Well, the sky did not fall and the public is rightly outraged that a handful of career bureaucrats decided they wanted to choose our president for us. The public needs to continue putting pressure on its Representatives and Senators to release and declassify all of the relevant information at this point, including the FISA application itself.

We’ve seen enough memos about the warrant — now show us the warrant! If the Justice Department was not so hopelessly compromised at this point, is there any doubt that this gang of jokers that tried to take down President Trump would already be in handcuffs?

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