How the Trump Effect is Making the Senate Great Again

The 2018 election is still 13 months away and we are already seeing a shakeup in the United States Senate. Senators Bob Corker (R-TN) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) have both announced they will not seek reelection. So, what happened? You might call it the “Trump Effect.”

The Average Joes and Janes of America kept going to the ballot box, election after election, voting for politicians who claimed to believe the same things that we did: Obamacare must be fully repealed, our border must be secured, our neighbors right here in America should receive priority over factory workers in Vietnam, and so on.

We were straightforward and honest about our demands, while the career politicians ignored them. Corker and Flake will have to forgive the Average Janes and Joes if they do not shed a single tear for two guys who voted for the Gang of Eight Amnesty in 2013.

Sen. Corker became extremely vocal in launching attacks against President Trump in September, around the same time that Corker’s first Republican primary challenger appeared. Corker called the White House an adult day care center and claimed that President Trump is putting America on a path to World War III.

That is truly rich coming from the Senator who rejected the call from the Average Janes and Joes to vote down Barack Obama’s Iran nuclear deal. When Barack Obama and then-Secretary of State John Kerry signed off on a disastrous deal that will guarantee a nuclear Iran in a few years, Corker ran across the aisle and sat down with the Democrats to author the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 (S. 615).

Yet when President Trump stands up to Iran and works to unravel the deal that Obama and Bob Corker signed off on, the president is the one setting us on a path to World War III? Good one, Bob, tell us another knee-slapper!

Sen. Flake, also on his way out the door, says he will no longer be culpable in President Trump’s “transformation” of the Republican Party. There goes Flake again, missing the forest for the trees! Yes, there is a transformation of the Republican Party taking place, but it’s not the one that Flake thinks it is.

The origins of these strange “new” Republican beliefs may be a big mystery to Jeff Flake, but they are no secret to the Average Janes and Joes. Flake could have unraveled these mysteries if he had only bothered to read the Republican Party Platform.

For example, the Republican Party Platform states that Obamacare is wholly flawed, unfixable, unworkable and must be completely and totally repealed—period! Not coincidentally, this is what the Average Janes and Joes voted for in 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016. The platform does not state that Obamacare should be preserved and upheld through some tepid amendments such as repealing the Medical Device Tax.

In the section on immigration, the Republican Party Platform states that the party opposes any and all forms of amnesty. The platform stated the exact same thing in 2012 when Mitt Romney was the nominee and before that in 2008 when John McCain ran. Flake has instead doubled down and cosponsored Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-SC) DREAM Act of 2017, which would grant amnesty via chain migration to as many as nine million illegal immigrants (instead of just 700,000 DREAMers as the bill’s supporters claim).

Corker and Flake seem to want to pretend that President Trump is using a marketing trick from “The Art of the Deal” to trick the Average Janes and Joes into transforming the Republican Party into something new. No, gentlemen, the transformation is this: Politicians don’t get to lie to the Average Janes and Joes any longer!

We backed you and you failed us, spectacularly, time and time again! We won’t take anything you say at face value any longer, but will instead look at your actions to see whether those actions (and votes) match up with what you promised us when you came to that fundraiser and stuck your hand out in front of us asking for donations. THAT is the Trump Effect and it is the only “transformation” taking place.

We, the voters, the Average Janes and Joes, are making the Senate great again by holding the politicians to their promises. The only question we have left in light of Corker and Flake’s exit is: Who’s next?

And before we go, Sen. Corker does have one more knee-slapper for us. He says he’s thinking about challenging President Trump in 2020. Go get him, Bob! Here is our free campaign advice for the Corker 2020 Campaign: Make sure President Trump doesn’t have your cell phone number before you run!

~ American Liberty Report

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