Late Night with the Republican Party

It’s Friday so I’ll try to lighten things up a bit.

This week several of the candidates appeared on late night talk shows.  There were some funny moments along with the candidates getting their message across.

Ted Cruz did a great job dealing with Stephen Colbert.  To call Colbert and his audience left of center would be an understatement, as can be seen by some boos.

At least Colbert showed some class by quieting the crowd.

My favorite part was Ted Cruz’s answer to a question regarding his conservative stance to which Cruz replied:

“What I’m fighting for are very simple principles live within our means, stop bankrupting our kids and grandkids, and follow the constitution.”

How can you not be for that message?  These are the principles you’d hope all candidates follow.

However, Colbert tried to quibble back by adding… “And no gay marriage”

Then Cruz came back with this great reply…

“Let’s be precise.  Under the constitution marriage is a question for the states…  The 10th amendment says if it doesn’t mention it, it’s a question for the states… If you want to change the marriage laws, I believe in democracy, and I don’t think we should entrust governing our society to five unelected lawyers in Washington.”

He also won over some laughs by telling Colbert to ask Trump, his guest the following day, if he would donate to his campaign.

Next, Donald Trump took the hot seat on Stephen Colbert’s late night.  Some of the highlights include Trump talking about our debt in the US.  He talked about our debt currently sitting at $19 trillion and immediate action being necessary:

“When you get up to 24 trillion that’s like a magic number… They say it’s the number when we become a large scale version of Greece”

Trump nails it here.  To me our debt is the biggest issue we face.  This out of control spending needs to be reined in by whoever the next president is.

A surprising part in the interview is when Donald Trump talks about building the wall between US and Mexico.  This topic received quite a few cheers from the audience.

Now, these could have been some Trump supporters in the crowd.  However, this reaction leads me to believe that the idea of building a wall is less of a partisan issue then many of us have thought.

Towards the end of the interview Colbert and Trump played a silly game to see who said which quote Trump or Colbert.  Before taking over as host of the Late Show, Colbert hosted a show on Comedy Central called Colbert Report.  On that show he played a satirical over the top conservative character.

So Colbert read off a series of quotes some coming from Trump some coming from his former character.  Trump was easily able to identify his quotes from those of Colbert’s character.

The other interview this week was Carly Fiorina appearing on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon started off the interview by extolling, “Clearly you won the last debate”

It continued with them discussing Fiorinas rise as she was not in the last main debate.  With Fiorina even referring to other section of the first debate she was in as, “The Happy Hour Debate”.

Carly did have some jabs as well when she said that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have a lot in common.

She also responded to some comments made by Ben Carson saying she would be OK with a Muslim president.  With her saying:

“I think that’s wrong.  It says in our constitution that Religion cannot be a test for public office”

The lightest part of the interview came when Fallon got Fiorina to share a song she sings to her dogs Snickers and Max.  It was cute, but I don’t think she’ll be on the next season of American Idol.

Well that’s all for today.  Below today’s sponsor message I’ve included links to all 3 full interviews just in case you wanted to check them out.

The quality on each isn’t great, but they were the only full interviews I could find.

Full Late Night Interviews

Ted Cruz (Only partial. Full interview was taking down before publishing)

Donald Trump

Carly Fiorina

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