Leftism: How the Frankfurt School Poisoned the Classical Liberal Mind

Over the last ten years the ideological left has been pushing an agenda which, by its effects, appears to be designed to destroy the fabric of western society. It isn’t just America that’s come under fire by cultural Marxism. Canada, England and practically all of Europe have exhibited suicidal tendencies toward poisonous self-censorship.

Recently, a Canadian man was threatened with prison for disagreeing with a feminist. European women have fallen under a real rape culture at the hands of strident Muslim refugees, only to be ignored by their leaders who fear- above all else- being called ‘Islamophobeic.’

Meanwhile, in California- Yes-Means-Yes laws have found their ways onto the books making it possible for a woman to have a man convicted of rape only if he cannot prove that he had permission at every stage of a sexual encounter.

It would seem that western society has been force fed self-loathing over issues of slavery, women’s suffrage, and civil rights for so long that it has actually begun to run a razor up its collective arm.

These are just pin pricks of the damage done by a movement that appears to want to destroy the entire power-base of nations by attacking where they are strongest. It is precisely the things that made America strong that have fallen under the cross hairs of Cultural Marxism.

The male breadwinner, the family unit, the free market, maleness, and whiteness have all been labeled as ‘problematic’ and ‘regressive.’ But why? Simply because this is where the power and security of the nation has stood.

But where did the movement come from, why is it still here, and who stands to gain from it? It came from a place called simply, The Frankfurt School.

Originally founded in Nazi Germany- the school, brainchild of Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, and Herbert Marcuse, succeeded in melding the ideas of Carl Marx and Sigmund Freud into an ideology known as Critical Theory.

Not so much a theory as a method of political destabilization- Critical Theory has become the main line weapon of leftists in their constant attack on norms and authority.

Many people are mystified by Critical Theory simply because it is not so much a theory as it is a method of forming hostile rhetoric to which an authoritative entity cannot respond except by violence or concession.

The critical theorist begins by discovering the historical root of the person, institution, or idea they wish to assault. They go back far enough to find a period of time when their target, or its predecessor, was behaving in an unjust way- then the critical theorist applies the bygone motives of the unjustified past to the actions of the present.

This gives the appearance of having de-legitimized the authority of their target. The critical theorist need not worry about the current facts or present day situation, as long as they can say that the authority of their opponent is not legitimate because of past abuses.

From there, the critical theorist goes on to accuse their opponent of having unjust motives and of abusing their power. In this way males are told they are oppressive to women just for being male. Whites are told they are oppressive just for being white. And so on.

This Politically Correct movement has moved its way into the halls of power through the virtue that being perceived as a victim seems to lend them. This is why leftists rarely seem to have a strong grasp of history- they only need to know enough history to find fault with their target. But they are not immune to their own tactic, and this is where conservatives stand to regain ground from these destructive ideologues.

The Frankfurt School came to America shortly before the beginning of World War II. It began in Nazi Germany as an effort to fight back against the Third Reich.

Critical Theory was devised as a way to unseat Nazi power. Unfortunately, for the Frankfurt School, the Nazi’s did not have the moral fiber to concede to their demands and chose tyranny.

So the school fled to the US, where it continued its Marxist plan by aiming it at capitalism and democracy. It installed itself in our academic institutions, where it remains to this day.

American universities have a huge influence over our lawmakers, and the end result is that many ideals of the left, which should be considered matters of personal belief, are now enshrined in law.

The result in recent years has been the uprising of Victim Culture, where claiming to have been sexually molested gets a person an automatic pass in arguments and in college classes, where being male on a college campus puts one at risk of being accused of rape and expelled even before any proof can be brought to trial.

This is the legacy of Political Correctness. It is a weapon designed to silence, shame, and destabilize. It hinges not on reason or facts but on grievance. It was created to destroy, not to build- and it is eroding the firmament of our culture.



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Frankfurt School and Critical Theory