Latino Supporters Rally behind Trump

You’ve been told for years that the left is the group supporting minorities in the country. It’s assumed by mainstream media that all minority voters will always be Democrats. All the left has to do to secure any election is cut into the uneducated, low-class white vote.

These are all lies and a sad attempt to discredit the notion of conservatism in America. Actively debunking these claims is important to help rational Americans band together and keep the left from destroying the home we so love. With that in mind, we’re going to take a hard look at Latino voters in America and see how left they really lean.

MSNBC Investigation

Recently, an MSNBC reporter visited a Latino radio station to ask the host (a known Trump supporter) and his callers if they were happy with Trump’s performance so far. The reporter, Jacob Soboroff, was looking to rub in their faces everything that Trump has done wrong so far. He was clearly stunned by the responses he received.

While Soboroff harped on insensitive things Trump has said about Latinos, the callers on the show responded by citing improved GDP growth and other economic factors. They pointed out how the nation is more secure and running better in general since Trump took over.

As Soboroff was increasingly shut down by the unrelenting facts of the callers, he turned more and more to race baiting. They weren’t having it. A strong body of Latinos showed that they were immune to liberal media tactics and stuck with the truth. This one, rather enjoyable instance is indicative of a trend across the country.

A Growing Body

The election last year stunned many people. Trump walked away with 28 percent of the Hispanic vote. That was a notch better than Romney in the previous election, and it was crucial to clinching Florida by a shocking margin. If you discount the estimated 2 million illegal votes, Trump’s share grows even more.

Since the election, Trump’s Latino support base has grown. While liberal media pushes their narrative that Trump and everything he does is so racist it’s alienating everyone who isn’t a Nazi, a series of polls show that Trump is favored by more than 30 percent of voting Latinos.

As our dear radio callers have proven, educated voters, no matter their race or ethnicity, are interested in raw facts, and those facts all point to Trump being the best president we’ve seen in a long time.


What won’t surprise you is that immigration is a top priority point for the growing Latino base. Exit polls showed that this was a huge issue in last November’s election, and each piece of immigration policy to come from Trump’s administration has been backed by more and more Hispanic voters.

The improved efficiency of ICE, dramatic reductions of illegal crossings, swift deportations and sudden drop in border crime all unequivocally show that Trump is winning on immigration, and those most directly affected are happy about it. All of these things continue to stump the left, but any rational person can understand why people who legally cross the border will be the most staunch supporters of better border security.

Endorsing illegal immigration is a slap in the face to everyone who did it the right way, and it threatens to allow the problems they tried to leave behind to follow them into the U.S.

Identity Politics

All of this is ultimately a lesson in the failure of identity politics. The left has to tell voters what to believe and why they are needed. Trump’s very existence is a wakeup call and opportunity for everyone who was disenfranchised by the left’s tactics.

Latin Americans aren’t a single body, as liberals like to claim. They are as stratified and diverse as any subgroup in our great country, and their shifting votes are clear proof of concept. There are plenty of progressives in southern California. And, of course millions of illegal voters (emphasis on the word voters) will continue to lean left.

But, the rest of the country is filled with a growing Latino population that has the education and experience to not fall for the trap of identity politics. Those votes have been steadily moving to the right, and they were a major component in electing Trump.

If trends continue, Trump has a good chance of capturing half of the Latino vote in his next election. Such a trend spells the end of the Democrats’ claim on minority interests across America and could force them to completely restructure. All of this assumes that illegal voting won’t be curbed, but Trump is hard at work to fix that problem too.

~ American Liberty Report

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