Liberal Legacy: How Will We Turn the Country Around?

As the end of Barack Obama’s presidency looms near, the debate has begun in earnest over the legacy he leaves behind. Some see him as a champion of the poor, touting Obamacare as a way for more people to have affordable access to healthcare.

Others rightly cite Obamacare and other seemingly unilateral decisions as reckless–further destroying the middle class in an effort to force mediocre equality on those who would rather strive and struggle for greatness.

Understanding the depths of Obama’s failures is more than an exercise in rhetoric, as the next Republican president will have their work cut out for them when it comes to the task of rebuilding our country to its former glory.

In an editorial, the site explores the disastrous effect that Obama has had on our nation’s budget. Specifically, there’s the fact that total deficits in our nation will reach nine trillion dollars in the next decade due to Obama’s financial mismanagement.

There’s also the issue of public debt: claims that by the year 2026, more than 86% of our economy will actually be debt. This effect, of course, trickles down, creating long-lasting problems regarding the budget, What, then, is contributing to these costs spiraling out of control?

The costly failure of Obamacare is one of the primary offenders, as the government spent more in 2015 on various health programs than it did on social security. By 2026, a full third of our federal spending will be spent on health.

And while the notion of improving lives certainly sounds noble, the idea seems to resemble the notion of re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic: what use is it to focus so much on improving a handful of lives that we let the entire economy and countless others suffer?

This is why the next presidential candidate should do everything in his power to overturn Obamacare. Liberals decry such efforts as wasteful, seemingly believing that Obamacare is here to stay and that nothing can stop it.

However, as the numbers above indicate, successfully undoing this contentious aspect of Obama’s legacy would save the country TRILLIONS of misspent dollars. In an economy in which every dollar helps, this one simple move by our next President could improve the lives of countless hardworking Americans.

Of course, improving the lives of such Americans would require more bipartisan cooperation, but Obama has not excelled in this area. As the National Review reports, many aspects of Obama’s legacy–things ranging from executive amnesty of his Iran deal–are regulations rather than laws that would be able to outlast Obama’s presidency.

This hodge-podge of regulations and executive actions have a key flaw in them: it will be very easy for the next Republican president to use those same executive powers to undo many of the things comprising Obama’s legacy, such as the energy tax that takes even more money from those who have nothing left to give to the bottomless pit of Democrat greed.

Or, perhaps worse still, Obama’s proposed amnesty bill, which threatens to give legitimacy to millions of illegal immigrants who threaten the jobs and lifestyle of many of our citizens every day.

While undoing this and many other executive actions should be a high priority for the next Republican president, the larger lesson here is in the need for bipartisan support. Obama demonstrated time and again the impossibility of the wheels of government effectively turning when one man is bent on grinding them to a halt in the name of his own agenda.

The next president should focus on turning the problems that he inherits into an opportunity for national growth and bipartisan cooperation. We’ve seen exactly what Obama’s tactic of blaming all of his failures on the previous president has done for our country, and we cannot repeat this mistake again when a Republican takes the reins of this runaway country before it heads over a cliff.

It would be foolish for the next Republican president or his voters to assume that Obama’s legacy is one that is easily understood or easily fixed. At the same time, his presidency has presented an amazing opportunity for conservatives old and new: he is showing the kind of rampant excess spending in the pursuit of empty social gestures that liberal America specializes in.

Now that Americans know the cost of a Democrat president, they’ll know to vote for the man offering them a better world–and not just offering someone else’s money!






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