Liberal States Show Us the Wrong Way to Legalize Pot

Eight liberal states and the District of Columbia have now shown us the completely incorrect way to legalize recreational marijuana. California, Maine and Massachusetts are the latest states the join the rush to thwart clearly written and duly passed federal statutes regarding pot.

Even if you believe that marijuana should be legal for recreational use, Attorney General Jeff Sessions should be applauded for upholding the rule of law, which is bigger than the average pothead’s aspirations for a bag of chips.

None of these states have actually “legalized” marijuana, by the way. They have simply stated, through their legislatures, that they will ignore a federal law. Sorry, California, it doesn’t work that way in America!

The people elect a Congress. Congress writes a bill. A president signs that bill and it becomes the law of the land. You don’t get to pick and choose which federal laws to follow. The whole system breaks down if we run things that way. So just as Attorney General Jeff Sessions is now enforcing our federal immigration laws, he’s also going to enforce the federal marijuana laws.

Liberals, including the lawyers who wrote all of the “legalization” statutes for the blue states, always forget that the law is a double-edged sword. If the Justice Department does not step in and put a stop to these crazy state “legalization” methods, the left is really not going to like it when red states start playing by the same rules.

Picture the scenarios that are possible if California and Massachusetts are allowed to ignore federal marijuana laws. Mississippi could begin arresting the entire staff at every Planned Parenthood clinic and charging them all as accessories to murder. How about if Kansas decides to ignore all federal laws governing firearms sales?

The same double-edged sword concept applies when we allow the federal government to force private businesses to do things they don’t want to do, like bake cakes for gay weddings. By allowing this to stand, we’re saying in effect that government has the authority to force a black man to pick someone’s cotton. Ignoring federal laws isn’t as much fun now, is it, liberals?

The states that have done an end-run around federal marijuana laws know that they haven’t actually “legalized” pot. That’s why in every state that has voted to allow recreational use, the employment laws remain untouched.

Read this sentence very carefully, potheads: Even though it is now SUPER LEGAL to smoke pot in your home state, your employer has every right to fire you, with cause, when you fail a drug test.

Why is that, the potheads ask? Because you were used as a pawn and sold out by the very same attorneys who wrote the pot “legalization” bills. Those attorneys realized that if business owners lost the ability to fire stoners, the business community would have ponied up a ton of money to defeat their hilarious little pot #RESISTANCE movement. So the attorneys left all of the employment laws in place. Oh, you didn’t realize that, potheads? Sorry. Vladimir Lenin had a two-word term to describe people like you, and the first word was “useful.”

The opinion of most Americans on marijuana can probably be summed up closely to this: “I don’t care if you smoke pot until you’re blue in the face, but I don’t want you driving my child’s school bus or an ambulance, flying my plane or preparing my food.”

We’ve all seen the same scientific studies. Pilots in flight simulators were impaired 48 hours after being given a tiny bit of weak 1990s cannabis and they did not realize they were still impaired. Marijuana is a proven gateway drug. People who start smoking pot at age 14 still act like they’re 14 when they’re actually 45, because it dulls their emotional growth.

Look, if you really want to legalize pot for recreational use, there is a right way to do it and a California way to do it. Do it the right way. America has made changes or corrections to federal laws in the past, even when it was difficult to do so. Prohibition was a constitutional amendment, but no one today thinks it was a good idea to pass it. It took eleven years and a new constitutional amendment to overturn Prohibition, but America did it and it was done the right way.

If you want pot legalized for recreational use, have the Congress fix the law. Make your case to our Representatives and Senators. Tell them you want to be dull-witted and you want to smell like an exotic animal defecated in your shirt before you put it on today. A majority of Americans might actually get behind a federal pot legalization law, so long as the potheads are kept away from our school buses.

~ American Liberty Report

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