How Trump Is Curing Extreme Sensitivity in the US

Trump is more than just a polarizing figure. He’s a complete departure from traditional politics. We’ve already seen that benefit America in terms of economic returns, and hopefully the movement can gain steam as he forces Congress to do anything at all. Still, his most impressive feats are being largely overlooked.

Many analysts mentioned the importance of his rhetoric and style during the campaign, but there is little talk now about how Trump is curing some of America’s deepest problems through innovative and effective leadership. One of those problems is sensitivity and free spaces. Trump has taken a metaphorical machete to those concepts, and we are already seeing positive results.


Trump hasn’t minced words in any forum, but Twitter has been his most reliable weapon. Look at the trends. In his first weeks in office, there was national contention to every single Tweet. In less than a year the consistency and ferocity of that response has dwindled.

These days, the left can only muster outrage once or twice a week, even though Trump’s Tweets have gained “offensive” ferocity. By next year, they’ll probably only comment once a month.

He has deliberately used Twitter to onslaught leftist ideology so relentlessly that they can’t help but become desensitized to his words. They still dislike him, but (whether they realize it or not) they are starting to notice that his words matter far less than his actions. He is deftly forcing them to agree with his policies in spite of their objections.

International Response

The consistency of his rhetoric is also making changes in the international scene. Most of Europe was outspoken against Trump during his campaign, but his recent speech at the UN was one of his most aggressive yet, and it garnered little condemnation.

Even Russia and China are begrudgingly agreeing with his no-nonsense stance on North Korea. Leaders around the world admitted that North Korea’s weapons program must desist immediately or the country will face annihilation.

This change from a year ago is partly because of the swiftly advancing threat of North Korea, but the international acceptance of the harshest words used in 50 years is the result of Trump employing his most important strategy.

A Working Plan

Even a brief skim through The Art of the Deal will make everything clear. Trump uses outrage as a form of political capital. When he negotiates, he likes to start with an outlandish offer to soften the blow of his real goal. You could see this when he mentioned a 50-percent tariff against Mexico, even though a 5-percent hike would do the job.

In terms of political currency, he has intentionally said the most offensive things he could imagine to incite outrage. Getting his opponents acclimated to extreme stances makes them much more malleable to reasonable change. This is most obvious with his DACA overturn. He certainly upset a lot of people with the move, but he forced the issue on Congress, and now both parties are backed into a corner. Trump has made immigration an urgent issue, and the left is actually willing to compromise, because they can concede stronger enforcement to fight against completely closed borders.

Moving Forward

There is more at stake than individual political arguments. America is suffering from oversensitivity. It is crippling our once unparalleled institutions of higher learning. Trump saw the issue, and he has already flipped the script on several classic battles.

The same liberals who argued for the right to burn American flags are now being caught red-handed opposing legitimate free speech.

On the other side, the ultimate progressive institution, Harvard, has backpedaled quickly on some of their most left-leaning stances. They revoked Chelsea Manning’s fellowship and have largely quieted their previously vociferous oppositions of Trump.

In all, Trump is using real leadership on a level we haven’t seen in ages. He isn’t just trying to get the government to function. He is inspiring the American people to face and fix their own problems with no government intervention whatsoever. The fact that he can galvanize supporters and opponents to the same causes so expertly is his most impressive feat, and it is the core of his plan to make America great again. He will continue to push buttons, and as the left is forced to get over their sensitivities, he is drawing America’s polarized climate to the fore so we can resolve it ourselves without a second civil war.

~ American Liberty Report