Jordan Peterson: Conservative’s Key to Destroying the Left

Over the last month or so, a new name has entered the political arena: Jordan Peterson. If you haven’t heard of him, google him or go to YouTube and watch a few of his videos. You won’t regret it.

His story is interesting. It shows a relatively normal human being reacting to the insanity of the far left. It also serves as a sort of allegory for the left wing movement over the past two years.

Taking a few minutes to get to know Peterson and his story will prove enlightening. You’ll see the keys to destroying the left. Most importantly, you’ll see why they failed in the last election and why the current outlook for their future is extremely dark.

Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist in Toronto and a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. As a Canadian psychologist, he isn’t particularly conservative. In fact, he’s about as middle of the road as it gets.

He’s been working in his field for close to 30 years and has never been a controversial figure, until recently. His refusal to bow to the demands of the radical left put him in a difficult situation, and it is his responses to that situation that have given him sudden fame. If you follow his ordeals and watch the videos, the overlying theme that you’ll find is unwavering calm and professionalism in the face of the worst vitriol the left has to offer. And, his ability to maintain that demeanor has scathed the left on multiple occasions.

A Call to Arms

The major news stories around Peterson began when the city of Toronto enacted a new local law. They made it a finable offense for educators to be caught using the “wrong” pronoun with non-cisnormative students. In plain English, teachers have to use whatever cockamamie made up words their students decide they like. If not, they’ll be fined big time and potentially face criminal charges.

Peterson responded to this situation as any sane human would: he called it an assault on free speech. He went public with his opinions, standing up to his university’s administration and publishing YouTube videos. He made it clear that there is a large line between banning speech and requiring.

While he might be tolerant of laws that don’t allow you to threaten killing the president, compelling the use of certain words and phrases is a clear violation of free speech. Now, all of this happened in Canada, but the lessons apply perfectly in the U.S.

In the Trenches

Since Peterson didn’t immediately acquiesce to the dangerous new law, he was immediately branded as transphobic and hateful. The crazy part is that Peterson is a practicing psychologist and professor who has never “mis-gendered” a student in his career. Such an event would have made news long before this fiasco. His point was that compelling speech is dangerous.

Regardless, he came face to face with the social justice warriors. He organized a free speech rally at his campus to protest the new law. As you can predict, the SJWs showed up in force. Many cameras on both sides recorded the clash, and the result was all winning for Peterson.

The SJWs tried to shout over everything he said. When he remained calm, they resorted to outright violence. Still, he never rose to the bait, and now there is immortal video proof of which side was calm and rational and which was a simple mob of deranged maniacs. His legacy grew.

The Cathy Newman Interview

This story hit true virility when Peterson agreed to be interviewed by Cathy Newman. If you don’t know anything about her, here’s the short list: she’s a radical feminist social justice warrior member of left-wing media. The interview of Peterson turned into more of a debate between the two of them as they discussed the gender pay gap and the patriarchy. Those topics already had Newman triggered before any discussion began, but what resulted was a thing of true beauty.

Newman relentlessly probed Peterson for key phrases that she and her ilk could condemn. In the process, he refuted the pay gap and a number of feminist talking points with pure science. She tried again and again to trick him into saying something stupid, but he never faltered. He continuously corrected her when she tried to warp her words, and the interview ended with her conceding that the right not to be offended isn’t a right at all. She has since retracted the concession, but watching the moment unfold in her own interview is one of the most gratifying bits of film on the internet today.

Since Rising to Prominence

Peterson never set out to destroy the liberal fringe. They attacked him for standing up to their ridiculous requests, and his amazing coolness in the face of it all did the work for him. Since his story has become so well known, he has been invited to speak with countless interviewers and groups, and has become something of a centralizing figure for Canadian and American conservatives.

It’s almost comical that the liberals have made him into a conservative hero. They marginalized him and completely shoved him into the far right, and now he has helped countless conservatives find eloquent responses to the stupidity we hear every day.

The story of Peterson is really just the personification of the story of the left over the past few years. They abandoned all notions of compromise and rationality as they sunk deeper into the nether regions of Marxism and its accompanying insanity. The result of their every growing radicalization was the alienation of anyone who ever dared consider themselves a moderate liberal.

The entire base has been shoved to the right, and we have welcomed them openly. It’s been almost amusing to watch so many former Democrats embrace the 2nd Amendment, deregulation for a robust economy, tighter borders and slew of other traditional conservative ideologies. Really, it is the stupidity of the far left that elected Donald Trump, and it is that stupidity that is ensuring his success.

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