Lois Lerner Learned from the Best

It has been almost a full year since the “most transparent administration in history” left office and the cover-ups continue. Former IRS executive Lois Lerner is now asking a federal judge to permanently seal her taped deposition in a civil lawsuit against the IRS. Lerner was the career bureaucrat who ran the illegal operation to silence newly-formed Tea Party groups in the run-up to the 2012 election, effectively weaponizing the IRS against American citizens to help keep Obama in power.

After four and a half years’ worth of investigations, lawsuits, Freedom of Information Act requests and congressional hearings, we still know surprisingly little about the scandal that Lerner carried out. The cover-up began immediately when the public found out about the IRS’ actions, beginning with Barack Obama’s pre-judging of the investigation to declare that there was “not a smidgen of corruption” at the IRS. If Obama’s statement were true, why would Lois Lerner’s deposition need to be permanently sealed, as if her testimony were somehow akin to a national security issue?

Lerner’s attorneys asked a federal court judge to seal her deposition because she claims that her family members, including young children, will be physically harmed if the public ever finds out exactly what she did. This is classic projection from the Democrats, always accusing conservatives of the same things they are guilty of doing.

Think of every Tea Partier you know. Would any one of them resort to violence against the children or grandchildren of government officials in this situation? The answer is, of course not. Meanwhile, the Democrat Party’s army of masked Antifa thugs is punching housewives in the face and pepper spraying children for wearing MAGA hats. Nice try, Lerner.

The Obama administration always relied on the American public to either grow fatigued or become distracted to forget about its scandals. If they just wait long enough, we’ll grow weary of waiting for those documents on Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS targeting and so on.

Lerner learned her stall-and-delay tactics from the best. When former Attorney General Eric Holder ran out of time after refusing to turn over the Fast and Furious gun-running documents, after being ordered by a judge to do so, Obama finally stepped in and declared executive privilege. The judge should have slapped Eric Holder in handcuffs for contempt of court and by not doing so, it set the terrible precedent that the Obama administration would then live by.

The tens of thousands of documents related to Fast and Furious were shielded by executive privilege. The tens of thousands of Benghazi emails and pay-to-play Clinton Foundation deals were erased by Crooked Hillary’s magic server cloth. Lois Lerner’s emails were all magnetically erased by IRS agents after IRS Director John Koskinen promised Congress that he would preserve them.

“The dog ate my hard drive” was the continual excuse we received from everyone on Obama’s team. If there is one bright spot in this to share with you today, it is that the Trump administration is starting to disclose the truth about the many scandals of the previous administration, at least when it can learn the truth.

For example, the Trump administration has settled two Tea Party lawsuits against the IRS in the past month — one in Ohio and one in Washington, DC. The administration actually admitted that the illegal targeting took place and that it was intentional. The Obama administration had claimed that the targeting of Tea Party groups stopped after it became public, but we now know this is a lie, thanks to President Trump. His administration says Lois Lerner certainly did not stop targeting conservatives after the news broke. She continued doing it and simply didn’t tell her bosses in DC about it.

Lois Lerner wants to seal her deposition in a box and sink it to the bottom of the ocean, but we will never allow the American people to forget what she did. Lerner had IRS agents deliberately harass and silence Americans for their political beliefs and she did it to help Obama win reelection.

In one of the few surviving Lerner emails that was publicly released, Lerner stated that her team needed to do a “501c project” next year in response to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. That was the decision that would finally allow conservatives to have a level playing field with the Democrat Party’s public sector labor unions, and Lerner did not want that to stand. So, she did everything in her power to shut Obama’s opposition up.

Our hope is that the judge will deny her request to permanently seal Lerner’s deposition. Her emails may have been magnetically erased (which was possibly another crime in itself), but the truth is still out there and the American people deserve to know it.

~ American Liberty Report