Hypocrisy in Liberal Racism

The tragedy in Las Vegas was terrible, and it deserves our attention. Still, we shouldn’t let it blind us to other things happening in the country. One of those is a renewed surge from the left. They’re scrambling to rally under any banner they can find, and they have injected new vigor to their propaganda campaign. They’re determined to accuse Trump and his camp of racism. Trump isn’t perfect, and it’s entirely possible that some of his actions and policies can lead to unintended racial backlash. For now, we’re going to call out the lies from the left and point out just a handful of times that Obama and Trump have shared a position. We’ll see that the left lauded Obama and called Trump racist for a handful of identical situations.

Dr. Seuss

It’s frustrating to even write this. We have to address liberal claims that Dr. Seuss is nothing more than racist propaganda. How did that happen?

Melania Trump had the audacity to donate books to schools. In the upside down world of the left, anything from the Trump camp is automatically racist. Just in case you missed it, a school librarian by the name of Liz Phipps Soeiro turned away a donation of Dr. Seuss books sent by Melania Trump. Soeiro claimed to do so because Dr. Seuss is “racist propaganda” and “a bit of a cliché.”

As outrageous as this sounds, we haven’t touched on the worst of it. Twitter users had a heyday posting “racist” photos of Michelle Obama reading those same books to countless school children during her time as First Lady. In fact, there have even been photos posted of Soeiro herself reading Dr. Seuss.

The most infuriating and frustrating part of this, is that even with photo proof of the left embracing Dr. Seuss, they’re sticking with the racist propaganda narrative. They’re so determined to prove that Trump is the evil they need him to be, they’ll deny children the chance to read and stick to this level of outlandishness.

Travel Ban

Of course, this isn’t the first time the left has flipped on their own narratives just for a chance to call Trump a racist. Remember the travel ban? They called it a Muslim ban and even convinced a federal judge to block it on accounts of racism.

Let’s start with the biggest blunder. There is no Muslim race. It’s a religion, and while religious discrimination is intolerable in America, calling a Muslim ban racist is just another example of the left choosing irrational narratives over logic. Had they been able to accuse Trump of religious discrimination, it actually would have been a stronger blow.

Regardless, the original travel ban was actually drafted by Obama and his administration. The only changes Trump made to it involved removing components that actively discriminated against Christian refugees. That’s right. Trump’s version of the travel ban was inherently less discriminatory than Obama’s.


The narrative goes so far that a Huffington Post article actually blames Trump directly for every hate crime committed since he was elected. It glosses over the fact that the bulk of these crimes are committed by Antifa. It also absolves Obama of any responsibility for the massive crime spree and riots committed by Black Lives Matter during his time. Let’s remember that Trump has actively condemned right-wing violence and neo Nazis. Obama never condemned any of the violence from BLM.

Trump is also condemned because he was endorsed by prominent racist figures, such as the head of the KKK. Trump never asked for those endorsements and has said as much publicly. The left never cared that Obama had two former KKK members in his staff. They also conveniently ignore his endorsement from the Black Panthers and the fact that he never tried to disassociate from that endorsement.

All of this leads to the notion the left wants to push: Donald Trump was only elected by racists because America is more racist than ever.

Let’s talk about that. Assuming it’s true, how did racism in America grow? Wasn’t Obama in power for the previous eight years? Are they suggesting he somehow increased racial tension in this country? We know the truth is as far from the left’s propaganda campaign as ever.

Exit polls show that Trump was elected over economic concerns and a general distrust of establishment and career politicians. Those same polls show that more than half of Obama voters cited the color of his skin as a primary reason to vote for him. Which president was elected by racism again?

~ American Liberty Report