“Lost” FBI Texts: The Swamp Begins to Panic

The Deep State is now resorting to what appear to be openly criminal acts as its operatives shift from offense to defense against the Trump administration. In the latest stage of the cover-up, the FBI has “lost” 50,000 text messages between FBI agent Peter Strzok and his paramour, agent Lisa Page, as well as messages from other FBI officials discussing Trump.

Strzok was recently removed from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team of presidential witch hunters when an earlier batch of anti-Trump text messages was uncovered by the Inspector General. In order to staunch the bleeding from this revelation, someone at the FBI opted to try for that old standby: Destroy the evidence and claim that Fido ate your homework.

Considering what we already know about Strzok’s earlier collection of messages, what could have been in these ones? Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was grilled by the House Judiciary Committee on the contents of the earlier messages.

This is how we know that Strzok found it “inconceivable” that any American would vote for Donald Trump. Strzok asserted that he could smell Trump supporters at a big box store in Virginia, and told his mistress that he needed to save the country from Donald Trump.

He also texted that he and his FBI compatriots would need an “insurance policy” in the event that Donald Trump should win the 2016 election. That insurance policy is now widely suspected to be the discredited and false “Russian dossier,” paid for by the Clinton campaign.

One thing in particular stands out in the handful of new Strzok text messages that have surfaced. Strzok references a “secret society” within the FBI and the Justice Department which was formed immediately after Donald Trump won the election. Whether you call it the Deep State, the Swamp, the Shadow Government or some other term, that is the treasonous body of powerful, faceless elites in the federal government that want President Trump — and by extension, the American people — out of power.

Congress is demanding answers on the “secret society” and sure enough, a whistleblower has come forward and spoken to conservative news outlet True Pundit. The whistleblower says that those missing text messages and emails detail a plan from the “secret society” to do harm to the President of the United States.

The whistleblower alleges that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was a member of this “society,” along with about 15 other high-ranking FBI officials. No rank-and-file agents were a part of the group, according to the insider. If true, this is the very definition of treason, and a crime worthy of a lengthy prison sentence for every single member of the FBI/DOJ secret cabal.

Perhaps Hillary Clinton was not exaggerating when she screamed at her staff in a fit of rage that Donald Trump would have them all “swinging from lampposts” if he won the election. She knew full well the illegal depths that elements within the FBI, the NSA, the CIA, the IRS, the State Department, Fusion GPS and the Obama White House were going to, in order to install her in power. Slanderous smears against Donald Trump were created in the Russian dossier, which was used under false pretenses to obtain a FISA warrant — intended for foreign nationals and terrorists — in order to spy on the Trump family and campaign. It’s worth mentioning that the NSA “unmasking” scandal began in the spring of 2016, long before Donald Trump won the Republican nomination, so the likelihood is that all the other GOP campaigns were spied on illegally as well.

As if the conspiracy were not bad enough already, Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit, a Professor of Law at the University of Tennessee, sent an email to Mueller’s Office of Special Counsel this week. Reynolds asked whether Lisa Page (Strzok’s paramour) had a hand in Strzok’s FISA warrant applications. Reynolds received a big, fat “No comment” from the Special Counsel. Given how every single thing has played out in this investigation, we probably already know the answer: Of course she did.

Doesn’t this whole mess sound strangely familiar? The Obama DOJ “lost” tens of thousands of pages of Operation Fast and Furious paperwork. The IRS “lost” Lois Lerner’s emails and then, totally not knowing that they had lost the emails, they magnetically erased all of the backups of those emails. Hillary Clinton wiped her server with a cloth. So sorry, America. All of these communications and records which are, by law, supposed to be preserved for historical reasons (and oversight) are now lost in the ether forever. These people are so childishly transparent that it can give you a headache if you think about it for too long.

It’s been said many times in the past that the “cover-up is worse than the crime,” but in the case of the conspiracy to remove President Trump from office, it is looking more and more like the original crimes were worse than the cover-up. Deleting 50,000 text messages pales in comparison to an attempt to throw an election and then, failing that, to form a “secret society” to try to do harm to a sitting president.

President Trump would be justified at this point by sending the Department of Homeland Security into FBI headquarters and locking down every computer and server to preserve evidence. The big problem would be: Who would prosecute the case? No one at the Department of Justice can be trusted at this point, aside from a handful of people appointed by the president in the past year. The way that Barack Obama stacked the federal courts for eight years, could any federal judge be trusted to try the case?

We are getting closer to the truth every day. Fortunately for the American people, a handful of patriots in Congress are not letting this go. Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) are all attacking this conspiracy in concert. The truth will come out soon and it will be ugly, but it needs to come out. And if anything untoward happens to our president in the meantime, there won’t be enough lampposts in Washington, DC to deal with the backlash.

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