Main Stream Media is Being Overtaken by Alternative Media

Longtime political consultant, strategist, and lobbyist, Roger Stone recently, commented on the startling success of alt-media. It’s the extraordinary story of a true grassroots phenomenon which has shallow, but far-reaching roots in the culture.

The alternative media is made up of individual YouTube channels, relatively small websites, podcasts, and others like yours truly. It’s a thing that only became possible in the age of the Internet. Prior to that, all we could do was turn on the television, or radio, and listen to whoever the establishment had, paid for, paid off, indoctrinated, stuffed into a suit, and shoved down our throats.

Roger Stone, a Washington insider since the late 1970s, and supporter of Donald Trump has this to say about the alt media, “They are beating the stuffing out of the establishment press with nothing but a camera, a shoestring budget, and the journalistic integrity that the media lost thirty years ago.”

The alternative media is a loose-knit collection of individuals working alone to examine the news independently. We’re saying all of the things the main stream media (MSM) is afraid to say- or not interested in saying- and we are killing them in the ratings.

While CNN steadily bleeds viewers, and the New York Times is forced to sell off another floor of its building- the alt media is taking in millions upon millions of views every single day. The Alex Jones Channel on YouTube has over 2 million subscribers and gets several million views each day.

But Jones and his alt media empire are not the best example. Smaller channels, run by single individuals like Mark Dice, Mike Cernovitch, The Sane Progressive, and Lionel Nation- between the four of them get more views on their websites and YouTube channels than the entire televised mainstream media combined.

That is not an exaggeration.

What’s most interesting about it is, with the alt media out there doing real journalism- the public can see more clearly than ever how dishonest traditional news outlets really are. Recently, conservative YouTube commentator and comedian, Steven Crowder ran an incredible expose not only on Antifa but Nightline as well.

Crowder’s producer- known on the program as ‘Not Gay Jared,’ infiltrated a group of Antifa militants who were moving weapons from secret locations to the scene of a conservative gathering. Crowder had them on camera discussing getting knives and guns to use them against conservatives and Trump supporters. Crowder approached the crew of Nightline and had them watch as police reviewed the tape. But Nightline wasn’t interested in the story. Even as the police sent officers to investigate the Antifa group- Nightline refused to pursue the story. Crowder got it all on tape.

This kind of thing has been going on for at least five years online. Independent media producers revealing the mendacity of the mainstream press- while the public slowly becomes inoculated to the lies of CNN.

If you’re feeling skeptical of the power of the alt media- go to YouTube and search “fake CNN.” You will encounter hours of evidence of CNN and other mostly leftist news outfits fabricating stories, manipulating images, performing trick photography, foisting phony witnesses on the public, and shutting down voices opposed to their leftist narrative.

It’s a story that runs almost parallel to the election of Donald Trump. This is largely the case because the MSM has been on a nonstop smear campaign of us and other alternative press for precisely the same reason that the establishment has been bitterly opposed to Trump. The reason is that American Liberty Report and other alt media channels are a serious and credible existential threat to the MSM- just as Donald Trump is an existential threat to the political establishment.

No one has been more impressed by all this than Roger Stone. He has been deeply involved in behind the scenes politics all of his working adult life. He has watched as mainstream media outlets were infiltrated and compromised by intelligence agencies to then become mouthpieces of the establishment.

Talking to Mike Cerniovitch on another occasion, Stone commented, “They [alt media] are eating CNN’s lunch. The American people know they have been lied to for years and years by these suited puppets and they’re sick of it. A day of reckoning is coming, and the longer the MSM pretends it isn’t happening, the harder the ax is gonna fall.”

American Liberty Report and the rest of the alternative media made it possible for the truth about Donald Trump to get out- and it would be reasonable to say that the reason we are not in a nuclear war with Russia right now is the alternative media.

~ American Liberty Report

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