Liberal Businesses are Plummeting

Every other day you hear about a new important boycott for devout members of the left. Some business has offended their self-righteousness, so they’re going to punch that business right in the wallet. What you don’t hear about are major businesses folding from these efforts. Aside from local cake and wedding stores being illegally harassed by the government, left-wing boycotts are in many ways a good sign.

On the other side of the coin, conservative boycotts are less frequent, and they tend to hurt. Conservatives will typically leave a business to its own, but if you openly attack America or her core values, then you might see the full might of a real boycott. Let’s look at some of the more prominent examples from the past year and see if it pays to be a liberal. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t.


Let’s start with the left’s favorite department chain. Target was blunt in their support of transgender bathroom swapping. They made it national policy to let anyone use whatever bathroom they saw fit. The left vowed to support them for this. The right vowed boycotts.

Within two months Target was trying to backtrack and created uni-gender bathrooms to appease the right, but the damage was done. As of now, they are set to close over a dozen stores nationwide in the face of falling revenue and stock prices. Unless they get a Christmas miracle, more stores will follow next year.

Let’s not overlook a simple fact. The left and the right both put their money where their mouth is. Target isn’t exactly a haven for America’s wealthy elite. When the everyday citizens made a stand, the right won. Handley. Again.


ESPN was once the worldwide leader in sports. Over the last few years, they abandoned nonpartisan entertainment and jumped on the left-wing bandwagon. On air, multiple personalities have insulted Trump, supported BLM, sided with anthem protestors and put up a liberal front across the board. Too late, they realized the error of their ways.

After 300 layoffs in 2016, 100 more in April and another 100 set to hit over Thanksgiving, ESPN is trying to crack down on liberal broadcasting. The most outspoken personalities are getting the axe, but America’s backbone has already proven that they are done with liberal media. ESPN is consistently losing 10,000 subscribers a month. Perhaps the network’s smoking remains will be reformed into a real sports network.


You knew this was coming. The NFL was faced with some tough choices. Use the explicit details of player contracts to show solidarity with America and her brave soldiers, or, pander to the whims of a few dozen felons and thugs. Ok, maybe it wasn’t such a tough choice. That didn’t stop the NFL from casting with the wrong side, and viewership has plummeted in response.

Since 2010, ratings grew like clockwork every year for America’s most popular sport. It peaked with a record-setting 2015 super bowl, and the decline has come since. Last year, the protests were smaller and contained, and many Americans weren’t ready to boycott the whole league over the actions of just one player. This year, true colors were shown and the network lost five percent of its viewership in a single month.


Many liberals make excuses for ESPN and the NFL. They point out that TV ratings across the board are in decline. That much is true, but there’s a clear trend. Liberal media is declining. More specifically, primetime TV is down a full eight points from last year. A big chunk of this is from people abandoning liberal news broadcasts. While ABC, NBC and CBS have seen as much as a 20-percent dip in primetime news viewership, Fox News is up 27 percent from last year.

While Fox is an imperfect network, the numbers don’t lie. The American people have grown intolerant of liberal-controlled media, and by speaking with our wallets, we’re finally killing the beast.

Hobby Lobby

Let’s look at the other side. Hobby Lobby is in a constant battle with Chick-fil-A to claim the prize as the left’s most hated business. Hobby Lobby currently holds the title. They’re privately owned and wildly successful. That would be enough to garner liberal hate, but the company is also openly Christian and has refused to pay for abortions for their employees. How dare they! The left has been adamantly boycotting Hobby Lobby for almost half a decade.

Now, being privately owned, Hobby Lobby doesn’t have to disclose their fiscal data, so not much is known other than revenue reports. Those have been great. The company has grown by seven percent or more every year for the past half-decade. The total revenue for 2015 was $4 billion. That jumped to $4.3 billion last year, and they’re on track to hit at least $4.5 billion this year. It almost seems like being hated by liberals is one of the best ways to make money.

None of this comes as a surprise, but it’s reaffirming to see hard numbers support what we already knew. Liberals, like their vegan subgroups, are vocal. You always know who they are. They lack any shyness in spouting the latest and dumbest rhetoric, and being wrong never seems to give them pause.

Here’s living proof that liberals don’t understand the first thing about economics. The mainstream media lies to us and tells us that the right is fading into obscurity, and yet, we can see that top left-wing businesses are hemorrhaging money.

Meanwhile, the most vicious attacks the left can muster against businesses they hate have led to monstrous revenue growth. Fox News, Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby are all doing better than ever. Don’t let the loud and repetitive lies of the left wear you down. The good guys in America are actually in the best shape we’ve seen since Reagan.