Is Jeff Sessions about to Drop the Hammer on the FBI?

Since the mainstream media now functions as the full-time press office for the Democrat Party, it might surprise most people to learn that the Department of Justice has been conducting a full-scale investigation of the FBI for the past eleven months. When you think about all of the leaks that have come out this year from the White House and from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s sham Russiagate investigation, it’s amazing to consider the tight ship that Attorney General Jeff Sessions must be running. Nobody saw this investigation coming!

Now that the very existence of the investigation is known, the usual suspects are circling the wagons and preemptively tweeting to try to shape public perception, but it looks like it’s too late for them. There’s a very real possibility that Jeff Sessions is about to drop the hammer on the FBI. This could shake Washington to its core, but that is exactly what needs to happen. In fact, it’s about time!

Here is everything we know about AG Sessions’ swamp-draining investigation so far.

First, the Office of the Inspector General at the Department of Justice has been leading the review of the FBI at Sessions’ request. Inspector General Michael Horowitz says the OIG is very close to announcing its findings. That’s what has people like Loretta Lynch and James Comey suddenly tweeting about how the FBI was a pillar of virtue while they were running the place for Obama and Hillary.

The OIG was instructed to investigate James Comey’s July 5, 2016 public announcement that Crooked Hillary would not be indicted for her illegal server and for potentially leaking Top Secret classified information to foreign governments. The OIG is also looking into whether “improper considerations” went into not only Comey’s announcement, but also into the letters that Comey sent to Congress in October and November of 2016. We already know of course that the outcome of the investigation was decided months before Comey announced that he was letting Hillary get away scot-free.

The OIG is also examining whether Comey should have recused himself from the Clinton investigation. As we have reported previously and as confirmed by Breitbart News, James Comey is a multimillionaire because of his private sector work previous to being appointed FBI Director by Obama. Comey worked for Lockheed Martin and negotiated weapons contracts worth billions of dollars with the Clinton-run State Department. Oh, and Lockheed Martin was donating cash to the Clinton Foundation while Comey was negotiating those contracts. Comey should never have been allowed within a thousand feet of the Clinton investigation, but he did not recuse himself and ultimately let Hillary go without filing charges.

Bombshell Item: The OIG is investigating whether the former Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs, an Obama appointee named Peter J. Kadzik, leaked non-public information to the Clinton campaign during the investigation.

Holy cow! That’s the kind of allegation that should have US Attorneys salivating. That’s handcuff time, folks. Kadzik is not accused of leaking information to the press or to Hillary herself, but to her campaign. With an actual free press that was interested in reporting the facts to the American people, that would be the lead item on every newscast every single night for a week straight. But have you heard this information before this? Neither had we.

It’s time to drain the swamp and not a moment too soon. This is exactly the type of swamp-draining action the American people have been waiting for. The Obama administration did tremendous damage to the FBI and it may take years to restore public confidence in the bureau. But it needs to happen.

Just look at the information that’s come out recently about Special Agent Peter Strzok. This is the guy who was sending anti-Trump texts to his FBI mistress. The allegations against Strzok are so bad that Robert Mueller had to kick him off of the fake Russiagate investigation.

Strzok was the guy who oversaw the FBI interview of Hillary Clinton at the tail end of Comey’s fake investigation of the illegal server. You know, the interview that the FBI failed to record and which was done off-the-record and in which Clinton was not placed under oath. Strzok also watered down the FBI findings in the entire sham.

Extracurricular, adulterous affairs are against FBI regulations, but rather than firing him, current FBI Director Christopher Wray reassigned Strzok. Add Director Wray to the list of people who may be in serious trouble when the OIG findings are released.

What does it say about Robert Mueller’s investigation that Strzok was selected as part of the Russiagate team?

Mueller’s investigation was supposed to be looking into Russian election interference in 2016. Mueller, Strzok and company indicted Lieutenant General Mike Flynn over his misstatements during an FBI interview in January of 2017. When was the election again? February?

So Mike Flynn gets indicted because he was naive enough to be interviewed by the FBI without an attorney present and he gets indicted. But Strzok lets Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin and their entire cartel off the hook for possibly leaking classified intelligence to North Korea, Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, Harvey Weinstein and who knows who else. Way to go, FBI! You’re not looking politicized at all!

Right after the Justice Department announced the existence of the OIG investigation, President Trump tweeted that the FBI is in tatters. This prompted James Comey, former Attorney General Eric Holder and five-second Acting Attorney General Sally Yates (who held the office for mere moments before Trump fired her in spectacular, much-needed fashion) all began furiously tweeting about how strong and independent the FBI is. Looks like the swamp is getting nervous!

Prediction: When the OIG findings are released, as they will be shortly, the news will be so big that the media will be forced to cover it. We can’t wait!