Israel’s Wall is a Total Deterrent to Illegal Aliens

For all of the talk about how a border wall will not work, will be too expensive, is impossible to build and is somehow racist, why won’t Congress look at some real-world examples of other countries that have put up walls to block out invaders? Our only ally in the Middle East has a perfect example of a border wall and we can compare the effectiveness of that structure to the claims of the Democrat and RINO Republican wall critics. Luckily for us, Israel just released some numbers!

Israel has had an illegal immigration problem stemming from its wide-open border with Egypt for the past few years. For many decades, Egypt helped to control its border and dissuaded illegals from other parts of Africa from trying to pass through its country. Then Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton happened.

After helping to oust Egypt’s legitimate government in the so-called “Arab Spring,” and installing Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood terrorist friends in power, Egypt stopped helping to mind the border. In fact, Egypt pretty much ceased being an actual country and fell into what could be considered a “failed state” status for a while, until the military took over and arrested all of Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood terrorist friends. During that whole process, border security was not a high priority.

Some 16,000 illegal aliens flooded across Israel’s border in 2011 during the Arab Spring. While that sounds like just another average Tuesday in America with Obama watching the border, that is a lot of illegal aliens for the tiny nation of Israel to absorb. Thousands continued to flood in as Egypt went through its turmoil.

In response, Benjamin Netanyahu’s government immediately sprang into action and constructed a 150-mile wall along its border with Egypt. Any guesses as to whether it was effective or not?

Well, we don’t have to guess because we have hard numbers. By 2016, the total number of illegal aliens that somehow slipped through had plummeted from 16,000 a year down to 20. That’s two-zero. Twenty! This is what it looks like when a government protects the lives, property and economic interests of its own citizens, by the way.

In 2017, the number dropped to zero. Israel no longer has any illegal aliens sneaking across its border with Egypt. The wall has obviously worked as such a total deterrent that the vast majority of potential illegal invaders no longer even bother trying to get in. The illegals must not have read all of those clever Democrat tweets about how ladders defeat walls!

At any rate, the media and Congress seem to want to ignore this real-world example of an impermeable border wall that serves to protect against illegal immigration and terrorism. They would much rather call President Trump a racist and see how that works out as a border security plan.

While we’re on the subject of walls and whether they work or not, it turns out that the world is filled with nations that are racist toward other nations. Here are some examples.

Pakistan is building a 1,500-mile wall along its border with Afghanistan. The vast majority of Americans cannot tell a Pakistani from an Afghan, but apparently the racists in Pakistan care about the differences a great deal. Saudi Arabia and Iraq constructed a 550-mile wall to delineate their border, which was completed in 2014. India is building an astonishing 3,400 miles of barriers to wall itself off from Bangladesh, Burma and Kashmir. India must not have received the memo from the Democrat Party that it is IMPOSSIBLE to build a wall that long!

The African nations of Botswana and Zimbabwe collaborated on building a 310-mile wall in 2003 to keep each other apart. China and North Korea are building a 900-mile wall on their shared border to stem illegal immigration. Malaysia and Thailand have proposed a 400-mile border wall to separate the two nations and prevent illegal border crossings.

It turns out that approximately three dozen nations aside from America either are constructing or already have constructed significant border walls to protect against terrorism, drug smuggling and illegal immigration. Why don’t we ever hear about these racist walls built by racist countries? Don’t these countries know that border walls do not work?

Apparently the “walls are racist” standard only applies to the United States of America when a Republican is in the White House. All other walls seem to work with 100 percent effectiveness, like Israel’s, and are not a reflection of racism.

~ American Liberty Report

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