How Trump Is Fixing the Iran Nuclear Deal

We know the Iran deal was terrible, but it all happened just long enough ago that it’s easy to forget the worst parts. Obama praised himself when he convinced Iran to stop enriching uranium. He restored billions of dollars to their economy and gave them a free hand on a number of operations that are just as threatening to global security as enriched uranium, but he is still the one with the Nobel Peace Prize.

President Trump has not forgotten the dangers of this deal, and he is already taking direct action to correct it.

The Game Plan

Trump’s dealings with Iran are as direct and deliberate as everything else he does. He has outright threatened to decertify Obama’s Iran deal. If he did, the U.S. would be free to renew economic sanctions against the country, and without American backing, the other major countries that signed the deal could follow suit. Those include France, China, Germany, Russia and the UK.

Dissolving the deal would put Iran right back where they were in 2015. Harsh economic sanctions and international scrutiny were piled upon the nation, and they were in danger of destabilizing as a result. Critics have already spoken against Trump’s hardline approach, but it is getting fast results.

Iran’s Response

Iran’s public response has been to criticize Trump. They point out that the other nations in the agreement remain committed to it. They wear a bold face, but the true power of Trump’s threat is shown by Iran’s actions behind closed doors. They have offered to renegotiate their ballistic missile program to keep Obama’s deal intact. Let’s talk about how big a deal this is.

Throughout discussions when Obama was in office, the Iranians held the position that their ballistic missile development was entirely defensive and non-negotiable. Obviously, a ballistic missile program is not defensive. The whole point is to strike nations far removed from your borders.

While that much of the stance was an obvious lie, no one realized that the second part was a simple bluff. Trump hasn’t actually done anything, yet. The potential actions he can (and has threatened to) take sent Iran scrambling.

The previous non-negotiable terms were the first offered in response. Now, Iran will likely fight to keep at least some measures of the program intact, but there is no question that Trump has been able to push them closer to a peaceful agreement than Obama ever could. Even scaling back the ballistic missile development operations is a huge win.

The Bigger Picture

To the uninformed, this might seem like a minor deal. It could easily appear that Trump is just being petty for the sake of opposing things Obama did in office. Serious scrutiny of Obama’s Iran deal makes it clear why it is important for Trump to act now.

For all of the problems of the deal, not least of which was abandoning Americans to a terrible fate within Iranian borders, the biggest threat is the so-called sunset clause. Obama’s deal has an expiration date: 2025. In less than 10 years, Iran can go right back to enriching uranium.

In the meantime, they are exploiting weaknesses in the deal to develop nuclear delivery systems and work on alternative nuclear weapons without violating it outright. In other words, Iran is charging forward with every part of a full nuclear armament. The only thing slowing them at all is a hiatus on enriching uranium, something they already know how to do and can easily supply as a final step or sooner if they are willing to violate the agreement.

Trump isn’t making a wise, farsighted move to protect America. He is responding to a real and urgent threat. We can only be thankful that his skills in negotiation are proving so potent. Getting Iran to back away from ballistic missile production is one of the most important things our nation can do right now. Without those efforts, we are looking at an inevitable sequel to our decades-long North Korea crises. Only, we could expect Iran’s version to be far more terrifying and difficult to resolve, as they aren’t geographically pinned by two of the largest and most dangerous militaries in the world.

~ American Liberty Report