Illiberal Gun Violence

Leftist politicians and media outlets have had their sights trained on the rights of gun owners for years. After the recent sensationalized shooting in San Bernardino, CA we saw them rush to attack the anti-2nd amendment. We saw journalists, public servants, and PC drones from Twitter rush to start calling for restrictions on the right to bear arms.

The most charitable interpretation of this is to assume they really believed the shootings must have been carried out by straight white, Christian men. Of course, it may also be possible that the people who tweeted for restrictions on the rights of a huge group of people based on gender, skin color, and sexual orientation- were simply employing a calculated political tactic.

But the story gets worse. When one realizes that while certain gun violence stories are writ large on the 24-hour news cycle, other stories get next to zero coverage on the larger media outlets like CNN, and MSNBC.

An early example which set the issue on the radar took place in 2009 when a man, protesting against attacks on 2nd amendment rights just outside the Phoenix town hall where President Obama was giving a speech became the scapegoat for an anti-gun rights perspective.

The report suggested the man was inciting racially charged hatred against the president. He was openly carrying at least two guns, including one AR-15, in order to promote his right to do so.

The MSNBC coverage told us everything about the story, except that the subject was a black man. The camera hovered over the man’s gun-laden hip and the clip was cut just before recording the man’s face or hand. The commentators went on to claim that this was an aggressive, racially motivated gesture aimed at the President.

The anchor who introduced the story saying, “You have an African American President giving a speech, and racist white people showing up with guns.”

This type of bias was made clear in the disparity between the coverage of the shooting in Southern California, and the November 22nd shooting in Louisiana. It happened Sunday, just one and half weeks before the California shooting. Seventeen people were wounded by a shooter in a playground during a block party, and the shooter was an African-American male.

There was no political grandstanding on Twitter, no specious speculation from photogenic commentators or anchors on CNN or MSNBC. The story could scarcely be found on a national outlet to give it anything more than a run on the crawler at the bottom of your screen.

There wasn’t a peep from leading liberal Twitterer, Sally Kohn. Piers Morgan spared us his usual moralizing. The Daily Kos was unusually quiet. The Huffington Post admonished us not to let the Charleston church shooting by supposed KKK Grand Wizard Dylann Roof get “lost in the noise.”

The Huffington Post doesn’t want us to forget the story that supports the liberal narrative. But when it comes to a shooting carried out by a black man, the public is practically forbidden to hear a peep.

The only conclusion we can draw from this is that these news outlets and leftist commentators who are so anxious to display their own virtue have a view of the world that they are trying to push on the public at the expense of the facts. It is a view of the world where African Americans cannot hold conservative views, that black people are always the victims of violence at the hands of the state and supposedly institutionally enfranchised white men.

We are meant to be afraid of guns in the hands of Caucasian males, and ignore the danger posed by guns in the hands of people with brown skin. We live in a culture where just being a Republican can earn a talk show guest a seat on the wrong side of the table, and accusations of being secretly endorsed by the NRA.

There’s another, equally odious, side to this hypocritical coin, and we saw it when the real identities of the San Bernardino shooters were revealed. It turned out that they were actually Islamic terrorists, and that their neighbor next door knew they were planning an attack- but declined to inform the authorities for fear of being labeled as racist.

Welcome to PC culture gone off the rails. This is where the cult of multiculturalism becomes dangerous. It is weaponized identity politics, and it is costing us civilian lives.

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